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Carilla Bus Service
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37 Leyland Lion LT7c6208Campbell&Mannix B32F06/35
PARTS ⁄ DR2367 MTT (37)
ex-45637 ⁄ 31937 Metro Buses (37)
ex-31937 ⁄ 21237 Metropolitan Omnibus Co (37)
Lysholm-Smith torque-converter removed & converted to 4sp constant mesh by Metro by 31.07.1939; Prototype in Metro Leyland Lion re-engining program: chassis extended, re-engined Leyland 166/1 & fitted with OPS1-style radiator 20.01.1947; De-registered by 26.06.1958; Reported in one source as having been sold to Carilla Bus Service, but that the sale was cancelled due to major engine failure. This source further reports that it was returned to the MTT and after being unsuccessfully offered for re-sale on 28.09.1959, it was cannibalised for spare parts by 21.03.1960, and the body sold to the Mt Marshall Road Board; However, another source suggests that it was loaned to Carilla (rather than sold). A photograph exists of (37) at Carilla Depot showing it registered DR2367 but still carrying fleet no (37); This second theory is supported by the published memoirs of the operator, which lists (37) as the first bus loaned under the agreement between the MTT & Carilla. Whilst these memoirs recount mishaps and breakdowns, specific mention of a major breakdown involving (37) is conspicuously absent
14 Leyland Lion LT9300655?LeylandUK B32F02/39
UAN386 ⁄ UAN238 MTT (14)
ex-45614 ⁄ 31914 Metro Buses (14)
ex-31914 ⁄ 21214 Metropolitan Omnibus Co (14)
De-registered by 26.06.1958; Written-off after accident 29.12.1961; Remains to Unknown (Kojonup) 09.02.1962;
135 AEC Regal I O662/204149FMT B36F12/46
PARTS ⁄ 45811 MTT (135)
ex-45811 Fremantle Municipal Transport Board (11)
ex-45811 Fremantle Municipal Tramways (11)
Withdrawn 20.04.1963
141 AEC Regal III 6821A569Bolton B43F06/52
UOO626 Economy Travel Centre (Perth);
ex-UQB141 ⁄  WAG8141 ⁄  45162 MTT (141);
ex-45162 Beam Transport (62)
Reported in one source as originally having a Campbell & Mannix body & being re-bodied by Bolton, however the Minutes from Beam Transport Board of Directors meetings confirm that this bus was originally bodied by Bolton; Reported in one source as entering service during 03.1952, however Beam Board Minutes state that it was due to enter service on 13.06.1952; Loaned to Carilla Bus Service for Carilla-Perth route 391 18.12.1967; Returned to MTT & Withdrawn (Carilla BS acquired by MTT) 07.03.1972
139 AEC Regal III 6821A464Beam B34F11/49
Bus Preservation Society of WA (Whiteman Park) (48)
ex-Parkerville Childrens Home
ex-WAG8139 ⁄ KMxx ⁄ 45148 MTT (139)
ex-45148 Beam Transport (48)
Loaned to Carilla Bus Service 22.01.1963; Returned 17.12.1967; Withdrawn 18.12.1967

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