Semi‑trailer buses

White WA20
9 records
Make & Model

White WA20Campbell&Mannixprime mover
Western Australian Government Tramways (tow wagon)
ex-3577 Western Australian Government Railways
3 White WA20MBBprime mover
Scarborough Bus Service (3)
4 50 White WA20SBS-Boltonprime mover
Soltoggio Bros (Kardinya) (dealers & wreckers)
ex-MTT (50)
ex-45204 / 21704 Scarborough Bus Service (4)
18 White WA20MBBprime mover
31218 Scarborough Bus Service (18)
19 White WA20SBSprime mover
31219 Scarborough Bus Service (19)
T1 White WA20prime mover
R C Blizard
ex-Metro Buses (T4)
ex-? Metropolitan Omnibus Co (T4)
ex-31973 / 10887 Metropolitan Omnibus Co (T1)
T2 White WA20prime mover
45674 / 31974 Metro Buses (T2)
ex-31974 / 21068 Metropolitan Omnibus Co (T2)
T3 White WA20prime mover
Metropolitan Omnibus Co (T3)
White WA20Campbell&Mannixprime mover
MH214 Metro Buses (114)
ex-MH214 Beam Transport (56)

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