Western Australian Government Railways / Westrail / Transwa

Foden DG / FG
3 records
F1 Foden FGHowardPorterprime mover
WAG7869 Western Australian Government Railways;
ex-UAN070 ⁄  10177 Western Australian Government Railways (F1)
F3 Foden FG27902HowardPorterprime mover
Unknown (Upper Swan) (water tanker)
ex-McLartys Stock Transport (Ascot)
ex-UAN069 ⁄ 21007 Western Australian Government Railways (F3)
F18 Foden FGWAGRprime mover
WAG7869 ⁄ WAGOV3760 Western Australian Government Railways
ex-???? Western Australian Government Railways (F1)
ex-3577 Western Australian Government Railways (F18)

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