MTT / Transperth / PTA - Special Liveries

     Multi-route City Clippers II (blue & white "Shine on Perth")
11 records
Make & Model

153 Mercedes-Benz O30530700121004307HowardPorterB41D77/900102/77
AL433 motorhome `Belfield`
ex-UQB153 Perth Bus [Transperth] (153)
ex-UQB153 MetroBus [Transperth] (153)
ex-UQB153 Transperth (153)
ex-UQB153 MTT (153)
156 Mercedes-Benz O30530700121004375HowardPorterB41D77/900403/77
TC5636 Midland Bus Co (Bellevue) (30)
ex-TC5636 Nightcruiser [R Ott] (36)
ex-TC4303 National Bus Lines (Jandakot)
ex-TC4303 International Stagelines (Burswood)
ex-UQB156 Perth Bus [Transperth] (156)
ex-UQB156 MetroBus [Transperth] (156)
ex-UQB156 Transperth (156)
ex-UQB156 MTT (156)
964 Leyland Panther PSUR1A/1R7201711FreighterWAB41DA507509/73
SHED Geraldton Bus Service [L G Backshell];
ex-UQB964 Transperth (964);
ex-UQB964 MTT (964)
968 Leyland Panther PSUR1A/1R7201546FreighterWAB41DA508210/73
Soltoggio Bros (Jandakot) (dealers & wreckers);
ex-UQB968 Transperth (968);
ex-UQB968 MTT (968)
969 Leyland Panther PSUR1A/1R7201707HowardPorterB41D73/506308/73
PARTS Buchans Bus Charters (OConnor);
ex-UQB969 Transperth (969);
ex-UQB969 MTT (969)
971 Leyland Panther PSUR1A/1R7201540HowardPorterB41D73/506508/73
Marrickville Bus Lines (NSW)
ex-UQB971 Transperth (971)
ex-UQB971 MTT (971)
972 Leyland Panther PSUR1A/1R7201547HowardPorterB41D73/506608/73
TC2855 Midland Bus Co (Bellevue)
ex-TC2855 MBL Bus & Coach Services (Bellevue)
ex-TC2855 Transcontinental & Staff (Midvale) (43)
ex-TC2855 / 8OK586 Westliner Coach Services (Midvale) (43)
ex-Soltoggio Bros (Jandakot) (dealers & wreckers)
ex-UQB972 Transperth (972)
ex-UQB972 MTT (972)
979 Leyland Panther PSUR1A/1R7202287HowardPorterB41D74/900506/74
TC2849 Midland Bus Co (Bellevue)
ex-8YF281 Down Under Bus Charter [A Chalkley] (7)
ex-UQB979 Transperth (979)
ex-UQB979 MTT (979)
981 Leyland Panther PSUR1A/1R7202291HowardPorterB41D74/900807/74
Soltoggio Bros (Jandakot) (dealers & wreckers);
ex-UQB981 Transperth (981);
ex-UQB981 MTT (981)
983 Leyland Panther PSUR1A/1R7202286HowardPorterB41D74/900907/74
Soltoggio Bros (Jandakot) (dealers & wreckers);
ex-UQB983 Transperth (983);
ex-UQB983 MTT (983)
986 Leyland Panther PSUR1A/1R7202606HowardPorterB41D74/901208/74
ex-Soltoggio Bros (Jandakot) (dealers & wreckers)
ex-UQB986 Transperth (986)
ex-UQB986 MTT (986)

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