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Denning Landseer
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27.02.2008 1137 Denning Landseer Decker 8v926F9LBDE30KA001008Denning DBLB002903/89CH54/14Dt
XB47GP unknown (QLD)
ex-1HLQ102 Danny Boys Decker Diner [Roberts]
ex-CD38YJ Decker Diner (Alice Springs) [Thompson]
ex-CD38YJ ATG Downunder (Uluru NT)
ex-TC6897 / TC2023 South West Coach Lines [Veolia]
ex-TP1137 / 7QL389 Southern Coast Transit [Transperth] (1137)
ex-599BOQ Australian Pacific Tours (Sandringham VIC) (88)
27.02.2008 1138 Denning Landseer Decker 8v926F9LBDE30LA001019Denning B004011/90CH54/14Dt
W3KNDR unknown (VIC)
ex-unknown (NSW) (promotional vehicle)
ex-TC2024 Stan Biega Bus & Coach Sales (Kenthurst NSW) (dealer)
ex-TC2024 South West Coach Lines [Veolia]
ex-TP1138 / 7QL390 Southern Coast Transit [Transperth] (1138)
ex-TV008 / m/o700 AAT-Kings (66)

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