Western Australian Government Railways / Westrail / Transwa

Mercedes Benz O303 / Ansair
24 records

M136 301204 61 030454
1LZ2GR motorhome
ex-250FPM Griffiths (G) (Childers QLD) (school bus)
ex-MJH72 Biloela Coaches (Biloela QLD)
ex-XQR377 Westrail (M136)
M139 1 301204 61 030472AnsairC42FtMB138902/82
SB00JF motorhome
ex-4101AO / OEI901 / FFM779 Crown Coaches (East Burwood VIC) (1)
ex-XQR378 Westrail (M139)
M142 301204 61 030912AnsairC42FtMB139003/82
216BZZ Keiths Coaches (Mudgeeraba QLD)
ex-7QH322 / XQJ846 Westrail (M142)
M145 301204 61 030837AnsairC42FtMB139103/82
290CSF Keiths Coaches (Mudgeeraba QLD) UNCONFIRMED
ex-290CSF Gold Coast Coaches (Bundall QLD)
ex-290CSF Surf City Coaches (Ashmore QLD)
ex-999BZI Eastern Pacific Coaches (Toowoomba QLD)
ex-XQJ874 Westrail (M145)
M148 301204 61 032370AnsairC42FtMB139405/82
220BZZ Keiths Coaches (Mudgeeraba QLD)
ex-XQJ876 Westrail (M148)
M151 301204 61 032385AnsairC42FtMB139505/82
218BZZ Keiths Coaches (Mudgeeraba QLD)
ex-XQJ894 Westrail (M151)
M154 301204 61 032371AnsairC42FtMB139605/82
XQJ901 Westrail (M154)
M157 42 301204 61 032384AnsairC42FtMB139705/82
WZX792 motorhome
ex-4142AO / OEI942 / FFM740 Crown Coach Lines (East Burwood VIC) (42)
ex-XQS441 Westrail (M157)
M160 301204 61 031412AnsairC42FtMB157904/83
TV1447 Richards Charter & Tour Services (Riverstone NSW)
ex-TV1447 Maggie & Richards Charter & Tour Services (Riverstone NSW)
ex-219BZZ Keiths Coaches (Mudgeeraba QLD)
ex-XQS455 Westrail (M160)
M163 301204 61 031428AnsairC42FtMB158004/83
217BZZ Keiths Coaches (Mudgeeraba QLD)
ex-XQS459 Westrail (M163)
M166 301204 61 031429AnsairC42FtMB158105/83
215BZZ Island Queen Showboat Cruises (QLD)
ex-215BZZ Showboat Cruises (QLD)
ex-215BZZ Keiths Coaches (Mudgeeraba QLD)
ex-XQS484 Westrail (M166)
M169 301204 61 030763AnsairC42FtMB158305/83
XQS505 Westrail (M169)
M172 301204 64 033077AnsairC42FtMB159509/85
ex-1DQH338 Dingo Bus Charter (Midvale) `Anne`
ex-IR130 Irwin Community Coach (Dongara)
ex-South West Coach Lines [D Adams]
ex-6QF933 Westrail (M172)
M175 301204 64 033110AnsairC42FtMB159609/85
HINDSIGHT motorhome
ex-6QG211 Westrail (M175)
M178 301204 64 033076AnsairC42FtMB159710/85
TC3108 South West Coach Lines [D Adams]
ex-6QG220 Westrail (M178)
M181 301204 64 032740AnsairC42FtMB159810/85
SB36JD / 1DOA797 motorhome
ex-TC2021 South West Coach Lines [D Adams]
ex-6QG239 Westrail (M181)
M184 301204 64 032773AnsairC42FtMB159906/86
ex-Private Owner (Geraldton)
ex-Highway Autobahn (Geraldton)
ex-TC3105 South West Coach Lines [D Adams]
ex-6QI703 Westrail (M184)
M187 301204 64 033012AnsairC42FtMB160006/86
TC3104 South West Coach Lines [D Adams]
ex-6QJ040 Westrail (M187)
M190 301204 64 032741AnsairC42FtMB160107/86
6QJ079 Westrail (M190)
M193 301204 61 033013AnsairC42FtMB160207/86
TC2020 South West Coach Lines [D Adams]
ex-6QJ297 Westrail (M193)
M196 1136 30031461047014
TC6174 Transwest Coach Services (Willetton)
ex-TP1136 Southern Coast Transit [Transperth] (1136)
ex-TP1136 MetroBus [Transperth] (1136)
ex-TP1136 / 6QM456 Transperth (1136)
ex-6QM456 Westrail (M196)
M197 1134 WDB30031461047023
PARTS Buswest
ex-TC4002 Transwest Coach Services (Willetton)
ex-TP1134 Southern Coast Transit [Transperth] (1134)
ex-TP1134 MetroBus [Transperth] (1134)
ex-TP1134 / 6QN100 Transperth (1134)
ex-6QN100 Westrail (M197)
M198 1135 30031461047005
1DEM993 Go West
ex-TP1135 Southern Coast Transit [Transperth] (1135)
ex-TP1135 MetroBus [Transperth] (1135)
ex-TP1135 / 6QN134 Transperth (1135)
ex-6QN134 Westrail (M198)
M199 M199 300-314-61-050450AnsairC42FtMB183808/87
GQJ834 / 1HPM552 Bus Preservation Society of WA (Whiteman Park) (M199)
ex-TC3608 Redlion Bus & Coach (M199)
ex-TC3608 Gannaways Charters & Tours (Busselton)
ex-6QJ834 Westrail (M199) Spirit of Beverley
ex-6QJ834 Westrail (M199)

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