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Scania K113SRB
8 records
Make & Model

SS05 Scania K113SRBYS4KT6X2B01818683PMCAC42Dt4931?05/92
TC4908 Go West
ex-TC4908 Eastern Goldfields Transport Board (Kalgoorlie)
ex-7QI980 Westrail (SS05)
SS06 Scania K113SRBYS4KT6X2B01818684PMCAC42Dt4932?05/92
TC4907 Go West
ex-TC4907 TransGoldfields [EGTB]
ex-TC4907 Eastern Goldfields Transport Board (Kalgoorlie)
ex-7QI985 Westrail (SS06)
SS07 Scania K113SRBYS4KC4X2B01818685PMCAC42Dt4933?05/92
TC4906 Go West
ex-TC4906 TransGoldfields [EGTB]
ex-TC4906 Eastern Goldfields Transport Board (Kalgoorlie)
ex-7QJ043 Westrail (SS07)
SS08 Scania K113SRBYS4KC4X2B01818685? YS4KC4X2B01818686?PMCAC42Dt4934?05/92
PARTS / TC4905 Go West
ex-TC4905 Eastern Goldfields Transport Board (Kalgoorlie)
ex-7QI994 Westrail (SS08)
SS09 2007 Scania K113SRBYS4KC4X2B01818689PMCAC42Dt493506/92
825XLS motorhome
ex-TP2007 Southern Coast Transit [Transperth] (2007)
ex-TC4904 Eastern Goldfields Transport Board (Kalgoorlie)
ex-1QAR047 / 7QJ121 Westrail (SS09)
SS10 Scania K113SRBYS4KC4X2B01818690
TC4903 Go West
ex-TC4903 Eastern Goldfields Transport Board (Kalgoorlie)
ex-1QAM389 / 7QJ080 Westrail (SS10)
SS11 Scania K113SRBYS4KC4X2B01818691PMCAC42Dt4937?06/92
TC4901 Transdev [TransBunbury] (4901)
ex-TC4901 Veolia Transport [TransBunbury] (4901)
ex-TC4901 Public Transport Authority
ex-TC4901 Eastern Goldfields Transport Board [TransGoldfields]
ex-TC4901 Eastern Goldfields Transport Board (Kalgoorlie)
ex-1QAR046 / 7QJ081 Westrail (SS11)
SS12 Scania K113SRBYS4KC4X2B01818692PMCAC42Dt493806/92
1DYS430 / TC4902 Go West
ex-TC4902 Eastern Goldfields Transport Board (Kalgoorlie)
ex-1QAR045 / 7QJ133 Westrail (SS12)

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