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     Red City Clippers
8 records
11 Leyland National 10951/2R02028LeylandB41D08/75
DERELICT Unknown (Bakers Creek QLD)
ex-456NXA Hagan (D & N) (Toowoomba QLD)
ex-456NXA Surfside Bus Lines
ex-(not operated) Penrith District Bus Service (Edensor Park NSW) [Bosnjak]
ex-Smithfield Coach Imports (NSW)
ex-UQB011 MTT (11)
Arrived at Fremantle in MTT green & cream without seats --.04.1975; Destination display altered to MTT standard layout; saloon floor re-built with plinths and converted to B41D; In service 03.09.1975; Re-built with Brisbane-style large sliding opening windows --.01.1977; G2 5sp gearbox removed and replaced with standard 4sp Wilson box (retaining original gear selector) & Red City Clipper livery 08.02.1978; Withdrawn & replaced in Red City Clipper fleet by Hino (929) 10.12.1980; Departed Perth for NSW on a tray-top truck. 15.12.1980; Derelict & engineless at Bakers Creek QLD by --.05.2017
929 Hino RC520P40090FreighterWAB41DA504110/72
UQB929 Transperth (929)
ex-UQB929 MTT (929)
Red City Clipper livery 10.12.1980; Standard MTT livery 20.03.1982; Withdrawn 16.12.1988
931 Hino RC520P40092FreighterWAB41DA504411/72
DERELECT motorhome
ex-7SZ486 Raffles Hotel (Canning Bridge)
ex-Wentworth Motors (Redcliffe) (dealer)
ex-UQB931 Transperth (931)
ex-UQB931 MTT (931)
Red City Clipper livery 24.06.1974; Red City Clipper livery with WA 150-years murals --.12.1978; Yellow City Clipper livery 21.01.1980; Standard MTT livery 28.07.1982; Withdrawn 07.04.1989
969 Leyland Panther PSUR1A/1R7201707HowardPorterB41D73/506308/73
PARTS Buchans Bus Charters (OConnor);
ex-UQB969 Transperth (969);
ex-UQB969 MTT (969)
Yellow City Clipper livery 01.10.1973; Operated free service between Newman St Fremantle and Royal Yacht Britannia via Fremantle Railway Station from 1145 to 1600hrs 28.03.1977; Seats individually numbered to aid reservations when used on tour work --.02.1978; Red City Clipper livery 21.01.1980; City Clipper livery (blue/yellow/white) --.04.1982; `Shine on Perth` City Clipper livery c.--.09.1986; Transperth corporate livery; Withdrawn & stored 17.03.1993; Returned to service 26.05.1993; Withdrawn 20.10.1993
970 Leyland Panther PSUR1A/1R7201545HowardPorterB41D73/506408/73
UPW034 Adcare (Sunraysia VIC)
ex-m/o8558 Marrickville Bus Lines (NSW)
ex-UQB970 Transperth (970)
ex-UQB970 MTT (970)
Red City Clipper livery 21.06.1974; City Clipper livery (blue/yellow/white) 02.04.1982; `Shine on Perth` City Clipper livery c.--.09.1986; Withdrawn & stored at Rockingham Depot 17.03.1993
975 Leyland Panther PSUR1A/1R7202288HowardPorterB41D74/900104/74
PARTS ⁄ TC2822 ⁄ TC3362 ⁄ 7YY601 Geraldton Bus Service [L G Backshell]
ex-UQB975 Transperth (975)
ex-UQB975 MTT (975)
Modified fuel injection system fitted --.07.1976; Fitted with clips to hold headboards for use as a Red City Clipper due to increased timetable which commenced 05.12.1977; Red City Clipper livery --.09.1978; Red City Clipper livery with WA 150-years murals --.12.1978; City Clipper livery (blue/yellow/white) 02.02.1982; Transperth corporate livery 03.11.1986; Special duties (Kensington St Workshops) 03.08.1993; Withdrawn 04.08.1993
994 Leyland Panther PSUR1A/1R7203113HowardPorterB41D74/902010/74
TC4316 ⁄  AK3801 Van Kuyls Bus & Coach Charters (Kelmscott) [B L & K L Van Kuyl] (2);
ex-UQB994 Transperth (994);
ex-UQB994 MTT (994)
Experimental interior flooring (red); Rattler January 1975:
Panther 994 has a red material for its interior flooring.; Red City Clipper livery 14.08.1978; Red City Clipper livery with murals on sides depicting local subjects by --.10.1980; City Clipper livery (blue/yellow/white) 20.04.1982; `Shine on Perth` City Clipper livery c.--.09.1986; Transperth corporate livery 15.05.1990; Withdrawn & stored 01.02.1994
995 Leyland Panther PSUR1A/1R7203116HowardPorterB41D74/902210/74
1BZC088 motorhome `Spirit of Home`
ex-UQB995 Transperth (995)
ex-UQB995 MTT (995)
Chassis no recorded in one source as being 7203114; Red City Clipper livery --.09.1978; Red City Clipper livery with murals on sides depicting local subjects by --.10.1980; City Clipper livery (blue/yellow/white) 20.04.1982; Standard Transperth livery 21.11.1986; Withdrawn & stored 31.05.1994; Sold 03.11.1994

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