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B Pilatti
12 records

Scania K124EBYS4K6X20001838237CoachDesign 23002/01C48Ft
Bunbury Bus Hire [Pilatti]
ex-TV3055 Federation Tour Coaches (Bellambi NSW)
ex-TV3055 Makehams Coaches (Nangus NSW) (16)
ex-TV3055 Grays Travel (Redhead NSW) [R J & K A Gray]
59 Toyota CoasterJTGFG518X07001044Toyota -/06
1GOV189 Bunbury Bus Hire [Pilatti] (59) `Macca`
60 Volvo B7RYV3R6H1143A006136Autobus 38501/04C57F
1GUM621 Bunbury Bus Charters [B Pilatti] (60)
ex-7543AO Panorama Coaches (Diamond Creek VIC) [Dineen] (12)
ex-7543AO Martyrs Bus Lines (Warburton VIC) [Dineen] (43)
ex-5432AO Martyrs Bus Lines (Warburton VIC) [Mountjoy] (43)
ex-5432AO Nuline Charter (Moorabbin East VIC) (32)
67 BCI FBC61276KT1CC112BX000049BCI -/11C53F
CVL1694 Bunbury Bus Charters [B Pilatti] (67) Clyde
ex-Perth Bus Lines [Clydes]
ex-911RRL unknown (QLD)
75 MCA6F9300C08TB004325MCA ClassicIITMA39903/96C46Ft
1HAA342 Bunbury Bus Charters [B Pilatti] (75) Big Red
ex-TV2476 Hawkins Coach Lines (Gunnedah NSW)
ex-TV2476 Bathurst Coaches (Bathurst NSW) (39)
ex-TV2476 3F (Gulgong NSW)
ex-SCC23 Surf City Coaches (Southport QLD) (23)
87 BCILSFC130868C005286BCI -/09
1HNS215 Bunbury Bus Charters [B Pilatti] (87)
ex-1HNS215 / CVL2527 Orange Coach Charters (Busselton) [P Turner]
90 Yutong Goanna ZK6760DAALZYTETC25E1__4124Yutong -/14
1HWL825 Bunbury Bus Charters [B Pilatti] (90) `Joanna`
97 Yutong Goanna D7LZYTETC23P1__9272Yutong -/23C28C
1GOV192 Bunbury Bus Charters [B Pilatti] (97)
1GEK366 Higer Munro H7170LKLS1CS83BA558180Higer -/11
1GEK366 Bunbury Bus Service [Pilatti]
ex-1GEK366 NextGen Bus Lines
1GGL402 Higer V Series 9MLKLR1DSBXBA567513Higer -/11
1GGL402 Bunbury Bus Hire [Pilatti]
1GZV030 Mitsubishi Rosa BE600JLFBE649J0BD01180MMC -/05B22C
1GZV030 / 1GDL997 Bunbury Bus Charters [B Pilatti]
ex-1CDF523 Denmark Bus Charters [Mackenzie]
1HCA368 Hino RG230JHDRG1JSKXXX10923Express 19701/02B53F
1HCA368 Bunbury Bus Charters [Pilatti]
ex-1BBN916 Collie Coachlines [S Ballingal]
ex-1BBN916 Booths (Collie)


73 ScaniaHiger A30-/12
1GXW765 Bunbury Bus Charters [B Pilatti] (73) `Tania 3`
CVL1341 Mercedes-Benz OH18309BM3821768B590943Express 56211/08C49F
CVL1341 Bunbury Bus Hire [Pilatti]
ex-CVL1341 / TC6290 Buswest
ex-TC6290 Carnarvon Bus Charters (2)
BY069P Toyota CoasterJTGFG518607000358Toyota -/04
1HEE080 motorhome
ex-BY069P Bunbury Bus Hire [Pilatti]
1DCP207 Toyota HiAce CommuterToyota
1DCP207 Bunbury Bus Hire [Pilatti]
1DFU091 Toyota CoasterJT743PB5108000711Toyota -/94B21C
1DFU091 non-PSV
ex-1DFU091 Bunbury Bus Hire [Pilatti]
1DLU866 Toyota Coaster HZB50RJTGFB528102000312Toyota -/01
1DLU866 Bunbury Bus Hire [Pilatti]
1EFN573 Toyota CoasterToyota
1EFN573 Bunbury Bus Hire [Pilatti]
1EHX046 Toyota CoasterToyota -/01B22C
1EHX046 Bunbury Bus Hire [Pilatti]
GG11933 MAN 18.3106ABA550230MM00103BCI-Gemilang MSSB051--/00
GG11933 Bunbury Bus Service [Pilatti];
ex-GG11933 Rules Bus Service (Gingin);
ex-1ANJ548 Dewar

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