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Hughes Limousines
7 records

TC6790 Toyota HiAce CommuterToyota
TC6790 Hughes Limousines
TC7017 Toyota HiAce CommuterToyota
TC7017 Hughes Limousines
TC7635 Toyota HiAce CommuterToyota
TC7635 Hughes Limousines
CVL2570 Mitsubishi Rosa BE600JLFBE64DG0RH10128MMC -/14
CVL2570 / TC7100? Hughes Limousines
CVL2571 Higer MidiBoss H9250LKLR1ESE8FA679292 -/15
CVL2571 Hughes Limousines
1HSN397 IVECO Turbo DailyZCFK161D405__1721 -/21C22C
1HSN397 Hughes Limousines
CVL2999 Toyota HiAce CommuterJTFST22P900022785Toyota -/15
CVL2999 Hughes Limousines


TC2755 MAN 10.150Centurion 403-78205/89C28Ft
Wandering West Tours
ex-1CVM880 / TC2755 Adams Coachlines (Redcliffe) (C1)
ex-TC2755 Hughes Limousines
ex-TC2755 Carey Coaches (Redcliffe)
ex-TC2755 Over the Top Adventure Tours (Broome)
ex-Melba Tours (VIC) [Laurie Black]
ex-DTL275 Cobb & Co Coaches (Tullamarine VIC) (82)
TC2795 Toyota HiAce CommuterToyota
TC2795 Hughes Limousines
TC2796 Mercedes-Benz MD140D C12C
TC2796 Hughes Limousines
TC2797 Toyota Coaster HZB50RJT743PB5108001570Toyota -/95C21C
1DOD857 unknown
ex-TC2797 Hughes Limousines
TC2797 BCI JXK6830LSFC030899C005206BCI Proma33-/09C33F
CVL1714 / TC2797 Peters Bus Charter
ex-TC2797 Hughes Limousines
TC3032 Toyota HiAce CommuterToyota -/94B12C
TC3032 Hughes Limousines
ex-TC3032 Carey Coaches (Redcliffe)
TC3032 Toyota HiAce CommuterToyota -/10
TC3032 Hughes Limousines
TC3120 Toyota HiAce CommuterToyota -/92B12C
TC3120 Hughes Limousines
ex-TC3120 / 8ZY705 Carey Coaches (Redcliffe)
TC3120 Toyota HiAce CommuterToyota -/10C12C
TC3120 Hughes Limousines
TC3138 Toyota HiAce CommuterToyota
TC3138 Hughes Limousines
TC3183 Toyota HiAce CommuterToyota -/08B12C
TC3183 Hughes Limousines
ex-TC3183 Carey Coaches (Redcliffe)
TC3393 Toyota Coaster HZB50RToyota --/96B21C
TC3393 Hughes Limousines
TC5000 Mercedes-Benz SprinterMercedesBenz
TC5000 Hughes Limousines
TC5197 Toyota HiAce CommuterToyota -/08
TC5197 Hughes Limousines
TC6011 Toyota HiAce CommuterToyota
TC6011 Hughes Limousines
TC6084 Toyota HiAce CommuterToyota
TC6084 Hughes Limousines
TC6224 Toyota HiAce CommuterToyota
TC6224 Hughes Limousines
TC6557 Mitsubishi Rosa BE600MMC
TC6557 Hughes Limousines
TC6557 BCI JXK6830LSFC030809C005207BCI Proma3304/09C33F
BS07QW Warwick Coachlines (VIC)
ex-BS01RL Sundancer Buses (Taylors Hill VIC)
ex-TC6557 Hughes Limousines
ex-BCI (stock)
TC6827 Toyota HiAce CommuterToyota
TC6827 Hughes Limousines
TC6946 Toyota HiAce CommuterToyota
TC6946 Hughes Limousines

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