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Scania K124EB
22 records
1 YS2K6X20001841455Volgren C222TXC56FtLVP027901/03
1GWA933 Australian Pinnacle Tours [PTG] (C112)
ex-1GWA933 Adams Coachlines (C112)
ex-1TRANSWA ⁄ 1QBE253 ⁄ 1TRANSWA ⁄ TRANSWA1 Transwa (01)
2 YS2K6X20001843299Volgren C222TXC65FLVP028002/03
TV090A ⁄ TV8784 Federation Tour Coaches (Bellambi NSW)
ex-TV8784 Shellharbour City Tour Coaches (Bellambi NSW) [Green]
ex-2TRANSWA ⁄ TRANSWA2 Transwa (02)
3 YS2K6X20001843301Volgren C222TXC56FtLVP028103/03
TV404A ⁄ TV9219 Seacliff Coaches (Albion Park NSW) [Dunn]
ex-3TRANSWA ⁄ TRANSWA3 Transwa (03)
4 YS2K6X20001843295Volgren C222TXC56FtLVP028203/03
TV8729 ASF Tours (Ingleburn NSW) [Ali]
ex-TV8729 Australian Bus & Coach Services (St Marys NSW) [Revline Auto Tech]
ex-4TRANSWA ⁄ TRANSWA4 Transwa (04)
5 YS2K6X20001843293Volgren C222TXC56FtLVP028304/03
1GGW056 Hedland Bus Lines (South Hedland) (54)
ex-1GGW056 Go West (755)
ex-5TRANSWA ⁄ TRANSWA5 Transwa (05)
6 YS2K6X20001843414Volgren C222TXC56FtLVP028405/03
F05XR Grand Touring (Hobart TAS) (71)
ex-6TRANSWA ⁄ TRANSWA6 Transwa (06)
7 YS2K6X20001843405Volgren C222TXC56FtLVP028505/03
1GDI887 Go West (1397);
ex-7TRANSWA ⁄  TRANSWA7 Transwa (07)
8 YS2K6X20001843420Volgren C222TXC56FtLVP028605/03
TV088A ⁄ TV8878 Federation Tour Coaches (Bellambi NSW)
ex-TV8878 Shellharbour City Tour Coaches (Bellambi NSW) [Green]
ex-5341AO Pegasus Coach Tours (Turrella NSW) [Reyipo] (1005)
ex-5341AO ⁄ TV8568 Pegasus Coach Tours (Riverstone NSW) [Hainsworth]
ex-8TRANSWA ⁄ TRANSWA8 Transwa (08)
9 YS2K6X20001843417Volgren C222TXC56FtLVP028705/03
1GEG884 Thomsons Coachlines (Maddington)
ex-9TRANSWA ⁄ TRANSWA9 Transwa (09)
10 YS2K6X20001843412Volgren C222TXC56FtLVP028805/03
TV8792 Seacliff Coaches (Albion Park NSW) [Dunn]
ex-10TRANSWA Transwa (10)
11 YS2K6X20001843604Volgren C222TXC83FLVP028905/03
TV087A ⁄ TV8791 Federation Tour Coaches (Bellambi NSW)
ex-TV8791 Shellharbour City Tour Coaches (Bellambi NSW) [Green]
ex-11TRANSWA Transwa (11)
12 YS2K6X20001843607Volgren C222TXC56FtLVP029006/03
1GGV943 Love (Bunbury) (dealer)
ex-1GGV943 Hedland Bus Lines (South Hedland)
ex-1GGV943 Go West (752)
ex-12TRANSWA Transwa (12)
14 YS2K6X20001843613Volgren C222TXC56FtLVP029105/03
1GCY077 Thomsons Coachlines (Maddington)
ex-14TRANSWA Transwa (14)
15 YS2K6X20001843712Volgren C222TXC56FtLVP029206/03
CVL2275 Adams Coachlines (C102);
ex-15TRANSWA Transwa (15)
16 YS2K6X20001843610Volgren C222TXC56FtLVP029306/03
XQ54VN ⁄ TV9218 Seacliff Coaches (Albion Park NSW) [Dunn]
ex-16TRANSWA Transwa (16)
17 YS2K6X20001843886Volgren C222TXC56FtLVP029406/03
CVL3333 ⁄ WA314 Warren Bus Service (Manjimup)
ex-17TRANSWA Transwa (17)
18 YS2K6X20001843894Volgren C222TXC83FLVP029506/03
TV089A ⁄ TV9719 Federation Tour Coaches (Bellambi NSW)
ex-TV9719 Shellharbour City Tour Coaches (Bellambi NSW) [Green]
ex-5342AO Pegasus Coach Tours (Turrella NSW) [Reyipo] (1006)
ex-5342AO ⁄ TV8569 Pegasus Coach Tours (Riverstone NSW) [Hainsworth]
ex-18TRANSWA Transwa (18)
19 YS2K6X20001843890Volgren C222TXC56FtLVP029606/03
1GGB636 Love (Bunbury) (dealer)
ex-1GGB636 Hedland Bus Lines (South Hedland) (52)
ex-1GGB636 Go West
ex-19TRANSWA ⁄ 1QBS696 ⁄ 19TRANSWA Transwa (19)
20 YS2K6X20001843898Volgren C222TXC56FtLVP029701/03
DESTROYED ⁄  ? Pegasus Coach Tours (Riverstone NSW);
ex-20TRANSWA Transwa (20)
21 YS2K6X20001843988Volgren C222TXC56FtLVP029801/04
CVL2274 West Coast Bus Charters [GoPartyBus] (WCBC27)
ex-CVL2274 Adams Coachlines (C101)
ex-21TRANSWA Transwa (21)
22 YS2K6X20001843992Volgren C222TXC56FtLVP034403/04
mo4070? Unknown (NT)
ex-CVL3205 Adams Coachlines (C105)
ex-22TRANSWA Transwa (22)
23 YS4K6X20001839098CoachDesign C50Dt26612/01
23TRANSWA Transwa (23);
ex-TC5759 ⁄  4336AO ⁄  WRR109 AAT-Kings (23A)

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