MTT / Transperth - Acquired New

1962-1963 (500)-(509) AEC Regal VI U2RA
10 records
In Service 

10.10.1962 500 AEC Regal VI U2RA001Bolton 10/62B48F
unknown (NSW)
ex-MO9476 Katoomba-Leura Bus Service (Katoomba NSW)
ex-KOV997 Fairfield-Cabramatta Police Boys Club (NSW)
ex-(not operated) Bosnjak Bus Service (Edensor Park NSW)
ex-Smithfield Coach Imports (NSW)
ex-UQB500 / WAG8500 / UAN443 MTT (500)
26.10.1962 501 AEC Regal VI U2RA004Bolton 10/62B48F
TC155 / KM2212 Kalamunda Bus Service (5)
ex-UQB501 / WAG8501 / UAN449 MTT (501)
06.11.1962 502 AEC Regal VI U2RA009Bolton 11/62B48F
1EBO022 motorhome
ex-6OF265 La Salle College (Midland)
ex-UQB502 / WAG8502 / UAN451 MTT (502)
29.11.1962 503 AEC Regal VI U2RA003Bolton 11/62B48F
Moore (C A & P S) (Mandurah)
ex-TC261 Rockingham Bus Charter
ex-6JF783 Shoreline Coaches (Rockingham)
ex-6JF783 Billabong Tours
ex-6JF783 Pinjarra Bus Charter
ex-UQB503 / WAG8503 / UAN459 MTT (503)
06.11.1962 504 AEC Regal VI U2RA006HowardPorter 11/62B48F
ex-MD941 St Michaels House (Merredin)
ex-UQB504 / WAG8504 / UAN450 MTT (504)
19.11.1962 505 AEC Regal VI U2RA008HowardPorter 11/62B48F
6NA339 Emmaus Christian School (Bedfordale)
ex-UQB505 / WAG8505 / UAN456 MTT (505)
28.01.1963 506 AEC Regal VI U2RA007HowardPorter 01/63B48F
TC159 / KM844 Kalamunda Bus Service (4)
ex-UQB506 / WAG8506 / UAN462 MTT (506)
10.01.1963 507 AEC Regal VI U2RA029HowardPorter 01/63B48F
6NX754 Carnarvon Senior High School
ex-UQB507 / WAG8507 / UAN461 MTT (507)
07.02.1963 508 AEC Regal VI U2RA027HowardPorter 02/63B48F
6LS078 Kambalda Senior High School
ex-UQB508 / WAG8508 / UAN463 MTT (508)
01.03.1963 509 AEC Regal VI U2RA031HowardPorter 03/63B48F
ex-6NA850 Kent Street High School
ex-UQB509 / WAG8509 / UAN469 MTT (509)
In Service 

DB2361 AEC Regal VI U2RAHowardPorter B48F
DB2361 motorhome
KO1130 AEC Regal VI U2RA B48F
KO1130 motorhome

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