MTT / Transperth - Acquired New

1985 (25)-(34) Leyland B21 - plus spare chassis
10 records
In Service 

27.03.1985 25 Leyland B21/1R/DDA SPEC071JWBolton 03/85B41Dℓ
ex-Murphys Commercials (Mayfield NSW) (dealer) `Looking Forward`
ex-WUN936 Murphys Commercials (Mayfield NSW) (dealer) (SHE007)
ex-m/o8103 Interline / Metrolink (Macquarie Fields NSW) (81)
ex-UQB025 Transperth (25)
ex-UQB025 MTT (25)
18.04.1985 26 Leyland B21/1R/DDA SPEC052JWBolton 04/85B41Dℓ
SWT087 motorhome
ex-Murphys Commercials (Mayfield NSW) (dealer) `Happy Wanderer`
ex-m/o4734 MetroLink (Green Valley NSW) [Oliveri] (15)
ex-UQB026 Transperth (26)
ex-UQB026 MTT (26)
18.04.1985 27 Leyland B21/1R/DDA SPEC050JWBolton 04/85B41Dℓ
80DND / 372KDV motorhome Dun n Dusted
ex-STORED / WUN933 Murphys Commercials (Mayfield NSW) (dealer) (SHE011)
ex-m/o8136 MetroLink (Green Valley NSW) [Oliveri] (84)
ex-UQB027 Transperth (27)
ex-UQB027 MTT (27)
23.04.1985 28 Leyland B21/1R/DDA SPEC054JWBolton 04/85B41Dℓ
ex-WUN9XX Murphys Commercials (Mayfield NSW) (dealer) (SHE???)
ex-m/o7685 / m/o8102 Interline / Metrolink (Macquarie Fields NSW) (80)
ex-UQB028 Transperth (28)
ex-UQB028 MTT (28)
23.04.1985 29 Leyland B21/1R/DDA SPEC053JWBolton 04/85B41Dℓ
ex-WUN939 Murphys Commercials (Mayfield NSW) (dealer) (SHE003) Been There
ex-m/o335 MetroLink (Green Valley NSW) [Oliveri] (16)
ex-m/o335 MetroLink (Green Valley NSW) [Oliveri] (11)
ex-UQB029 Transperth (29)
ex-UQB029 MTT (29)
01.05.1985 30 Leyland B21/1R/DDA SPEC049JWBolton 05/85B41Dℓ
PARTS / m/o102 Interline / Metrolink (Macquarie Fields NSW) (82)
ex-UQB030 Transperth (30)
ex-UQB030 MTT (30)
15.05.1985 31 Leyland B21/1R/DDA SPEC070JWBolton 05/85B41Dℓ
XOP105 motorhome
ex-XOP105 / WUN949 Murphys Commercials (Mayfield NSW) (dealer) (SHE015)
ex-m/o5738 Interline / Metrolink (Macquarie Fields NSW) (54)
ex-UQB031 Transperth (31)
ex-UQB031 MTT (31)
23.05.1985 32 Leyland B21/1R/DDA SPEC066JWBolton 05/85B41Dℓ
115GVJ motorhome Valhalla
ex-WUN9XX Murphys Commercials (Mayfield NSW) (dealer) (SHE???)
ex-m/o8139 Interline / Metrolink (Macquarie Fields NSW) (85)
ex-UQB032 Transperth (32)
ex-UQB032 MTT (32)
31.05.1985 33 Leyland B21/1R/DDA SPEC047JWBolton 05/85B41Dℓ
STORED / WUN934 Murphys Commercials (Mayfield NSW) (dealer) (SHE008)
ex-m/o5849 Interline / Metrolink (Macquarie Fields NSW) (53)
ex-UQB033 Transperth (33)
ex-UQB033 MTT (33)
07.06.1985 34 Leyland B21/1R/DDA SPEC055JWBolton 06/85B41Dℓ
STORED / WUN944 Murphys Commercials (Mayfield NSW) (dealer) (SHE006)
ex-m/o5970 Interline / Metrolink (Macquarie Fields NSW) (83)
ex-UQB034 Transperth (34)
ex-UQB034 / UQB013 MTT (34)
In Service 

Leyland B21/1R/DDA SPEC056body not built chassis only
PARTS Metropolitan Transport Trust (spare chassis)
Leyland B21/1R/DDA SPECHilquip B41D
xx4865 Leyland B21/1R/DDA SPECJWBolton B43D
xx4685 motorhome
AJ92DJ Leyland B21/1R/DDA SPECJWBolton B43D
AJ92DJ motorhome
1BOG036 Leyland B21/1R/DDA SPECJWBolton B43D
1BOG036 motorhome `Destination Unknown`

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