54 records
116 Bedford SB9106CAC 06/52B33F
Nuich (G) (Northam);
ex-WAG8116 ⁄  UAN304 MTT (116);
ex-UAN304 MTT (420);
ex-UAN304 Western Australian Government Tramways [MTT] (30);
ex-UAN176 MTT (116);
ex-UAN176 ⁄  UAN144 ⁄  MH231 ⁄  45632 ⁄  45716 Metro Buses (116)
117 Bedford SB2111CAC 05/52B33F
Seventh Day Adventists (Perth);
ex-UAN307 MTT (117);
ex-UAN307 MTT (421);
ex-UAN307 Western Australian Government Tramways [MTT] (31);
ex-UAN143 MTT (117);
ex-UAN143 ⁄  45717 Metro Buses (117)
118 Bedford SB3425CAC 06/52B33F
WAG9179 Dept of Mental Health;
ex-WAG8118 ⁄  UAN328 MTT (118);
ex-UAN328 MTT (422);
ex-UAN328 Western Australian Government Tramways [MTT] (32);
ex-UAN145 MTT (118);
ex-UAN145 ⁄  45718 Metro Buses (118)
119 Bedford SB3016CAC 05/52B33F
MH819 Tuckeys Bus Service (Mandurah);
ex-UAN324 MTT (119);
ex-UAN324 MTT (423);
ex-UAN324 Western Australian Government Tramways [MTT] (33);
ex-45719 MTT (119);
ex-45719 Metro Buses (119)
120 Bedford SB3022CAC 06/52B33F
Tooth (M) (Esperance);
ex-WAG8120 ⁄  UAN329 MTT (120);
ex-UAN329 MTT (424);
ex-UAN329 Western Australian Government Tramways [MTT] (34);
ex-45720 MTT (120);
ex-45720 Metro Buses (120)
121 Bedford SB3013CAC 06/52B33F
Clampett (P) (Coorow);
ex-UAN325 MTT (121);
ex-UAN325 MTT (425);
ex-UAN325 Western Australian Government Tramways [MTT] (35);
ex-45721 MTT (121);
ex-45721 Metro Buses (121)
122 Bedford SB3216CAC 06/52B33F
Herbert (G M) (Wongan Hills);
ex-WAG8175 MTT (175);
ex-WAG8122 ⁄  UAN306 MTT (122);
ex-UAN306 MTT (426);
ex-UAN306 Western Australian Government Tramways [MTT] (36);
ex-45722 MTT (122);
ex-45722 Metro Buses (122)
123 Bedford SB1762CAC 06/52B33F
John Court Motors (Perth) (dealer);
ex-UQB176 ⁄  WAG8176 MTT (176);
ex-WAG8123 ⁄  UAN305? MTT (123);
ex-UAN305? MTT (427);
ex-UAN305? Western Australian Government Tramways [MTT] (37);
ex-45723 MTT (123);
ex-45723 Metro Buses (123)
131 Bedford SB8638CAC 05/53B33F
Spry (J K) (Toodyay);
ex-WAG8131 ⁄  UAN326 MTT (131);
ex-UAN326 Western Australian Government Tramways (38);
ex-45731 MTT (131);
ex-45731 Metro Buses (131)
132 Bedford SB8641CAC M33-21405/53B33F
UAN515 Rottnest Island Board (16);
ex-UAN331 MTT (132);
ex-UAN331 Western Australian Government Tramways [MTT] (39);
ex-45732 MTT (132);
ex-45732 Metro Buses (132)
133 Bedford SB11079CAC 09/53B33F
Mr Weatherall (Northam);
ex-WAG8133 ⁄  UAN333 MTT (133);
ex-UAN333 Western Australian Government Tramways [MTT] (40);
ex-45733 MTT (133);
ex-45733 Metro Buses (133)
134 Bedford SB11080CAC 09/53B33F
Ciani (D) (Midland);
ex-WAG8134 ⁄  UAN334 MTT (134);
ex-UAN334 Western Australian Government Tramways [MTT] (41);
ex-45734 MTT (134);
ex-45734 Metro Buses (134)
151 Bedford SB9213CAC 06/53B33F
Ayling (S F) (Kalamunda);
ex-WAG8151 ⁄  45751 MTT (151);
ex-45751 Metro Buses (151);
ex-45751 Anglo Iranian Refinery Ltd
152 Bedford SB8645CAC 06/53B33F
Port Hedland Bus Service;
ex-Automotive Investments (Bunbury);
ex-WAG8152 ⁄  UAN308 MTT (152);
ex-UAN308 Western Australian Government Tramways [MTT] (42);
ex-45752 MTT (152);
ex-45752 Metro Buses (152);
ex-45752 Anglo Iranian Refinery Ltd
153 Bedford SB8644CAC 06/53B33F
Hammond (A G) (Collie);
ex-WAG8153 ⁄  UAN313 MTT (153);
ex-UAN313 Western Australian Government Tramways [MTT] (43);
ex-45753 MTT (153);
ex-45753 Metro Buses (153);
ex-45753 Anglo Iranian Refinery Ltd
154 Bedford SB10601CAC 06/53B33F
UAN561 Rottnest Island Board (21);
ex-WAG8154 ⁄  45754 MTT (154);
ex-45754 Metro Buses (154);
ex-45754 Australian Petroleum Refinery Ltd
155 Bedford SB10606CAC M33-223--/53B35F
A3 Loves Bus Service (Albany);
ex-A3 Proudloves Bus Service (Albany);
ex-WAG8155 ⁄  45755 MTT (155);
ex-45755 Metro Buses (155);
ex-45755 Australian Petroleum Refinery Ltd
156 Bedford SB7646CAC 06/53B33F
Barnesby (Denmark);
ex-WAG8156 ⁄  45756 MTT (156);
ex-45756 Metro Buses (156);
ex-45756 Australian Petroleum Refinery Ltd
157 Bedford SB10602CAC 06/53B33F
Private owner (Broomehill) (motorhome);
ex-Goldsworthy Mining Co;
ex-UQB157 ⁄  WAG8157 ⁄  45757 MTT (157);
ex-45757 Metro Buses (157);
ex-45757 Australian Petroleum Refinery Ltd
158 Bedford SB10604CAC 06/53B33F
Education Dept;
ex-WAG8158 ⁄  45758 MTT (158);
ex-45758 Metro Buses (158);
ex-45758 Australian Petroleum Refinery Ltd
159 Bedford SB10603CAC M33-21907/53B33F
XBJ095 Rottnest Island Board (19);
ex-UQB159 ⁄  WAG8159 ⁄  UAN142 MTT (159);
ex-UAN142 ⁄  45759 Metro Buses (159);
ex-45759 Australian Petroleum Refinery Ltd
160 Bedford SB10605CAC 07/53B33F
Dampier Taxi Service [R Good];
ex-UQB160 ⁄  WAG8160 ⁄  45760 MTT (160);
ex-45760 Metro Buses (160);
ex-45760 Australian Petroleum Refinery Ltd
161 Bedford SB10612CAC M33-204--/53B35F
A11 Loves Bus Service (Albany);
ex-A11 Proudloves Bus Service (Albany);
ex-WAG8161 ⁄  45761 MTT (161);
ex-45761 Metro Buses (161);
ex-45761 Australian Petroleum Refinery Ltd
162 Bedford SB9330CAC 07/53B33F
KM23820 Kalamunda Historical Society;
ex-KM23820 Private Owner (Lesmurdie);
ex-Private Owners (Kalamunda);
ex-Narrogin School of Agriculture via Dept of Stores;
ex-WAG8162 ⁄  45762 MTT (162);
ex-45762 Metro Buses (162);
ex-45762 Australian Petroleum Refinery Ltd
163 Bedford SB12903CAC 08/53B33F
PARTS Private Owners (Kalamunda);
ex-Narrogin Technical College;
ex-Transfield (WA);
ex-UQB163 ⁄  WAG8163 ⁄  45763 MTT (163);
ex-45763 Metro Buses (163);
ex-45763 Australian Petroleum Refinery Ltd
164 Bedford SB12904CAC 08/53B33F
Cunderdin Agricultural School via WA Education Dept;
ex-WAG8164 ⁄  45764 MTT (164);
ex-45764 Metro Buses (164);
ex-45764 Australian Petroleum Refinery Ltd
165 Bedford SB12906CAC 08/53B33F
Aylett (W & D) (Innaloo);
ex-UQF916 ⁄  WAG2801 ⁄  WAG8311 ⁄  WAG8165 ⁄  45765 MTT (165);
ex-45765 Metro Buses (165);
ex-45765 Australian Petroleum Refinery Ltd
166 Bedford SB11231CAC M33-26108/53B33F
PARTS Bus Preservation Society of WA (Whiteman Park) (166);
ex-Private Owner (Stoneville);
ex-UGO317 Private Owner (Bentley);
ex-UGO317 Claremont Baptist Church;
ex-WAG8166 ⁄  45766 MTT (166);
ex-45766 Metro Buses (166);
ex-45766 Australian Petroleum Refinery Ltd
167 Bedford SB11225CAC 09/53B33F
Proudloves Bus Service (Albany);
ex-45767 MTT (167);
ex-45767 Metro Buses (167);
ex-45767 Australian Petroleum Refinery Ltd
168 Bedford SBCAC 09/53B33F
Cheyney & Co;
ex-45768 Metro Buses (168);
ex-45768 Australian Petroleum Refinery Ltd
169 Bedford SB11230CAC 10/53B33F
Attwood Motors (Perth) (dealer);
ex-WAG8169 ⁄  45769 MTT (169);
ex-45769 Metro Buses (169);
ex-45769 Australian Petroleum Refinery Ltd
170 Bedford SBCAC 10/53B33F
Cheyney & Co;
ex-45770 Metro Buses (170);
ex-45770 Australian Petroleum Refinery Ltd
171 Bedford SBCAC 11/53B33F
Cheyney & Co;
ex-45771 Metro Buses (171);
ex-45771 Australian Petroleum Refinery Ltd
172 Bedford SBCAC 11/53B33F
Cheyney & Co;
ex-45772 Metro Buses (172);
ex-45772 Australian Petroleum Refinery Ltd
173 Bedford SBCAC 11/53B33F
Cheyney & Co;
ex-45773 Metro Buses (173);
ex-45773 Australian Petroleum Refinery Ltd
174 Bedford SBCAC 12/53B33F
Cheyney & Co;
ex-45774 Metro Buses (174);
ex-45774 Australian Petroleum Refinery Ltd
175 Bedford SBCAC 12/53B33F
Attwood Motors (Perth) (dealer);
ex-45775 Metro Buses (175);
ex-45775 Australian Petroleum Refinery Ltd
176 Bedford SBCAC 01/54B33F
Cheyney & Co;
ex-45776 Metro Buses (176);
ex-45776 Australian Petroleum Refinery Ltd
177 Bedford SBCAC 01/54B33F
Cheyney & Co;
ex-45777 Metro Buses (177);
ex-45777 Australian Petroleum Refinery Ltd
178 Bedford SBCAC 01/54B33F
Cheyney & Co;
ex-45778 Metro Buses (178);
ex-45778 Australian Petroleum Refinery Ltd
179 Bedford SBCAC 01/54B33F
Cheyney & Co;
ex-45779 Metro Buses (179);
ex-45779 Australian Petroleum Refinery Ltd
180 Bedford SBCAC 01/54B33F
Cheyney & Co;
ex-45780 Metro Buses (180);
ex-45780 Australian Petroleum Refinery Ltd
181 Bedford SBCAC 02/54B33F
Cheyney & Co;
ex-45781 Metro Buses (181);
ex-45781 Australian Petroleum Refinery Ltd
182 Bedford SBCAC 02/54B33F
Attwood Motors (Perth) (dealer);
ex-45782 Metro Buses (182);
ex-45782 Australian Petroleum Refinery Ltd
183 Bedford SBCAC 02/54B33F
Attwood Motors (Perth) (dealer);
ex-45783 Metro Buses (183);
ex-45783 Australian Petroleum Refinery Ltd
184 Bedford SBCAC 02/54B33F
Attwood Motors (Perth) (dealer);
ex-45784 Metro Buses (184);
ex-45784 Australian Petroleum Refinery Ltd
185 Bedford SBCAC 03/54B33F
Attwood Motors (Perth) (dealer);
ex-45785 Metro Buses (185);
ex-45785 Australian Petroleum Refinery Ltd
186 Bedford SBCAC 03/54B33F
Cheyney & Co;
ex-45786 Metro Buses (186);
ex-45786 Australian Petroleum Refinery Ltd
187 Bedford SBCAC 03/54B33F
Cheyney & Co;
ex-45787 Metro Buses (187);
ex-45787 Australian Petroleum Refinery Ltd
188 Bedford SBCAC 03/54B33F
Cheyney & Co;
ex-45788 Metro Buses (188);
ex-45788 Australian Petroleum Refinery Ltd
189 Bedford SBCAC 03/54B33F
Cheyney & Co;
ex-45789 Metro Buses (189);
ex-45789 Australian Petroleum Refinery Ltd
190 Bedford SBCAC 04/54B33F
Tourist Omnibus Service;
ex-45790 Metro Buses (190);
ex-45790 Australian Petroleum Refinery Ltd
191 Bedford SBCAC 04/54B33F
Tourist Omnibus Service;
ex-45791 Metro Buses (191);
ex-45791 Australian Petroleum Refinery Ltd
192 Bedford SBCAC 04/54B33F
Tourist Omnibus Service;
ex-45792 Metro Buses (192);
ex-45792 Australian Petroleum Refinery Ltd
Bedford SBCAC
Unknown (Mt Shank SA);
ex-GJC872 Ventura Bus Lines (Box Hill VIC) (23);
ex-Cheyney & Co;
ex-Metropolitan Omnibus Co;
ex-Australian Petroleum Refinery Ltd

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