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Integrity Coachlines
5 records

C2 Scania K113TRYS4KT6X2B01827905APG MajesticM00904010/96C42F
CVL2402 Integrity Coach Lines (Midvale) [Sims] (C2)
ex-unknown (Busselton)
ex-TC4745 South West Coach Lines [Transdev]
ex-TC4745 Collie Coachlines [S Ballingal]
ex-TC4745 Mandurah Travel & Tours
ex-626HBD unknown (QLD)
ex-626FVB McCaffertys Coaches (Toowoomba QLD) (626)
ex-TC3693 / VWR802 Greyhound Pioneer (526)
ex-VWR802 Hoys Roadliners (Wangaratta VIC) (566)
C4 Scania K113TRYS4KT6X2B01821861AustralPacific C10061006/94C44F
CVL2404 Integrity Coach Lines (Midvale) [Sims] (C4)
ex-CVL2790 / TC6025 Billabong Coach Charter
ex-TC6025 Collie Coachlines [S Ballingal]
ex-TC6025 Adams Coachlines (Redcliffe) (C23)
ex-TV4122 / WNT929 Its Easy Tours (Gosford)
ex-WNT929 Flagstaff Coaches (Edwardstown SA) (4)
ex-VX70CO Brits Australian Tours (Abbotsford VIC) (210)
C6 Scania K113TRBYS4KT6X2B01824685AustralDenning CM0125008/95C46F
CVL2406 Integrity Coach Lines (Midvale) [Sims] (C6)
ex-TC3238 Integrity Coach Lines (Midvale) [Sims]
ex-TC3238 Go West (31)
ex-TC3238 Van Kuyls Bus & Coach Charters (Kelmscott) [B L & K L Van Kuyl]
ex-TC3238 / VTD233 Once in a Lifetime (Queens Park) (14)
SB2607 Toyota HiAce CommuterToyota -/07
SB2607 Integrity Coach Lines (Midvale) [Sims]
CVL2404 Austral Denning Highlander 14.5m6F9R2JL31SD001020AustralDenning HighlanderCH0124009/95C56Dt
CVL2404 / CVL2401 / TC5457 Integrity Coach Lines (Midvale) [Sims] (C1)
ex-mo2888 Territory Coachlines (Alice Springs NT)
ex-mo2888 Coach Charters Australia (Humpty Doo NT)
ex-5081AO / PZZ939 Pegasus Coach Tours (Riverstone NSW)
ex-PZZ939 Firefly Express (Maidstone VIC) (32)


C05 Mitsubishi Rosa BE600JMFBE649J0BB00156MMC -/01C24C
CVL2400 Integrity Coach Lines (Midvale) [Sims] (C05)
C1 Austral Tourmaster DC122B519Austral Tourmaster150411/88RC48Ft
TC5457 Integrity Coach Lines (Midvale) [Sims] (C1)
ex-TC5457 Adams Coachlines (C8)
ex-TV1771 Silverline Coaches (Ingleburn NSW) [R Orwin]
ex-TV1771 Orwins Coaches (Casula NSW)
ex-EM6607 Barrett (Lebrina TAS)
ex-SC0031 Sunbury Bus Lines (Sunbury VIC) [Donric] (31)
ex-TC2372 / TC2176 Westliner Coach Services (Midvale) (20)
ex-TC2176 Transcontinental (Midvale) (20)
C1 Scania K113TRBYS4KT6X2B01830089CoachDesign 12407/98C44F
CVL2401 Integrity Coach Lines (Midvale) [Sims] (C1)
ex-1GZR619 Carree Coachlines (Parkwood) [Parkhouse]
ex-WDK999 Premier Stateliner (Mile End SA) [Premier Roadlines] (253)
ex-WDK999 Coachlines of Australia (Trinity Gardens SA) (15)
C3 Austral Tourmaster DC122B361Austral TourmasterB36112/85C46Ft
TC2889 Integrity Coach Lines (Midvale) [Sims] (C3)
ex-TC2889 Hillside Church (Forrestfield)
ex-TC2889 Allied Coach Charters (Forretfield) [J Ottaway]
ex-TV1434 Australia Wide Coaches (St Peters NSW)
ex-TV981 / NV63AB / ISD781 Trans City Express (Parkes NSW) (14)
C5 Scania K113TRBYS4KT6X2B01819626PMCA Apollo493005/92C54D
CVL2405 Integrity Coach Lines (Midvale) [Sims] (C5)
ex-TV5571 Bankstown Coaches (NSW)
ex-TP2008 Southern Coast Transit [Transperth] (2008)
ex-TC4944 Eastern Goldfields Transport Board (Kalgoorlie)
ex-7QI687 Westrail (SL04)
C5 Austral Tourmaster DC122B444Austral Tourmaster1343RC46Ft
unknown (Nyora VIC);
ex-unknown (Waroona);
ex-TC7133 Integrity Coach Lines (Midvale) [Sims] (C5);
ex-VUL173 Corston Coaches (Two Wells SA) (9);
ex-443AZX Doyles Coaches (Camira QLD) (219);
ex-486ADW / 535PSX Deluxe Coachlines (126)
C5 Scania K113TRBYS4KT6X2B01819535PMCA Apollo492704/92C58Dt
DESTROYED / CVL2403 Integrity Coach Lines (Midvale) [Sims] (C5)
ex-TV3544 Bankstown Coaches (NSW)
ex-7QI669 Westrail (SL01)
C6 Austral Denning Highlander 14.5m6F9R2AL31RD001011AustralDenning HighlanderC10081001/95C52Ftb
CVL2406 / TC7007 Integrity Coach Lines (Midvale) [Sims] (C6)
ex-TC7007 Redlion Bus & Coach
ex-1DKR002 Linkforce Engineering
ex-PUP504 / 504CSI Greyhound Australia (504)
ex-504CSI McCaffertys Coaches (Toowoomba QLD) (504)
C7 Scania K113TRBYS4KT6X2B01828575QCC MajesticMG001207/99C46F
CVL2407 Integrity Coach Lines (Midvale) [Sims] (C7)
ex-661DOG / mo3245 / TC5867 / 661DOG / 661GJK Greyhound Australia (661)
ex-Scania Australia
ex-876HQY Brisbane City Council (996)
ex-WJI676 McCaffertys Coaches (Toowoomba QLD) (661)
ex-WJI676 Greyhound Pioneer Australia (561)
C8 Scania K113TRBYS4KT6X2B01819534PMCA Apollo492804/92C58Dt
CVL2408 Australian Pinnacle Tours [PTG]
ex-CVL2408 Integrity Coach Lines (Midvale) [Sims] (C8)
ex-TV3543 / 1BNN080 Bankstown Coaches (NSW)
ex-7QI671 Westrail (SL02)
C8 Denning LandseerDL1351-1033-90Denning 135102/90C46Ft
CP70HC unknown (Maitland NSW)
ex-CVL2408 / TC7518 Integrity Coach Lines (Midvale) [Sims] (C8)
ex-TC4007 Transwest Coach Services (Willetton)
ex-FFM790 Dysons (Bundoora VIC) (100)
ex-569BVH / EKD345 / VBG787 Murrays Coaches (345)
ex-EBJ408 New Wrights (108)
TC3762 MAN 22.280387.0046GBW C5305/86C46Ft
CGG318 / TC6381 Geraldton Mighty Blues Football Club
ex-TC3762 Integrity Coach Lines (Midvale) [Sims]
ex-TV507 McAtmaneys Coaches (Bourke NSW)
ex-TV507 SC Tours (Alexandria NSW)
ex-TV507 Sampsons Tours (Nowra NSW)
TC4288 Austral Tourmaster DC122B289-7-84Austral TourmasterB28907/84C46Ft
TC4288 Integrity Coach Lines (Midvale) [Sims]
TC5086 Austral Tourmaster DC122B449Austral Tourmaster135507/87C46Ft
TC5086 Integrity Coach Lines (Midvale) [Sims]
ex-457EUJ HB Coaches (Hervey Bay QLD)
ex-WPE915 Interstate Marketing Motor Services (Camden NSW)
ex-TC2884 / VHK062 Greyhound Pioneer (408)
ex-Bus Australia (38)
ex-QV01CL Intertour Express (QLD) (38)
TC5813 Austral HD16B9HRP000KGAA8019Austral HD1159309/89C45Ftb
TC5813 Redlion Bus & Coach
ex-TC5813 Pilbara Coach Hire (Karratha)
ex-TC5813 Integrity Coach Lines (Midvale) [Sims]
ex-780FGV Crisps Coaches (Warwick QLD)
ex-90YRS Greyhound Pioneer Australia (414)
ex-UVJ290 Stateliner (SA) (414)
CVL2402 Denning Landseer 6v92TTADL1283-967-39-7-88Denning Landseer128309/88C48Ft
CVL2402 / TC6377 / TC4708 Integrity Coach Lines (Midvale) [Sims]
ex-TC4708 / 967GKL Transwest Coach Services (Willetton)
ex-967GKL LTD Coaches (Southport QLD)
ex-MO1248 Bishops Australian Adventures (Bomaderry NSW)
ex-MO1248 Nowra Coaches (South Nowra NSW) (49)
ex-MO1248 Premier Motor Service (Nowra NSW) (49)
CVL2404 Volvo B12RYV3R2A319TA005340Autobus 06406/96C58FtL
1HJD636 Go on a Bus (Forrestfield)
ex-CVL2404 / TC6977 Integrity Coach Lines (Midvale) [Sims] (C4)
ex-8QB277 Public Transport Authority
ex-8QB277 TransGoldfields [EGTB]
ex-8QB277 Eastern Goldfields Transport Board (Kalgoorlie)
ex-8QB277 Transwa (VL24)
ex-8QB277 Westrail (VL24) `Spirit of Geraldton`
CVL2407 Scania K113TRBYS4KT6X2B01819536
CVL2407 / TC7428 Integrity Coach Lines (Midvale) [Sims]
ex-TC4943 Go West (16)
ex-TC4943 Eastern Goldfields Transport Board (Kalgoorlie)
ex-7QI686 Westrail (SL03)
TC5508 Austral Tourmaster DC122B252-8-83Austral TourmasterB25208/83C46Ft
Private Owner (static accommodation)
ex-TC5508 Integrity Coach Lines (Midvale) [Sims]
ex-Wodonga Charter Specialists (Leneva VIC) [Leitch]
ex-1219AC Polkinghorne Coaches (Kergunyah VIC)
ex-A D Tours (Griffith NSW) [Bennett Farming]
ex-NVB796 / NAU948 / VV63BY Wodonga Charter Specialists (Leneva VIC) [Leitch]
ex-VV63BY MRG Coaches (Nar Nar Goon VIC)
ex-TC299 / IU0641 Deluxe Coachlines (23)
TC6377 Austral Tourmaster DC122B317Austral TourmasterB31703/85C46Ft
ex-TC6377 Integrity Coach Lines (Midvale) [Sims];
ex-Feature Tours;
ex-TC5020 Prime Time Tours (Kingsley);
ex-OTO03 / SPT85 Oceania Tours (Coolangatta QLD);
ex-803AFZ Kingscliff Coaches;
ex-803AFZ / 584PQH / TC558 / IU3220 Deluxe Coachlines (47)

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