Immigrants - buses that came West

Adelaide - STA / TransAdelaide Mercedes Benz O305G
14 records

1549 Mercedes-Benz O305G307-101-61-041380PMCSA 534410/85AB66T
STA549 preserved (1549)
ex-WJI666 Southlink (Adelaide) (R549)
ex-WJI666 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (549)
ex-WJI666 Serco (Adelaide) (549)
ex-TA1549 TransAdelaide (1549)
ex-STA549 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1549)
1552 Mercedes-Benz O305G307-101-61-041730PMCA Commuter534706/85AB__F
1GVJ436 Horizons West [WABC] (6)
ex-1GVJ436 / CVL2801 / TC4456 Horizons West [Balla] (6)
ex-WJI669 Southlink (Adelaide) (R552)
ex-WJI669 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (552)
ex-WJI669 Serco (Adelaide) (552)
ex-TA1552 TransAdelaide (1552)
ex-STA552 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1552)
1554 Mercedes-Benz O305G307-101-61-041755PMCSA 534910/85AB66T
Private Owner
ex-CVL1293 / TC7732 Buswest
ex-(not operated) Horizons West [Balla]
ex-WJI681 Southlink (Adelaide) (R554)
ex-WJI681 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (554)
ex-WJI681 Serco (Adelaide) (554)
ex-TA1554 TransAdelaide (1554)
ex-STA554 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1554)
1558 Mercedes-Benz O305G307-101-61-042264PMCSA 535310/85AB__F
1ETT552 Horizons West [WABC] (2)
ex-1ETT552 Horizons West [Balla] (2)
ex-WJI685 Southlink (Adelaide) (R558)
ex-WJI685 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (558)
ex-WJI685 Serco (Adelaide) (558)
ex-TA1558 TransAdelaide (1558)
ex-STA558 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1558)
1559 Mercedes-Benz O305G307-101-61-042306PMCSA 535410/85AB__F
1HMA575 Horizons West [WABC] (5)
ex-1HMA575 / CVL2800 / TC2879 Horizons West [Balla] (5)
ex-WJI686 Southlink (Adelaide) (R559)
ex-WJI686 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (559)
ex-WJI686 Serco (Adelaide) (559)
ex-TA1559 TransAdelaide (1559)
ex-STA559 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1559)
1560 Mercedes-Benz O305G307-101-61-042390PMCSA Commuter535510/85AB__F
1HXL476 Horizons West [WABC] (216)
ex-1GVJ442 / CVL2446 Horizons West [Balla] (216)
ex-CVL2446 / TC6584 / 1EUH056 Westwide Charter
ex-WJI687 Southlink (Adelaide) (R560)
ex-WJI687 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (560)
ex-WJI687 Serco (Adelaide) (560)
ex-TA1560 TransAdelaide (1560)
ex-STA560 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1560)
1561 Mercedes-Benz O305G307-101-61-042432PMCSA 535611/85AB66T
Private Owner
ex-CVL1276 / TC7736 Buswest
ex-(not operated) Horizons West (Welshpool)
ex-WJI688 Southlink (Adelaide) (R561)
ex-WJI688 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (561)
ex-WJI688 Serco (Adelaide) (561)
ex-TA1561 TransAdelaide (1561)
ex-STA561 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1561)
1564 Mercedes-Benz O305G307101 61 042557PMCSA 535906/85AB__F
Horizons West [WABC] (3)
ex-1EIE003 Horizons West [Balla] (3)
ex-WJI691 Southlink (Adelaide) (R564)
ex-WJI691 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (564)
ex-WJI691 Serco (Adelaide) (564)
ex-TA1564 TransAdelaide (1564)
ex-STA564 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1564)
1566 Mercedes-Benz O305G307-101-61-042616PMCSA 536111/85AB__F
1GTR207 Horizons West [WABC] (7)
ex-1GTR207 Horizons West [Balla] (7)
ex-WJI693 Southlink (Adelaide) (R566)
ex-WJI693 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (566)
ex-WJI693 Serco (Adelaide) (566)
ex-TA1566 TransAdelaide (1566)
ex-STA566 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1566)
1571 Mercedes-Benz O305G307-101-61-042807PMCSA 536611/85AB66T
Horizons West [WABC] (218)
ex-1GKS785 Horizons West [Balla] (218)
ex-1GKS785 Westwide Charter (M4)
ex-WJM723 Southlink (Adelaide) (R571)
ex-WJM723 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (571)
ex-WJM723 Serco (Adelaide) (571)
ex-TA1571 TransAdelaide (1571)
ex-STA571 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1571)
1572 Mercedes-Benz O305G307-101-61-042850PMCSA 536712/85AB83F
1EJM604 Horizons West [WABC] (4)
ex-1EJM604 Horizons West [Balla] (4)
ex-WJI698 Southlink (Adelaide) (R572)
ex-WJI698 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (572)
ex-WJI698 Serco (Adelaide) (572)
ex-TA1572 TransAdelaide (1572)
ex-STA572 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1572)
1573 Mercedes-Benz O305G307-101-61-042893PMCSA 536812/85AB__F
CVL2430 Horizons West [Balla] (217)
ex-CVL2430 Westwide Charter (M3)
ex-WJI699 Southlink (Adelaide) (R573)
ex-WJI699 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (573)
ex-WJI699 Serco (Adelaide) (573)
ex-TA1573 TransAdelaide (1573)
ex-STA573 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1573)
1578 Mercedes-Benz O305G307-101-61-042176PMCSA 537312/85AB66T
CVL2399 / TC7258 Perth Bus [A Chalkley]
ex-WJM705 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (578)
ex-WJM705 Serco (Adelaide) (578)
ex-TA1578 TransAdelaide (1578)
ex-STA578 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1578)
1588 Mercedes-Benz O305G307-101-61-043441PMCSA 538302/86AB__F
1GLV542 Horizons West [WABC] (1)
ex-1GLV542 Horizons West [Balla] (1)
ex-WJM715 Southlink (Adelaide) (R588)
ex-WJM715 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (588)
ex-WJM715 Serco (Adelaide) (588)
ex-TA1588 TransAdelaide (1588)
ex-STA588 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1588)

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