Immigrants - buses that came West

Adelaide - STA / TransAdelaide Mercedes Benz O305
13 records

1515 Mercedes-Benz O305307-001-61-040686PMCSA 531412/84B45D
1DGR102 motorhome
ex-SB80AJ / WJI615 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (515)
ex-WJI615 Serco (Adelaide) (515)
ex-TA1515 TransAdelaide (1515)
ex-STA515 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1515)
1519 Mercedes-Benz O305307-001-61-040709PMCSA 531802/85B53F
1ESB211 Horizons West [WABC] (196)
ex-1ESB211 Horizons West [Balla] (196)
ex-1ESB211 Horizons West [Balla] (31)
ex-1ESB211 Horizons West [Balla] (34)
ex-WJI619 Southlink (Adelaide) (R519)
ex-WJI619 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (519)
ex-WJI619 Serco (Adelaide) (519)
ex-TA1519 TransAdelaide (1519)
ex-STA519 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1519)
1522 Mercedes-Benz O305307-001-61-040744PMCSA 532102/85B53F
1EFY451 Horizons West [Balla] (73)
ex-1EFY451 Horizons West [Balla] (28)
ex-WJI622 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (1522)
ex-WJI622 Serco (Adelaide) (522)
ex-TA1522 TransAdelaide (1522)
ex-STA522 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1522)
1523 Mercedes-Benz O305307-001-61-040745PMCSA 532202/85B53F
1EFY088 Horizons West [Balla] (190)
ex-1EFY088 Horizons West [Balla] (71)
ex-WJI623 Southlink (Adelaide) (R523)
ex-WJI623 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (523)
ex-WJI623 Serco (Adelaide) (523)
ex-TA1523 TransAdelaide (1523)
ex-STA523 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1523)
1524 Mercedes-Benz O305307-001-61-040763PMCSA 532302/85B53F
1GVJ415 / CVL2837 Horizons West [Balla] (199)
ex-CVL2837 Horizons West [Balla] (76)
ex-TC4541 Horizons West [Balla] (63)
ex-WJI624 Southlink (Adelaide) (R524)
ex-WJI624 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (524)
ex-WJI624 Serco (Adelaide) (524)
ex-TA1524 TransAdelaide (1524)
ex-STA524 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1524)
1526 Mercedes-Benz O305307-001-61-040781PMCSA 532502/85B45D
1GVJ419 Horizons West [WABC] (191)
ex-1GVJ419 / CVL2811 Horizons West [Balla] (191)
ex-CVL2811 Horizons West [Balla] (72)
ex-CVL2811 / TC3708 Horizons West [Balla] (38)
ex-WJI626 Southlink (Adelaide) (R526)
ex-WJI626 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (526)
ex-WJI626 Serco (Adelaide) (526)
ex-TA1526 TransAdelaide (1526)
ex-STA526 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1526)
1528 Mercedes-Benz O305307-001-61-040799PMCSA 532703/85B45D
1GEM074 Non-PSV (Albany)
ex-WJI628 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (528)
ex-WJI628 Serco (Adelaide) (528)
ex-TA1528 TransAdelaide (1528)
ex-STA528 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1528)
1530 Mercedes-Benz O305307-001-61-041160PMCSA 532903/85B53F
1GBN688 Horizons West [WABC] (193)
ex-1GBN688 Horizons West [Balla] (193)
ex-1GBN688 Horizons West [Balla] (77)
ex-WJI650 Southlink (Adelaide) (R530)
ex-WJI650 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (530)
ex-WJI650 Serco (Adelaide) (530)
ex-TA1530 TransAdelaide (1530)
ex-STA530 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1530)
1531 Mercedes-Benz O305307-001-61-041176PMCA 533004/85B53F
1ESB217 Horizons West [Balla] (86)
ex-1ESB217 Horizons West [Balla] (32)
ex-WJI651 Southlink (Adelaide) (R531)
ex-WJI651 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (531)
ex-WJI651 Serco (Adelaide) (531)
ex-TA1531 TransAdelaide (1531)
ex-STA531 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1531)
1532 Mercedes-Benz O305WDB30700121041177PMCA 533105/85B45D
ex-(not operated) Horizons West
ex-WJI652 Southlink (Adelaide) (R532)
ex-WJI652 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (532)
ex-WJI652 Serco (Adelaide) (532)
ex-TA1532 TransAdelaide (1532)
ex-STA532 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1532)
1533 Mercedes-Benz O305307-001-61-041192PMCSA 533204/85B53F
1EHK301 Horizons West [Balla] (192)
ex-1EHK301 Horizons West [Balla] (76)
ex-1EHK301 Horizons West [Balla] (33)
ex-1EHK301 Horizons West [Balla] (35)
ex-1EHK301 Horizons West [Balla] (17)
ex-WJI653 Southlink (Adelaide) (R533)
ex-WJI653 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (533)
ex-WJI653 Serco (Adelaide) (533)
ex-TA1533 TransAdelaide (1533)
ex-STA533 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1533)
1535 Mercedes-Benz O305307-001-61-041209PMCSA 533404/85B50F
1GBM945 Horizons West [WABC] (194)
ex-1GBM945 Horizons West [Balla] (194)
ex-1GBM945 Horizons West [Balla] (78)
ex-WJI655 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (535)
ex-WJI655 Serco (Adelaide) (535)
ex-TA1535 TransAdelaide (1535)
ex-STA535 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1535)
1538 Mercedes-Benz O305307-001-61-041312PMCSA 533704/85B53F
1GVJ414 Horizons West [WABC] (195)
ex-1GVJ414 / CVL2832 Horizons West [Balla] (195)
ex-CVL2832 Horizons West [Balla] (87)
ex-CVL2832 / TC6183 Horizons West [Balla] (66)
ex-WJI658 Southlink (Adelaide) (R538)
ex-WJI658 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (538)
ex-WJI658 Serco (Adelaide) (538)
ex-TA1538 TransAdelaide (1538)
ex-STA538 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1538)

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