Buses & Chassis Demonstrated to WA Govt Operators

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Make & Model

200 Hino BG13109788FreighterB42D-/66
Freighter Industries
ex-WAG8200 MTT (200)
ex-Freighter Industries
12 MAN SG192187 0934 1005MAN-GoppelAB73FR-/76
AJS553 Coachways (Auckland NZ) (20)
ex-AJS553 Leopard Coachlines (Christchurch NZ) (20)
ex-AJS553 Okato Bus Lines (Okata NZ)
ex-3348AO / NET127 Sunbury Bus Lines (Sunbury VIC) (39)
ex-MAN Australia
ex-UQB012 Transperth (12)
ex-UQB012 MTT (12)
ex-MAN Australia (stock)
Volvo B58HHessAB69T716806/76
Sydney Road Transport Museum
ex-MO970 Nowra Coaches (Nowra NSW)
ex-Baxters Holryod Bus Lines
ex-m/o625 / m/o5852 South Western Coach Lines (Jannali NSW)
ex-m/o5852 Campbelltown Bus Service [Rowes]
ex-m/o5852 / SHW542 Rowes (Plumpton NSW)
ex-SHW542 Briscoes (on loan)
ex-SHW542 / ITP159 (on loan) State Transport Authority (Adelaide)
ex-ITP159 (on loan) Grendas Bus Service (Dandenong)
ex-ITP159 Volvo Australia
ex-m/o4078 (on loan) Public Transport Commission (Sydney)
ex-C94761 (on loan) Canberra Bus Service
ex-m/o4255 (on loan) Public Transport Commission (Sydney)
ex-Volvo Australia `Maxibus`
74 Volvo B58-56B58 56 4x2 9122 3245DominoHedgesB41D12/77
ex-Vikings Bobcat Spares (Lawnton QLD)
ex-074EWP / 883NLL Redcliffe Peninsula Hornibrook Bus Lines (74)
ex-Volvo Australia
451 Volvo B588646NZMBB41D--/78
ex-Ritchies Transport Holdings (451);
ex-Gold Star (Hamilton NZ);
ex-IU5849 New Plymouth City Transport (NZ) (24);
ex-Volvo Australia
Leyland B21/1R/DDA101PMCSAB9D08/78
PARTS Interline Bus & Coach (Macquarie Fields NSW) [Ingleburn]
ex-Gilberts (Villawood NSW) (dealer)
ex-m/o4967 Allways Bus Service (Kingsgrove NSW)
ex-m/o4967 Delwood Bus Lines (Villawood NSW)
ex-m/o4967 Parramatta-Villawood Bus Service (NSW) [Delwood]
ex-m/o4473 MetroLink (Green Valley NSW) [Oliveri]
ex-Leyland Australia
Scania CR112Scania-BussarB43T-/79
unknown (Poland)
ex-unknown (Uppsala? Sweden)
ex-ZIR777 (on loan) ACTION (Canberra)
ex-KDM231 Scania Australia
10 Renault PR100RPN1 0001RenaultB41D-/80
48316H Preserved (NSW)
ex-4215MO / MO5083 Cavanaghs (Kempsey NSW)
ex-BUS674 / ZIB674 ACTION (Canberra) (674)
ex-ZIB674 (on loan) ACTION (Canberra) (674)
ex-ZIB672 (on loan) ACTION (Canberra) (672)
ex-7BD174 (on loan) MTT (10)
ex-ZIR888 (on loan but not operated) ACTION (Canberra)
ex-Mack Trucks Australia
ex-Renault Vehicles Industriels
Volvo B6FAYV3B451055 0008788chassis only-/82
Volvo Australia (stock)
Scania BF82Y84FC4X2A01850602PMCSAC49F440709/84
XV88SN / WLJ981 motorhome
ex-1708AO / FJO450 Cobden Coaches (Cobden VIC) (8)
ex-MO0964 Brumpton (Coffs Harbour NSW) (13)
ex-PBZ608 Palmer (AR & LP) (Wyong NSW)
ex-UMR545 Philanderer Ferries (Penneshaw SA)
ex-Scania Australia (stock)
11 62 Leyland Lynx B60B60.02Leyland-JWBoltonB39Dℓ12/84
Bus Preservation Society of WA (Whiteman Park)
ex-Sydney Bus Museum
ex-MO14 Deanes Bus Lines (Queanbeyan NSW) (62)
ex-MO14 Levers (Queanbeyan)
ex-UQK475 (on loan) State Transport Authority (Adelaide)
ex-039PSF (on loan) Hornibrook Bus Lines (Clontarf QLD)
ex-ZIB671 (on loan) ACTION (Canberra) (671)
ex-6YY320 (on loan) MTT (11)
ex-6YY320 Jaguar Rover Australia
10 Hino Rainbow RB145KJHDRB145KXXX40001HinoC22FK23863-60--/85
Wentworth Motors (Redcliffe) (dealer)
ex-UQB010 Transperth (10) `Plus Bus`
ex-Wentworth Motors (Redcliffe) (dealer)
Mercedes-Benz O405WDB35700013043255MBMannheimB41D-/85
DD1 58 MAN 22.330 HOCLN/R474.0001AustralHC46/12Dt152407/88
0132AO Bendigo Coachlines (Bendigo VIC) (58)
ex-mo788 Brits (NT)
ex-VX47AI / VV71BT Landmark Tours (Diamond Creek VIC) (60)
ex-6QS904 (on loan) Westrail (DD1)
ex-Landmark Tours (Diamond Creek VIC)
Scania K113TRL 14.5mYS4KT6X2B01815582VolgrenC61FVG30802/90
CVL1368 / TC5239 Buswest
ex-TC5239 Mandurah Bus Charters [Buswest]
ex-TC5239 Fortesque Bus Service [Buswest]
ex-3971AO / QIL236 / FWF975 / EBJ035 Warrnambool Bus Lines (Warrnambool VIC) (35)
Mercedes-Benz O405ENHMBMannheimB25Dw--/97
MABZ97 Daimler Benz
3000 3000 Scania L94UA CNGYS2L6X20001855020VolgrenAB62FRwVG238509/07
TP3000 Transdev [Transperth] (3000)
ex-TP3000 PATH Transit [Transperth] (3000)
ex-TP3000 Southern Coast Transit [Transperth] (3000)
3001 3001 MAN A24 NG313F CNGWMAA24ZZ17C009292CustomCoachesAB63FRw07-06311/07
TP3001 PATH Transit [Transperth] (3001)
ex-TP3001 Transdev [Transperth] (3001)
ex-TP3001 PATH Transit [Transperth] (3001)
ex-TP3001 (not operated) Swan Transit [Transperth] (3001)
ex-TP3001 PATH Transit [Transperth] (3001)
3002 3002 IVECO Citelis 18 GNCVNEPU09D200001754CustomCoachesAB58FRw08-04207/09
TP3002 PATH Transit [Transperth] (3002)
ex-TP3002 Swan Transit [Transperth] (3002)

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