Transperth Trains

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1Transperth Trains (AEA201+AEB301) `City of Perth`
2Transperth Trains (AEA202)+(AEB302) `City of Armadale`
3Transperth Trains (AEA203)+(AEB303) `Shire of Swan`
4Transperth Trains (AEA204)+(AEB304) `City of Fremantle`
5Transperth Trains (AEA205)+(AEB305) `City of Wanneroo`
6Transperth Trains (AEA206)+(AEB306)
7Transperth Trains (AEA207)+(AEB307)
8Transperth Trains (AEA208)+(AEB308)
9Transperth Trains (AEA209)+(AEB309)
10Transperth Trains (AEA201)+(AEB301)
11Transperth Trains (AEA211)+(AEB311)
12Transperth Trains (AEA212)+(AEB312)
13Transperth Trains (AEA213)+(AEB313)
14Transperth Trains (AEA214)+(AEB314)
15Transperth Trains (AEA215)+(AEB315)
16Transperth Trains (AEA216)+(AEB316)
17Transperth Trains (AEA217)+(AEB317)
18Transperth Trains (AEA218)+(AEB318)
19Transperth Trains (AEA219)+(AEB319)
20Transperth Trains (AEA220)+(AEB320)
21Transperth Trains (AEA221)+(AEB321)
22Transperth Trains (AEA222)+(AEB322)
23Transperth Trains (AEA223)+(AEB323)
24Transperth Trains (AEA224)+(AEB324)
25Transperth Trains (AEA225)+(AEB325)
26Transperth Trains (AEA226)+(AEB326)
27Transperth Trains (AEA227)+(AEB327)
28Transperth Trains (AEA228)+(AEB328)
29Transperth Trains (AEA229)+(AEB329)
30Transperth Trains (AEA230)+(AEB330)
31Transperth Trains (AEA231)+(AEB331)
32Transperth Trains (AEA232)+(AEB332)
33Transperth Trains (AEA233)+(AEB333)
34Transperth Trains (AEA234)+(AEB334)
35Transperth Trains (AEA235)+(AEB335)
36Transperth Trains (AEA236)+(AEB336)
37Transperth Trains (AEA237)+(AEB337)
38Transperth Trains (AEA238)+(AEB338)
39Transperth Trains (AEA239)+(AEB339)
40Transperth Trains (AEA240)+(AEB340)
41Transperth Trains (AEA241)+(AEB341)
42Transperth Trains (AEA242)+(AEB342)
43Transperth Trains (AEA244)+(AEB344) `City of Maryborough`
44Transperth Trains (AEA244)+(AEB344)
45Transperth Trains (AEA245)+(AEB345)
46Transperth Trains (AEA246)+(AEB346)
47Transperth Trains (AEA247)+(AEB347)
48Transperth Trains (AEA248)+(AEB348)

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