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Panda Coaches / Sandgroper Bus Service
M James
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TC4519 MAN 16.240479.0039HowardPorter 86/5084-/86C45F
TC4519 Panda Coaches (Marangaroo) [M James]
ex-TC4519 Bellevue Bus Lines [H Carrington]
ex-TC618 Fortesque Bus Service (Wickham)
TC6272 Hino Rainbow CH160A40427Hino -/88C__F
TC6272 Panda Coaches (Marangaroo) [M James]
ex-unknown (Japan)
ex-unknown (Japan)
157 TC4324 Mercedes-Benz O30530700121004431HowardPorter 77/900503/77B41D
TC4324 Nightcruiser [R Ott]
ex-TC4324 Sandgroper Bus Service (Girrawheen)
ex-UQB157 PATH Transit [Transperth] (157)
ex-UQB157 Transperth (157)
ex-UQB157 MTT (157)
240 TC4509 Mercedes-Benz O305307 001 21 005495JWBolton 03/78B41D
PARTS Adams Coachlines (Redcliffe)
ex-TC4509 Nightcruiser [R Ott] (09)
ex-TC4509 Sandgroper Bus Service (Girrawheen)
ex-UQB240 PATH Transit [Transperth] (240)
ex-UQB240 Transperth (240)
ex-UQB240 MTT (240)
265 TC4512 Mercedes-Benz O305307.001-21-007536HowardPorter 79/907505/79B41D
TC4512 Nightcruiser [Adams] (B9)
ex-TC4512 Nightcruiser [R Ott] (12)
ex-TC4512 Sandgroper Bus Service (Girrawheen)
ex-UQB265 Perth Bus [Transperth] (265)
ex-UQB265 MetroBus [Transperth] (265)
ex-UQB265 Transperth (265)
ex-UQB265 MTT (265)
TC5728 Austral Tourmaster DC122B496Austral Tourmaster145006/88C46Ft
static accommodation
ex-Classic Travel Australia (Medina) [Matheson]
ex-TC5728 Sandgroper Bus Service (Girrawheen)
ex-Dixon Travel & Tour (Bankstown NSW)
ex-2705AO / DKW705 Sita Coaches (West Footscray VIC) (105)
849 1YAA480 Leyland Panther PSUR1/1R7100620Bolton 12/71B45D
1YAA480 Sandgroper Bus Service (Girrawheen)
ex-Down Under Bus Charter [A Chalkley] (D42)
ex-8XB413 Hollywood Senior High School
ex-UQB849 Transperth (849)
ex-UQB849 MTT (849)

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