MTT / Transperth - Ancillary Fleet

Tow Wagons
10 records
Make & Model

Volvo F86300445tow truck
Soltoggio Bros (Jandakot) (dealers & wreckers)
ex-1DFR161 Buswest
ex-1AFX419 Southern Coast Transit
ex-XQG176 Metropolitan Transport Trust (18)
ex-XQG176 Metropolitan Transport Trust
P11 Chevrolet "Blitz" C60Stow truck
Private Owner (Kulin)
ex-unknown (nr Kambalda?)
ex-Metropolitan Transport Trust (P11)
ex-33645 Metro Buses
ex-Australian Army
Scania 82MScania-MTTtow truck
6QH694 Metropolitan Transport Trust
Scania 82MScaniatow truck
1AGF915 Transdev Optimus Lime
ex-1AGF915 Southern Coast Transit
ex-6QA753 Metropolitan Transport Trust
AEC Matador
6DR360 unknown (Spearwood)
ex-UQF955 Metropolitan Transport Trust (1)
ex-UQF955 / WAG6653 Metropolitan Transport Trust (P12)
ex-unknown (dealer)
ex-Australian Army
Scania 82MScania-MTTtow truck
6QH695 Metropolitan Transport Trust
336 268
3 (tw)
Leyland Tiger OPS4/1490888ComengB41FR
32266H / 25350H / 003 Sydney Bus Museum (3)
ex-UQM168 Metropolitan Transport Trust (3)
ex-UQB268 / WAG8268 / UAN263 MTT (268)
ex-ET336 Melbourne & Metropolitan Tramways Board (336)
329 269
4 (tw)
Leyland Tiger OPS4/1490750ComengB41FR
XIM049 Bus Preservation Society of WA (Whiteman Park) (4)
ex-UQN416 Metropolitan Transport Trust (4)
ex-UQB269 / WAG8269 / UAN258 MTT (269)
ex-ET329 Melbourne & Metropolitan Tramways Board (329)
321 271
2 (tw)
Leyland Tiger OPS4/1490741ComengB41FR
9FI933 preserved
ex-9FI933 Perth Electric Tramway Society (Whiteman Park)
ex-UQS779 Metropolitan Transport Trust (2)
ex-UQB271 / WAG8271 / UAN251 MTT (271)
ex-ET321 Melbourne & Metropolitan Tramways Board (321)
316 274
5 (tw)
Leyland Tiger OPS4/1483894ComengB41FR
PARTS Bus Preservation Society of WA (Whiteman Park) (5)
ex-UQO163 Metropolitan Transport Trust (5)
ex-UQB274 / WAG8274 / UAN248 MTT (274)
ex-ET316 Melbourne & Metropolitan Tramways Board (316)

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