Immigrants - buses that came West

Adelaide - STA / TransAdelaide MAN SL200
22 records

1811 MAN SL200780.0065.0065PMCA 501109/82B45D
PARTS General Busfleet Management / Purple Coaches (Bayswater);
ex-VTO782 Southlink (Adelaide) (2470);
ex-VTO782 Serco (Adelaide) (167);
ex-TA1811 TransAdelaide (1811);
ex-STA811 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1811)
1824 MAN SL200280.0002.0002PMCSA 502412/82B45D
MH599L motorhome
ex-XBF218 Buses R Us (Salisbury North SA) (35)
ex-XBF218 Serco (Adelaide) (829)
ex-VTS756 Serco (Adelaide) (180)
ex-TA1824 TransAdelaide (1824)
ex-STA824 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1824)
1830 MAN SL200280.0008.0008PMCA 503012/82B45D
PARTS General Busfleet Management / Purple Coaches (Bayswater)
ex-WJP879 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (1830)
ex-TA1830 TransAdelaide (1830)
ex-STA830 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1830)
1848 MAN SL200280.0026.0026PMCSA 504802/83B45D
PARTS General Busfleet Management / Purple Coaches (Bayswater)
ex-WJP517 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (1848)
ex-TA1848 TransAdelaide (1848)
ex-STA848 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1848)
1853 MAN SL200280.0031.0031PMCSA 505303/83B45D
1HCF981 / 1EBL002 motorhome
ex-WJP865 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (1853)
ex-TA1853 TransAdelaide (1853)
ex-TA State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1853)
1863 MAN SL200280.0042.0042PMCA 506304/83B45D
PARTS Horizons West
ex-PARTS General Busfleet Management / Purple Coaches (Bayswater)
ex-WJP892 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (1863)
ex-TA1863 TransAdelaide (1863)
ex-STA863 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1863)
1872 MAN SL200280.0049.0049PMCSA 507205/83B45D
ex-CVL2015 / TC7731 unknown
ex-unknown (Osborne Park)
ex-WJP474 Southlink (Adelaide) (2445)
ex-WJP474 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (1872)
ex-TA1872 TransAdelaide (1872)
ex-STA872 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1872)
1874 MAN SL200280.0051.0051PMCSA 507405/83B45D
CVL1458 / 1DIB443 GoPartyBus Gold
ex-1DIB443 Girrawheen Baptist Church
ex-1DIB443 General Busfleet Management / Purple Coaches (Bayswater)
ex-WJP476 CircuitLink Transit Systems (Adelaide)
ex-WJP476 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (1874)
ex-TA1874 TransAdelaide (1874)
ex-STA874 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1874)
1875 MAN SL200280.0053.0053PMCSA 507505/83B53F
CVL2810 Horizons West (Welshpool) (189)
ex-CVL2810 Horizons West (Welshpool) (74)
ex-CVL2810 Horizons West (Welshpool) (37)
ex-TC4546 Horizons West (Welshpool) (27)
ex-WJP477 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (1875)
ex-TA1875 TransAdelaide (1875)
ex-STA875 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1875)
1876 MAN SL200280.0054.0054PMCSA 507605/83B45D
ex-TC6145 General Busfleet Management / Purple Coaches (Bayswater)
ex-WJP478 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (1876)
ex-TA1876 TransAdelaide (1876)
ex-STA876 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1876)
1878 MAN SL200280.0056.0056PMCSA 507806/83B53F
CVL2836 Horizons West (Welshpool) (75)
ex-TC6446 / 1DAU672 Horizons West (Welshpool) (21)
ex-WJP480 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (1878)
ex-TA1878 TransAdelaide (1878)
ex-STA878 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1878)
1879 MAN SL200280.0057.0057PMCSA 507906/83B45D
TC6645 Nightcruiser (Bunbury)
ex-SB14AL Trampline Party Buses (SA)
ex-WJP481 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (1879)
ex-TA1879 TransAdelaide (1879)
ex-STA879 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1879)
1880 MAN SL200280.0058.0058PMCSA 508006/83B53F
PARTS / CVL2812 / TC6595 Horizons West (Welshpool) (39)
ex-SB18AL CircuitLink Transit Systems (Adelaide) (2448)
ex-WJP482 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (1880)
ex-TA1880 TransAdelaide (1880)
ex-STA880 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1880)
1885 MAN SL200280.0063.0063PMCSA 508506/83B45D
1DIB444 non-PSV
ex-1DIB444 General Busfleet Management / Purple Coaches (Bayswater)
ex-SB53BP / WJP486 CircuitLink Transit Systems (Adelaide)
ex-WJP486 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (1885)
ex-TA1885 TransAdelaide (1885)
ex-STA885 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1885)
1886 MAN SL200280.0064.0064PMCSA 508606/83B45D
TC6974 Velvet Lounge
ex-1DHS596 / 1CZK496 General Busfleet Management / Purple Coaches (Bayswater)
ex-Private Owner (SA)
ex-WJP487 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (1886)
ex-TA1886 TransAdelaide (1886)
ex-STA886 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1886)
1887 MAN SL200280.0065.0065PMCSA 508707/83B53F
PARTS / CVL2849 / 1GAR198 / TC3321 Horizons West (Welshpool) (31)
ex-WJP488 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (1887)
ex-TA1887 TransAdelaide (1887)
ex-STA887 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1887)
1889 MAN SL200280.0067.0067PMCA 508907/83B53F
TC4338 Horizons West (68)
ex-WJP490 Southlink (Adelaide) (2441)
ex-WJP490 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (1889)
ex-TA1889 TransAdelaide (1889)
ex-STA889 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1889)
1893 MAN SL200280.0052.0052PMCSA 509308/83B53F
PARTS / CVL2835 / TC4775 Horizons West (Welshpool) (70)
ex-WJP688 Southlink (Adelaide) (2440)
ex-WJP494 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (1893)
ex-TA1893 TransAdelaide (1893)
ex-STA893 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1893)
1907 MAN SL200280.0090.0090PMCSA 510710/83B53F
CVL2833 Horizons West (Welshpool) (88)
ex-CVL2833 / TC4706 Horizons West (Welshpool) (67)
ex-WJP547 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (907)
ex-WJP547 Serco (Adelaide) (907)
ex-TA1907 TransAdelaide (1907)
ex-STA907 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1907)
1911 MAN SL200280.0094.0094PMCSA 511111/83B53F
TC2685 Horizons West (Welshpool) (29)
ex-WJP551 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (133)
ex-WJP551 Serco (Adelaide) (133)
ex-WJP551 Serco (Adelaide) (911)
ex-TA1911 TransAdelaide (1911)
ex-STA911 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1911)
1913 MAN SL200280.0096.0096PMCSA 511311/83B53F
1EOR365 Horizons West (Welshpool) (68)
ex-1EOR365 / TC4456 Horizons West (Welshpool) (65)
ex-WJP494 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (135)
ex-WJP494 Serco (Adelaide) (135)
ex-WJP494 Serco (Adelaide) (913)
ex-TA1913 TransAdelaide (1913)
ex-STA913 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1913)
1920 MAN SL200280.0103.0103PMCSA 512012/83B53F
CVL2834 / TC4654 Horizons West (Welshpool) (69)
ex-WJP499 Southlink (Adelaide) (2461)
ex-WJP499 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (142)
ex-WJP499 Serco (Adelaide) (142)
ex-WJP499 Serco (Adelaide) (920)
ex-TA1920 TransAdelaide (1920)
ex-STA920 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1920)

ex-State Transport Authority (Adelaide)

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