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DAB Midcity Series 2 0860S-022
16 records

30.12.2005 1 UH9LX2FT5TSDA3020DAB 05/96B15Dw
1DLN892 motorhome
ex-1DLN892 Limo Bus 430 [D Roberts]
ex-1DLN892 Private Party Bus
ex-1DLN892 Private Owner (Hazelmere)
ex-CAT1 Southern Coast Transit [Transperth] (1)
ex-CAT1 MetroBus [Transperth] (1)
ex-CAT1 Transperth (1)
10.03.2006 2 UH9LX2FT5TSDA3016DAB 08/96B15Dw
DERELICT unknown (Southern River)
ex-MH65748 Mandurah City Council
ex-CAT2 Southern Coast Transit [Transperth] (2)
ex-CAT2 MetroBus [Transperth] (2)
ex-CAT2 Transperth (2)
17.02.2006 3 UH9LX2FT5TSDA3015DAB 08/96B15Dw
MH65736 Mandurah City Council
ex-CAT3 Southern Coast Transit [Transperth] (3)
ex-CAT3 MetroBus [Transperth] (3)
ex-CAT3 Transperth (3)
17.02.2006 4 UH9LX2FT5TSDA3014DAB 08/96B15Dw
HSE Rental (Welshpool)
ex-CAT4 Southern Coast Transit [Transperth] (4)
ex-CAT4 MetroBus [Transperth] (4)
ex-CAT4 Transperth (4)
17.02.2006 5 UH9LX2FT5TSDA3011DAB 08/96B15Dw
Bus Preservation Society of WA (Whiteman Park) (5)
ex-CAT5 Southern Coast Transit [Transperth] (5)
ex-CAT5 MetroBus [Transperth] (5)
ex-CAT5 Transperth (5)
10.03.2006 6 UH9LX2FT5TSDA3010DAB 08/96B15Dw
49GJD Donges (G) (Murrumba Downs QLD)
ex-960563 Wright (P) (Darwin)
ex-960563 Aboriginal Mission (Bathurst Island)
ex-CAT6 Southern Coast Transit [Transperth] (6)
ex-CAT6 MetroBus [Transperth] (6)
ex-CAT6 Transperth (6)
10.03.2006 7 UH9LX2FT5TSDA3008DAB 09/96B15Dw
XN36IA Kaplan (NSW) (mobile showroom)
ex-691RFY unknown (QLD)
ex-GEN002 Nickolas (G E) (Ascot) (horsefloat)
ex-CAT7 Southern Coast Transit [Transperth] (7)
ex-CAT7 MetroBus [Transperth] (7)
ex-CAT7 Transperth (7)
10.03.2006 6 UH9LX2FT5TSDA3007DAB 09/96B15Dw
1CLC667 unknown
ex-CAT8 Southern Coast Transit [Transperth] (8)
ex-CAT8 MetroBus [Transperth] (8)
ex-CAT8 Transperth (8)
30.03.2006 9 UH9LX2FT5TSDA3009DAB 09/96B15Dw
ex-CAT9 Southern Coast Transit [Transperth] (9)
ex-CAT9 MetroBus [Transperth] (9)
ex-CAT9 Transperth (9)
24.03.2006 10 UH9LX2FT5TSDA3012DAB 09/96B15Dw
ex-Manions Coaches (Beaconsfield TAS)
ex-Ritchie Bros (Naval Base) (auctioneers)
ex-CAT10 Southern Coast Transit [Transperth] (10)
ex-CAT10 MetroBus [Transperth] (10)
ex-CAT10 Transperth (10)
30.03.2006 11 UH9LX2FT5TSDA3013DAB 09/96B15Dw
866VLL unknown (QLD)
ex-CAT11 Southern Coast Transit [Transperth] (11)
ex-CAT11 MetroBus [Transperth] (11)
ex-CAT11 Transperth (11)
06.04.2006 12 UH9LX2FT5TSDA3017DAB 09/96B15Dw
Private Owner
ex-CAT12 Southern Coast Transit [Transperth] (12)
ex-CAT12 MetroBus [Transperth] (12)
ex-CAT12 Transperth (12)
06.04.2006 13 UH9LX2FT5TSDA3018DAB 09/96B15Dw
XKL937 Daiquiri King (Marleston SA) (mobile cocktail bar)
ex-XKL937 Carbridge (Adelaide Airport) (C103)
ex-CAT13 Southern Coast Transit [Transperth] (13)
ex-CAT13 MetroBus [Transperth] (13)
ex-CAT13 Transperth (13)
28.04.2006 14 UH9LX2FT5TSDA3019DAB 09/96B15Dw
SB98AJ Carbridge (Adelaide Airport) (C104)
ex-CAT14 Southern Coast Transit [Transperth] (14)
ex-CAT14 MetroBus [Transperth] (14)
ex-CAT14 Transperth (14)
01.05.2006 15 UH9LX2FT5TSDA3021DAB 09/96B15Dw
unknown (Murray Bridge SA)
ex-SB75AJ Carbridge (Adelaide Airport) (C101)
ex-CAT15 Southern Coast Transit [Transperth] (15)
ex-CAT15 MetroBus [Transperth] (15)
ex-CAT15 Transperth (15)
07.04.2006 16 UH9LX2FT5TSDA3022DAB 09/96B15Dw
PARTS / XKL939 Carbridge (Adelaide Airport) (C102)
ex-CAT16 Southern Coast Transit [Transperth] (16)
ex-CAT16 MetroBus [Transperth] (16)
ex-CAT16 Transperth (16)

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