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PTA Summary by engine type

Engine Make & Model
1    IVECO Cursor 8 F2G 6cyl7.8ℓ 310hp twin-turbo CNG
765    Volvo D7E290 6cyl7.145ℓ 290hp euro 5 SCR intercooled turbo diesel
451    Volvo D8K320 6cyl7.7ℓ 320hp euro 6 SCR & EGR intercooled turbo diesel
118    Volvo D8K350 6cyl7.7ℓ 350hp euro 6 SCR & EGR intercooled turbo diesel
30    Volvo DH12E340 6cyl12.13ℓ 340hp euro 5 SCR intercooled turbo diesel
1    MAN E2876 LUH 02 6cyl12.816ℓ 310hp EEV intercooled turbo CNG
4    2 x EPT802 electric
302    Mercedes-Benz M447hLAG 6cyl11.967ℓ 252hp EEV intercooled turbo CNG
1    Scania OC9 G03 300 6cyl8.974ℓ 300hp 5/EEV intercooled turbo CNG
105    Mercedes-Benz OM447hLA 6cyl11.967ℓ 250hp turbo diesel
2    Mercedes-Benz OM457hLA 6cyl11.967ℓ 252hp euro 3 turbo diesel
78    Mercedes-Benz OM457hLA 6cyl11.967ℓ 299hp EEV intercooled turbo diesel
Total:   1858    

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