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Carree Coachlines
12 records

C53 Scania K420EBYS2K6X20001863051CoachConcepts 10005/09C50Dt
1ICA458 / 1HWL082 / 3307AO Carree Coachlines (Parkwood) [Parkhouse] (C53)
ex-3307AO Sunbury Bus Lines (Sunbury VIC) [Donric] (7)
ex-mo2812 / SB83CL AAT-Kings (103)
B21 Toyota Coaster HZB50RJT743PB5108004150Toyota -/98
1GJL682 Carree Coachlines (Parkwood) [Parkhouse] (B21)
ex-1GJL682 / 1AZS642 Metropolitan Omnibus Co [Pearce] (5)
ex-1AZS642 unknown (orange school bus)
B82 Hino RN8JJHDRN8JSKXXX10053TOST 30910/08B57F
GG20871 Carree Coachlines (Parkwood) [Parkhouse] (B82)
ex-GG20871 Private Owner
ex-GG20871 / 01GG / 1CYK008 Rules Bus Service (Gingin)
B83 Hino RK260JHDRK1JSMXXX10152TOST 30405/08B57F
1CUP135 Carree Coachlines (Parkwood) [Parkhouse] (B83)
ex-1CUP135 Buckman (Esperance) `Dempster`
C47 Scania K124EBYS4K6X20001834303CoachDesign 14904/99C46Ft
1HCC948 Carree Coachlines (Parkwood) [Parkhouse] (C47)
ex-WGO303 Premier Stateliner (Mile End SA) [Premier Roadlines] (254)
ex-WGO303 Coachlines of Australia (Trinity Gardens SA) (16)
C49 Scania K124YS4K6X20001837820NCBC 26005/01C48Dt
1HRJ622 Carree Coachlines (Parkwood) [Parkhouse] (C49)
ex-9478AO / TV3084 Around Australia Coach Tours (Merlynston VIC)
ex-TV3084 Forster Bus Service (Forster NSW) [Nixon] (48)
ex-TV3084 Wiselys Bus & Coach Service (Wingham NSW) (20)
C50 Scania K124EBYS4K6X20001833612CoachDesign 14203/99C50Ft
1HFR427 Carree Coachlines (Parkwood) [Parkhouse] (C50)
ex-XMY380 Gambier Coachlines (Mt Gambier SA)
ex-MTC32 Mackay Transit Coaches (Paget QLD) (32)
ex-0315AC / PLQ055 / VV25EA Firefly Express (Maidstone VIC) (55)
C51 Scania K124EBYS4K6X20001841322CoachDesign 30109/02C50Ftb
1HRI706 Carree Coachlines (Parkwood) [Parkhouse] (C51)
ex-5178AO Around Australia Coach Tours (Merlynston VIC) Simply Irresistible
ex-5575AO / 0330AC / VV35FC Firefly Express (Maidstone VIC) (75)
BS01FM Scania K440EBYS2K6X20001873254CoachConcepts 14505/11C50Dt
BS01FM Carree Coachlines (Parkwood) [Parkhouse]
ex-BS01FM / mo3962 / TV004 AAT-Kings
ex-SB04EQ AAT-Kings (111)
1GVJ389 Mercedes-Benz OH1418WDB38200461029986PMCA Commuter247205/95B57F
1GVJ389 Carree Coachlines (Parkwood) [Parkhouse]
ex-1GVJ389 / CVL2173 Ryan & Ryan Bus Charter (42)
ex-4022MO / MO6823 The Oxley Explorer (Walcha NSW) [Macphersons]
ex-0692AO / 0683AO / NHM337 Nuline Charter (Moorabbin East VIC) (92)
ex-NHM337 Nuline Bus Service (Bentleigh VIC) (92)
1GVQ514 Autobus-Cummins C8.36F9P05000T2UX7025Autobus 07309/96C34Ft
1GVQ514 Carree Coachlines (Parkwood) [Parkhouse]
ex-8295MO Millward (R & R) (Canowindra NSW)
ex-699TIP / 166INE Valley Coaches (Thangool QLD)
ex-166INE Underwood Bus Service (Bethania QLD)
ex-MO2122 Camping Connections (Shailer Park QLD)
1HQI998 Scania K124EBYS4K6X20001834884QCC MajesticMG002011/99C56Ftb
1HQI998 / 1GPP527 Carree Coachlines (Parkwood) [Parkhouse]
ex-PUP669 / 669GJK Greyhound Australia (669)
ex-Scania Australia (stock)
ex-WIU525 McCaffertys Coaches (Toowoomba QLD) (669)
ex-WIU525 Greyhound Pioneer Australia (569)


C52 Scania K420EBYS2K6X20001863047CoachConcepts 9905/09C50Dt
3306AO Carree Coachlines (Parkwood) [Parkhouse] (C52)
ex-3306AO Donric (Sunbury VIC) (99)
ex-mo2989 / TV003 / TC6498 / SB40CL AAT-Kings (102)
1GVN198 Denning LandseerDL1311-995-88Denning LandseerDL131111/88C48Ft
1GVN198 / CVL1967 / TC7670 Carree Coachlines (Parkwood) [Parkhouse]
ex-GOLD54 Gold Bus [Donric] (54)
ex-3332AO / SCO032 Sunbury Bus Lines (Sunbury VIC) (32)
ex-TV352 Leslies Coaches (Doonside NSW)
1GZR619 Scania K113TRBYS4KT6X2B01830089CoachDesign 12407/98C44F
CVL2401 Integrity Coach Lines (Midvale) [Sims] (C1)
ex-1GZR619 Carree Coachlines (Parkwood) [Parkhouse]
ex-WDK999 Premier Stateliner (Mile End SA) [Premier Roadlines] (253)
ex-WDK999 Coachlines of Australia (Trinity Gardens SA) (15)

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