12 records
10695 InternationalJRhodes nB__F
M Lane;
ex-Metropolitan Omnibus Co;
ex-10695 Armadale Omnibus Co [PFO];
ex-10695 Armadale Omnibus Co [J J Thorpe];
ex-10695 Cannington Bus Service [Charles Grose]
1 Leyland Tiger TS7TCampbell&Mannix 07/36FB36F
Inter Suburban Bus Service;
ex-31915 Metro Buses (15);
ex-31915 ⁄  3533 Metropolitan Omnibus Co (15);
ex-3533 Armadale Omnibus Co [PFO] (1);
ex-3533 Armadale Omnibus Co [J J Thorpe] (1)
2 Leyland Lion LT5ACampbell&Mannix 01/35B34F
3362 Metropolitan Omnibus Co (62);
ex-3362 Armadale Omnibus Co [PFO] (2);
ex-3362 Armadale Omnibus Co [J J Thorpe] (2)
3 Leyland Tiger TS3Campbell&Mannix 07/32B30F
45344 Inter Suburban Bus Service [L Woodland] (4?);
ex-31917 Metro Buses (17);
ex-31917 ⁄  10811 Metropolitan Omnibus Co (17);
ex-10776 Armadale Omnibus Co [PFO] (3);
ex-10776 Armadale Omnibus Co [J J Thorpe] (3)
4 StudebakerUnknownUSA 07/30nB28?F
Unknown (Manjimup);
ex-10546 Metropolitan Omnibus Co (19);
ex-10546 Armadale Omnibus Co [PFO] (4);
ex-10546 Armadale Omnibus Co [J J Thorpe] (4)
5 Studebaker 12/29nB__F
3818 Metropolitan Omnibus Co (18);
ex-3818 Armadale Omnibus Co [J J Thorpe] (5)
6 StudebakerCampbell&Mannix 09/29nB22F
Metropolitan Omnibus Co;
ex-SJ48 Armadale Omnibus Co [PFO] (6);
ex-SJ48 ⁄  SJ3 ⁄  3533 Armadale Omnibus Co [J J Thorpe] (6)
7 White 03/34
3227 Metropolitan Omnibus Co;
ex-3227 Armadale Omnibus Co [PFO] (7);
ex-3227 Armadale Omnibus Co [J J Thorpe] (7);
ex-3227 Cannington Bus Service [Charles Grose]
8 White 613Campbell&Mannix 02/31?nB__F
31908 Metropolitan Omnibus Co (8);
ex-3533 ⁄  3082 Metropolitan Omnibus Co;
ex-3082 Armadale Omnibus Co [PFO] (8);
ex-3082 Armadale Omnibus Co [J J Thorpe] (8);
ex-3082 Cannington Bus Service [Charles Grose]
9 White
31963 ⁄  21240 ⁄  10953 ⁄  21699 Metropolitan Omnibus Co UNCONFIRMED (63);
ex-21699 Armadale Omnibus Co [PFO] (9);
ex-21699 Armadale Omnibus Co [J J Thorpe] (9);
ex-21699 Cannington Bus Service [Charles Grose]
10 REO
H Porter (Fremantle);
ex-Metropolitan Omnibus Co (61);
ex-10866 Armadale Omnibus Co [PFO] (10);
ex-10866 Armadale Omnibus Co [J J Thorpe] (10)
11 REO
Richard Bros;
ex-Metropolitan Omnibus Co (60);
ex-21804 Armadale Omnibus Co [PFO] (11);
ex-21804 Armadale Omnibus Co [J J Thorpe] (11) `Dimboola`

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