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1965 (630)-(654) AEC Regal VI U2RA
25 records
In Service 

25.01.1965 630 AEC Regal VI U2RA287MartinNixon 01/65B46FR
9AA833 / 7IA098 YMCA (mobile drop-in centre)
ex-7IA098 / TC374 Dial-a-bus (Langford)
ex-Allspares (Belmont) (dealer)
ex-UQB630 / WAG8630 MTT (630)
03.02.1965 631 AEC Regal VI U2RA285MartinNixon 02/65B46FR
PARTS Hagans City Bus (Toowoomba QLD)
ex-205PEI Downlands College (Toowoomba QLD)
ex-Allspares (Belmont) (dealer)
ex-UQB631 / WAG8631 MTT (631)
15.02.1965 632 AEC Regal VI U2RA289MartinNixon 02/65B46FR
Allspares (Belmont) (dealer)
ex-UQB632 / WAG8632 MTT (632)
07.07.1965 633 AEC Regal VI U2RA307MartinNixon 07/65B46FR
ex-MO9982 Lindsays Bus Service (Coffs Harbour NSW)
ex-UQB633 / WAG8633 MTT (633)
05.07.1965 634 AEC Regal VI U2RA304HowardPorter 07/65B46FR
REB303 unknown (NSW)
ex-Allspares (Belmont) (dealer)
ex-UQB634 / WAG8634 MTT (634)
30.07.1965 635 AEC Regal VI U2RA306HowardPorter 07/65B46FR
6SP128 John Paul College (Kalgoorlie)
ex-6SP128 St Marks College (Bedford)
ex-UQB635 / WAG8635 MTT (635)
20.08.1965 636 AEC Regal VI U2RA309HowardPorter 08/65B46FR
6SD213 United Constructions (Kwinana)
ex-UQB636 / WAG8636 MTT (636)
19.08.1965 637 AEC Regal VI U2RA305HowardPorter 08/65B46FR
MO540 Murton Staff (Broken Hill NSW) (M31)
ex-Allspares (Belmont) (dealer)
ex-UQB637 / WAG8635 MTT (637)
01.09.1965 638 AEC Regal VI U2RA308HowardPorter 09/65B46FR
GN17409 motorhome
ex-Allspares (Belmont) (dealer)
ex-UQB638 / WAG8638 MTT (638)
22.09.1965 639 AEC Regal VI U2RA290MartinNixon 09/65B46FR
7QB619 Transperth (1619)
ex-7QB619 MTT (1619)
ex-UQB619 MTT (619)
ex-UQB639 / WAG8639 MTT (639)
02.04.1965 640 AEC Regal VI U2RA293MartinNixon 04/65B46FR
ex-6XW462 Rossmoyne Senior High School
ex-UQB640 / WAG8640 MTT (640)
12.04.1965 641 AEC Regal VI U2RA301MartinNixon 04/65B46FR
PARTS Transcontinental (Midvale)
ex-TC475 Lakebridge (Cannington)
ex-TC475 Bennett Bus Charters (Salter Point)
ex-6XM160 Allspares (Belmont) (dealer)
ex-UQB641 / WAG8641 MTT (641)
19.05.1965 642 AEC Regal VI U2RA297MartinNixon 05/65B46FR
Private Owner
ex-TC394 Bowey Contractors (Applecross) [E P Bowey] (1)
ex-Allspares (Belmont) (dealer)
ex-UQB642 / WAG8642 MTT (642)
24.05.1965 643 AEC Regal VI U2RA299MartinNixon 05/65B46FR
1AEW790 motorhome
ex-Nicholls Bus & Coach Service (Narrogin) [R W Nicholls]
ex-TC440 Palmer (T S) (Mandurah)
ex-Allspares (Belmont) (dealer)
ex-UQB643 / WAG8643 MTT (643)
22.06.1965 644 AEC Regal VI U2RA294HowardPorter 06/65B46FR
Allspares (Belmont) (dealer)
ex-UQB644 / WAG8644 MTT (644)
03.03.1965 645 AEC Regal VI U2RA286HowardPorter 03/65B46FR
Bus Preservation Society of WA (Whiteman Park)
ex-Private Owner
ex-6YY147 Webb Constructions P/L
ex-Allspares (Belmont) (dealer)
ex-UQB645 / WAG8645 MTT (645)
22.03.1965 646 AEC Regal VI U2RA288HowardPorter 03/65B46FR
ex-MO9983 Lindsays Bus Service (Coffs Harbour NSW)
ex-UQB646 / WAG8646 MTT (646)
26.03.1965 647 AEC Regal VI U2RA295MartinNixon 03/65B46FR
WN30150 1st Edgewater Scout Group
ex-6YY349 St Josephs Primary School
ex-UQB647 / WAG8647 MTT (647)
12.04.1965 648 AEC Regal VI U2RA291HowardPorter 04/65B46FR
FFD008 motorhome
ex-Allspares (Belmont) (dealer)
ex-UQB648 / WAG8648 MTT (648)
29.04.1965 649 AEC Regal VI U2RA292HowardPorter 04/65B46FR
TC670 Bowey Contractors (Applecross) [E P Bowey] (3)
ex-Allspares (Belmont) (dealer)
ex-UQB649 / WAG8649 MTT (649)
13.05.1965 650 AEC Regal VI U2RA302HowardPorter 05/65B46FR
7QB650 Transperth (1650)
ex-7QB650 MTT (1650)
ex-UQB650 / WAG8650 MTT (650)
27.05.1965 651 AEC Regal VI U2RA296HowardPorter 05/65B46FR
PARTS Transcontinental (Midvale)
ex-TC416 Lakebridge (Cannington)
ex-TC416 Bennett Bus Charters (Salter Point)
ex-Allspares (Belmont) (dealer)
ex-UQB651 / WAG8651 MTT (651)
10.06.1965 652 AEC Regal VI U2RA300MartinNixon 06/65B46FR
7QB652 Transperth (1652)
ex-7QB652 MTT (1652)
ex-UQB652 / WAG8652 MTT (652)
10.06.1965 653 AEC Regal VI U2RA303MartinNixon 06/65B46FR
6SW789 motorhome
ex-6SW789 Christian Brothers College (Broome)
ex-UQB653 / WAG8653 MTT (653)
01.07.1965 654 AEC Regal VI U2RA298MartinNixon 07/65B46FR
UOB654 / 1BPS654 / TC4659 / 1ART527 Bus Preservation Society of WA (Whiteman Park) (654)
ex-TC429 Bus Museum of WA (Bellevue) (654)
ex-7QB654 Transperth (1654)
ex-7QB654 MTT (1654)
ex-UQB654 / WAG8654 MTT (654)
In Service 

Allspares (Redcliffe) (dealer)
Eglo Engineering (Karratha)
638? AEC Regal VI U2RA B46FR

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