Immigrants - buses that came West

Adelaide - STA / TransAdelaide Volvo B58 & B10M
67 records
1352 Volvo B58H-530015563PMCSA 580212/80AB71D
West Coast Bus Charters [GoPartyBus]
ex-Bus Training Australia
ex-1GJG878 Shalom House
ex-1GJG878 / 1DPO078 / FO6447 Purple Coaches
ex-FO6447 Wisbys (Margate TAS)
ex-WPL043 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (1352)
ex-WJP535 Serco (Adelaide) (2321)
ex-WJP535 Southlink (Adelaide) (2321)
ex-WJP535 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (1352)
ex-TA1352 TransAdelaide (1352)
ex-STA352 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1352)
1353 Volvo B58H-530015564PMCSA 580312/80AB71D
preserved (SA)
ex-1HFN747 Perth Bus Hub
ex-1EQN173 Purple Coaches [Comfort Delgro Swan] (P11)
ex-1EQN173 General Busfleet Mangement / Purple Coaches (Bayswater)
ex-FM0706 Wisbys (Margate TAS)
ex-WJP586 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (1353)
ex-WJP586 Transit Plus (Adelaide) (1353)
ex-WJP586 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (1353)
ex-TA1353 TransAdelaide (1353)
ex-STA353 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1353)
1358 Volvo B58H-530015569PMCSA 580812/80AB71D
1HLX265 Private Owner
ex-1HLX265 / AK473 Buswest
ex-AK473 Van Kuyls Bus & Coach Charters (Kelmscott) [B L & K L Van Kuyl] (50)
ex-WJP666 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (934)
ex-WJP666 Serco (Adelaide) (934)
ex-TA1358 TransAdelaide (1358)
ex-STA358 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1358)
1363 Volvo B58H-530015574PMCSA 581303/81AB71FR
CVL1278 / TC5379 Buswest
ex-TC5379 ANA Bus Charters
ex-WJP538 Serco (Adelaide) (939)
ex-TA1363 TransAdelaide (1363)
ex-STA363 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1363)
1364 Volvo B58H-530015575PMCSA 581403/81AB71D
Private Owner (Popanyinning) (static accommodation)
ex-(not operated) General Busfleet Mangement / Purple Coaches (Bayswater)
ex-TC6021 Pats Bus Charters (Girrawheen)
ex-WJP670 Serco (Adelaide) (940)
ex-TA1364 TransAdelaide (1364)
ex-STA364 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1364)
1368 Volvo B58H-530015579PMCSA 581803/81AB73FR
CVL2435 / TC5395 Westwide Charter (VL4)
ex-TC5395 Mindarie Bus Charter (Quinns Rock)
ex-TC5395 Adams Coachlines (Redcliffe) (B18)
ex-TC5395 Redlion Bus & Coach (V52)
ex-WJP456 Southlink (Adelaide) (2302)
ex-TA1368 TransAdelaide (1368)
ex-STA368 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1368)
1369 Volvo B58H-530015718PMCSA 581903/81AB71FR
1HJC474 Private Owner (Bayswater)
ex-1HJC474 X-Factor Coachlines [MacNish]
ex-1HJC474 Horizons West [WABC] (?)
ex-1HJC474 Horizons West [Balla] (?)
ex-CVL2434 Horizons West [Balla] (221)
ex-CVL2434 / TC4683 Westwide Charter (VL3)
ex-TC4683 Mindarie Bus Charter (Quinns Rock) Betty Mabel
ex-TC4683 Redlion Bus & Coach (V54)
ex-WJP457 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (1369)
ex-WJP457 Southlink (Adelaide) (2303)
ex-TA1369 TransAdelaide (1369)
ex-STA369 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1369)
1371 Volvo B58H-530015720PMCSA 582104/81AB71FR
PARTS Westwide Charter
ex-TC7027 / TC5624 PerthBus [A Chalkley]
ex-WJP459 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (1371)
ex-WJP459 Southlink (Adelaide) (2305)
ex-TA1371 TransAdelaide (1371)
ex-STA371 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1371)
ex-996OXI Brisbane City Council (996)
ex-STA371 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1371)
1372 Volvo B58H-530015721PMCSA 582204/81AB71D
General Busfleet Management / Purple Coaches (Bayswater) [MacNish]
ex-TV5760 Sid Foggs Coachlines (Fullarton Cove NSW)
ex-m/o7677 Hawkesfords Pleasure Charter Buses (Enfield NSW) (95)
ex-WJP460 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (1372)
ex-WJP460 Southlink (Adelaide) (2306)
ex-TA1372 TransAdelaide (1372)
ex-STA372 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1372)
1374 Volvo B58H-530015723PMCSA 582404/81AB77F
PARTS Westwide Charter
ex-TC6573 Horizons West (BB1)
ex-TC6573 Adams Coachlines (Redcliffe) (BB1)
ex-TV5051 / TV4965 Cumberland Coachlines (St Marys NSW) (12)
ex-WJP462 Southlink (Adelaide) (2308)
ex-TA1374 TransAdelaide (1374)
ex-STA374 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1374)
1375 Volvo B58H-530015724PMCSA 582504/81AB71FR
CVL1353 / TC5506 Buswest
ex-WJP463 Southlink (Adelaide) (2309)
ex-TA1375 TransAdelaide (1375)
ex-STA375 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1375)
1378 Volvo B58H-530015727PMCSA 582805/81AB71D
1HCJ189 Send It Party Buses
ex-1HCJ189 The Transporter
ex-CVL2576 Purple Coaches [Comfort Delgro Swan] (P13)
ex-CVL2576 / TC5576 General Busfleet Mangement / Purple Coaches (Bayswater) [MacNish]
ex-WJP464 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (1378)
ex-WJP464 Southlink (Adelaide) (2310)
ex-TA1378 TransAdelaide (1378)
ex-STA378 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1378)
1379 Volvo B58H-530015728PMCSA 582905/81AB71D
CVL2575 Purple Coaches [Comfort Delgro Swan] (P12);
ex-CVL2575 / TC5575 General Busfleet Mangement / Purple Coaches (Bayswater);
ex-WJP673 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (943);
ex-WJP673 Serco (Adelaide) (943);
ex-TA1379 TransAdelaide (1379);
ex-STA379 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1379)
1380 Volvo B58H-530015729PMCSA 583005/81AB71FR
CVL1270 / TC5505 Buswest
ex-WJP465 Southlink (Adelaide) (2311)
ex-TA1380 TransAdelaide (1380)
ex-STA380 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1380)
1381 Volvo B58H-530015730PMCSA 583105/81AB71D
CVL4634 / CVL1296 / TC7291 / AK210 Buswest
ex-AK210 Van Kuyls Bus & Coach Charters (Kelmscott) [B L & K L Van Kuyl] (49)
ex-WJP674 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (944)
ex-WJP674 Serco (Adelaide) (944)
ex-TA1381 TransAdelaide (1381)
ex-STA381 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1381)
1383 Volvo B58H-530015732PMCSA 583306/81AB77F
PARTS / TC6584 Westwide Charter (VL5)
ex-TC6584 Horizons West (Welshpool) (BB2)
ex-TC6584 Adams Coachlines (Redcliffe) (BB2)
ex-TV5050 Cumberland Coachlines (St Marys NSW) (13)
ex-WJP467 Southlink (Adelaide) (2313)
ex-TA1383 TransAdelaide (1383)
ex-STA383 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1383)
1385 Volvo B58H-530015734PMCSA 583506/81AB71D
AK15142 Buswest
ex-AK15142 Van Kuyls Bus & Coach Charters (Kelmscott) [B L & K L Van Kuyl] (54)
ex-WJP469 Southlink (Adelaide) (2315)
ex-TA1385 TransAdelaide (1385)
ex-STA385 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1385)
1386 Volvo B10M1446PMCSA 583607/81AB71D
X-Factor Coachlines [MacNish]
ex-TC5579 General Busfleet Management / Purple Coaches (Bayswater)
ex-WJP400 Southlink (Adelaide) (2316)
ex-TA1386 TransAdelaide (1386)
ex-STA386 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1386)
1389 Volvo B10M1449PMCSA 583909/81AB71FR
CVL1269 / TC5380 Buswest
ex-TC5380 ANA Bus Charters
ex-WJP403 Southlink (Adelaide) (2319)
ex-TA1389 TransAdelaide (1389)
ex-STA389 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1389)
1390 Volvo B10M1450PMCSA 584009/81AB71FR
CVL1268 / TC5378 Buswest
ex-TC5378 ANA Bus Charters
ex-WJP404 Southlink (Adelaide) (2320)
ex-TA1390 TransAdelaide (1390)
ex-STA390 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1390)
1401 Volvo B58H-05 530015019PMCSA 570107/80B43F
PARTS / TC5164 Buswest
ex-TC5164 Kalamunda Bus Service [ATG] (64)
ex-VTI900 Transit Plus (Adelaide) (1401)
ex-TA1401 TransAdelaide (1401)
ex-STA401 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1401)
1402 Volvo B58-05 530013979PMCSA 5702-/80C39F
E23107 Wongutha Christian Aboriginal Parent-Directed School (Gibson)
ex-TC5036 Redlion Bus & Coach (V43)
ex-VTI901 Transit Plus (Adelaide) (1402)
ex-VTI901 Hills Transit (Adelaide) (1402)
ex-TA1402 TransAdelaide (1402)
ex-STA402 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1402)
1403 Volvo B58-05 530015020PMCSA 570310/80B43F
Private Owner PRESERVED;
ex-TC5085 Midland Bus Co (Bellevue) (63);
ex-unknown (Esperance) UNCONFIRMED;
ex-VTI902 Serco (Adelaide);
ex-VTI902 Southlink (Adelaide) (2445);
ex-VTI902 Transit Plus (Adelaide) (1403);
ex-VTI902 Hills Transit (Adelaide) (1403);
ex-TA1403 TransAdelaide (1403);
ex-STA403 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1403)
1404 Volvo B58H-05 530015021PMCSA 570410/80B43F
TC5163 Buswest
ex-TC5163 Kalamunda Bus Service [ATG] (63)
ex-VTI903 Transit Plus (Adelaide) (1404)
ex-VTI903 Hills Transit (Adelaide) (1404)
ex-TA1404 TransAdelaide (1404)
ex-STA404 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1404)
1406 Volvo B58H-05 530015023PMCSA 570610/80B43F
TC5165 Buswest
ex-TC5165 Kalamunda Bus Service [ATG] (65)
ex-VTI905 Serco (Adelaide) (1406)
ex-VTI905 Transit Plus (Adelaide) (1406)
ex-VTI905 SouthLink (Adelaide) (2444)
ex-VTI905 Transit Plus (Adelaide) (1406)
ex-VTI905 Hills Transit (Adelaide) (1406)
ex-TA1406 TransAdelaide (1406)
ex-STA406 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1406)
1407 Volvo B58-05 530015024PMCSA 570710/80C39F
TC5092 Redlion Bus & Coach (V45)
ex-VTI906 Transit Plus (Adelaide) (1407)
ex-VTI906 Hills Transit (Adelaide) (1407)
ex-TA1407 TransAdelaide (1407)
ex-STA407 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1407)
1408 Volvo B58H-05 530015025PMCSA 570810/80B49F
1GPH116 Non-PSV (Carlisle)
ex-CVL1302 / TC5161 Buswest
ex-TC5161 Kalamunda Bus Service [ATG] (61)
ex-(not operated) Pinjarra Engineering
ex-VTI907 Transit Plus (Adelaide) (1408)
ex-TA1408 TransAdelaide (1408)
ex-STA408 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1408)
1409 Volvo B58H-05 530015026PMCSA 570910/80B43F
TC5162 Buswest
ex-TC5162 Kalamunda Bus Service [ATG]
ex-VTI908 Transit Plus (Adelaide) (1409)
ex-VTI908 Hills Transit (Adelaide) (1409)
ex-TA1409 TransAdelaide (1409)
ex-STA409 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1409)
1410 Volvo B58-05 530015027PMCSA 571010/80B43F
1GIL705 Private Owner (Kenwick)
ex-TC5065 Nicholls Bus & Coach Service (Narrogin) [R W Nicholls] (40)
ex-VTI909 Transit Plus (Adelaide) (1410)
ex-VTI909 Hills Transit (Adelaide) (1410)
ex-TA1410 TransAdelaide (1410)
ex-STA410 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1410)
1411 Volvo B58-05 530015028PMCSA 571110/80B43F
ex-CVL1243 X-Factor Coachlines [MacNish]
ex-CVL1243 / TC4537 Purple Coaches (Bayswater)
ex-VTI910 Transit Plus (Adelaide) (1411)
ex-VTI910 Hills Transit (Adelaide) (1411)
ex-TA1411 TransAdelaide (1411)
ex-STA411 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1411)
1412 Volvo B58-05 530015029PMCSA 571211/80B43F
TC5066 Nicholls Bus & Coach Service (Narrogin) [R W Nicholls] (41)
ex-VTI911 Transit Plus (Adelaide) (1412)
ex-VTI911 Hills Transit (Adelaide) (1412)
ex-TA1412 TransAdelaide (1412)
ex-STA412 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1412)
1413 Volvo B58H-05 530015030PMCSA 571311/80B43F
ex-TC5038 General Busfleet Management / Purple Coaches (Bayswater)
ex-VTI912 Transit Plus (Adelaide) (1413)
ex-VTI912 Hills Transit (Adelaide) (1413)
ex-TA1413 TransAdelaide (1413)
ex-STA413 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1413)
1414 Volvo B58H-05 530015031?PMCSA 5714?11/80B43F
TC5062 Westwide Charter
ex-Pinjarra Engineering
ex-VTI913 Transit Plus (Adelaide) (1414)
ex-VTI913 Hills Transit (Adelaide) (1414)
ex-TA1414 TransAdelaide (1414)
ex-STA414 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1414)
1417 Volvo B58H-05 530015034PMCSA 571711/80B43F
1BNJ316 motorhome
ex-1BNJ316 Perth College (Mt Lawley) (V2)
ex-VTI916 Transit Plus (Adelaide) (1417)
ex-VTI916 Hills Transit (Adelaide) (1417)
ex-TA1417 TransAdelaide (1417)
ex-STA417 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1417)
1436 Volvo B10M-56001471PMCSA 564608/81B45D
General Busfleet Mangement / Purple Coaches (Bayswater)
ex-3513MO / MO6182 Cowra Bus Service (Cowra NSW)
ex-MO6182 Bathurst Coaches
ex-WJP440 Southlink (Adelaide) (2401)
ex-TA1436 TransAdelaide (1436)
ex-STA436 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1436)
1438 Volvo B10M-56001473PMCSA 564810/81B45D
ex-3510MO / MO6434 / ZIR151 Cowra Bus Service (Cowra NSW)
ex-ZIR151 Bathurst Coaches (Bathurst NSW)
ex-WJP442 Southlink (Adelaide) (2403)
ex-TA1438 TransAdelaide (1438)
ex-STA438 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1438)
1441 Volvo B10M-56001476PMCSA 565110/81B45D
TC5159 Buswest
ex-TC5159 Nightcruiser [Adams] (B15)
ex-TC5159 Nightcruiser [R Ott] (59)
ex-WJP445 Southlink (Adelaide) (2406)
ex-TA1441 TransAdelaide (1441)
ex-STA441 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1441)
1442 Volvo B10M-56001477PMCSA 565210/81B53F
KBC276T / 1GQM672 motorhome
ex-CVL1266 / TC5044 Buswest
ex-TC5044 Redlion Bus & Coach (V44)
ex-WJP466 Southlink (Adelaide) (2407)
ex-TA1442 TransAdelaide (1442)
ex-STA442 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1442)
1446 Volvo B10M-56001481PMCSA 565611/81B45D
TC5160 Buswest
ex-TC5160 Kalamunda Bus Service [ATG]
ex-WJP450 SouthLink (Adelaide) (2411)
ex-TA1446 TransAdelaide (1446)
ex-STA446 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1446)
1448 Volvo B10M-56001483PMCSA 565811/81B50F
NGN11511 Bus Charters & Tours (Perth) (B5)
ex-NGN11511 / NGN003 Nicholls Bus & Coach Service (Narrogin) [R W Nicholls] (42)
ex-WJP452 SouthLink (Adelaide) (2413)
ex-TA1448 TransAdelaide (1448)
ex-STA448 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1448)
1449 Volvo B10M-56001484PMCSA 565911/81B45D
1BYT421 motorhome
ex-1BYT421 St Brigids Catholic College (Collie)
ex-WJP453 Southlink (Adelaide) (2414)
ex-TA1449 TransAdelaide (1449)
ex-STA449 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1449)
1450 Volvo B10M-56001485PMCSA 566011/81B53F
ex-1DTB510 General Busfleet Management / Purple Coaches (Bayswater)
ex-XAJ606 CircuitLink Transit Systems (Adelaide)
ex-XAJ606 Murray Bridge Passenger Service (Murray Bridge SA)
ex-WJP454 Southlink (Adelaide) (2415)
ex-TA1450 TransAdelaide (1450)
ex-STA450 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1450)
1451 Volvo B58H-05 560012611PMCSA 560104/80B49F
AU33006 motorhome
ex-TC4964 unknown
ex-TC4964 DJs Charter Bus (Bellevue)
ex-WJP405 Serco (Adelaide) (2416)
ex-WJP405 Southlink (Adelaide) (2416)
ex-TA1451 TransAdelaide (1451)
ex-STA451 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1451)
1460 Volvo B58H-05 560014232PMCSA 561006/80B45D
BUSLFE motorhome Alphabet Bus
ex-1BIF997 motorhome
ex-WJP414 Southlink (Adelaide) (2425)
ex-TA1460 TransAdelaide (1460)
ex-STA460 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1460)
1461 Volvo B58H-05 560014478PMCSA 561107/80B45D
DESTROYED / TC5326 Dingo Bus Charter (Midvale) Sue
ex-TC5326 Bellevue Bus Lines [H Carrington]
ex-WJP415 Southlink (Adelaide) (2426)
ex-TA1461 TransAdelaide (1461)
ex-STA461 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1461)
1463 Volvo B58H-05 560014480PMCSA 561307/80B45D
TC3996 Midland Bus Co (Bellevue)
ex-TC3996 City Maxis (Como)
ex-Nicholls Bus & Coach Service (Narrogin) [R W Nicholls]
ex-WJP417 Southlink (Adelaide) (2428)
ex-TA1463 TransAdelaide (1463)
ex-STA463 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1463)
1467 Volvo B58H-05 560014484PMCSA 561708/80B45D
Private Owner
ex-CVL3364 Midland Bus Co (Bellevue) (72)
ex-TC5202 Balcatta Bus
ex-TC5202 CityBus (Joondanna) [A J Chalkley]
ex-TC5202 / WYZ903 Horizons West
ex-WYZ903 Cuttlefish Capital Tours (Whyalla SA) (1)
ex-WJP421 SouthLink (Adelaide) (2432)
ex-TA1467 TransAdelaide (1467)
ex-STA467 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1467)
1468 Volvo B58H-05 560014485PMCSA 56188/80B49F
motorhome `Tinkerbell`;
ex-1GKM282 Private Owner;
ex-CVL1303 / TC5267 Buswest;
ex-TC5267 Kalamunda Bus Service [ATG];
ex-WJP422 Serco (Adelaide) (212);
ex-WJP422 SouthLink (Adelaide) (2433);
ex-TA1468 TransAdelaide (1468);
ex-STA468 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1468)
1469 Volvo B58H-05 560014486PMCSA 561908/80B49F
CVL1267 / TC5268 Buswest
ex-TC5268 Kalamunda Bus Service
ex-WJP423 Serco (Adelaide) (213)
ex-WJP423 SouthLink (Adelaide) (2434)
ex-TA1469 TransAdelaide (1469)
ex-STA469 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1469)
1470 Volvo B58H-05 560014487PMCSA 562008/80B45D
TC4687 Dingo Bus Charter (Midvale) `Polly`
ex-TC4687 Carringtons / Bellevue Bus Lines
ex-WJP424 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (1470)
ex-WJP424 Southlink (Adelaide) (2345)
ex-TA1470 TransAdelaide (1470)
ex-STA470 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1470)
1471 Volvo B58H-05 560014660PMCSA 562108/80B45D
1EGT918 motorhome
ex-1CWD046 General Busfleet Management / Purple Coaches (Bayswater)
ex-XAJ863 Buses R Us (Salisbury North SA) (33)
ex-XAJ863 Cuttlefish Capital Tours (Whyalla SA) (2)
ex-WJP425 Serco (Adelaide) (211)
ex-WJP425 Serco (Adelaide) (471)
ex-WJP425 Southlink (Adelaide) (2346)
ex-TA1471 TransAdelaide (1471)
ex-STA471 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1471)
1472 Volvo B58H-05 560014661PMCSA 562208/80B45D
1CWD047 General Busfleet Management / Purple Coaches (Bayswater)
ex-XCJ603 Buses R Us (Salisbury North SA) (31)
ex-(not operated) Murray Bridge Passenger Service (Murray Bridge SA)
ex-WJP426 Southlink (Adelaide) (2347)
ex-TA1472 TransAdelaide (1472)
ex-STA472 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1472)
1473 Volvo B58H-05 560014662PMCSA 562308/80B51F
9CP129 / NGN771 Nicholls Bus & Coach Service (Narrogin) [R W Nicholls]
ex-WJP427 Southlink (Adelaide) (2438)
ex-TA1473 TransAdelaide (1473)
ex-STA473 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1473)
1474 Volvo B58H-05 560014663PMCSA 562408/80B45D
TC5108 / TC5058 Buswest
ex-TC5058 Nightcruiser [Adams] (B14)
ex-TC5058 Nightcruiser [R Ott] (58)
ex-WJP428 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (1474)
ex-WJP428 Southlink (Adelaide) (2439)
ex-TA1474 TransAdelaide (1474)
ex-STA474 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1474)
1475 Volvo B58H-05 560014664PMCSA 562508/80B45D
TC5242 Kalamunda Bus Service [ATG]
ex-WJP429 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (1475)
ex-WJP429 Southlink (Adelaide) (2440)
ex-TA1475 TransAdelaide (1475)
ex-STA475 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1475)
1477 Volvo B58H-05 560014666PMCSA 562708/80B45D
TC4914 Dingo Bus Charter (Midvale) `Alison`
ex-TC4914 Bellevue Bus Lines [H Carrington]
ex-VTI921 Transit Plus (Adelaide) (1477)
ex-VTI921 Hills Transit (Adelaide) (1477)
ex-TA1477 TransAdelaide (1477)
ex-STA477 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1477)
1479 Volvo B58H-05 560014668PMCSA 562909/80B49F
1GGW761 Shooting Stars Party Buses [Mandari]
ex-CVL1251 / TC5270 Buswest
ex-TC5270 Kalamunda Bus Service [ATG]
ex-VTI923 Transit Plus (Adelaide) (1479)
ex-TA1479 TransAdelaide (1479)
ex-STA479 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1479)
1481 Volvo B58H-05 560014775PMCSA 563109/80B45D
TC4913 Dingo Bus Charter (Midvale) Marion
ex-TC4913 Bellevue Bus Lines [H Carrington]
ex-VTI925 Transit Plus (Adelaide) (1481)
ex-VTI925 Hills Transit (Adelaide) (1481)
ex-TA1481 TransAdelaide (1481)
ex-STA481 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1481)
1482 Volvo B58H-05 560014776PMCSA 563209/80B45D
TC5241 Kalamunda Bus Service [ATG]
ex-CVL1337 / TC5241 Buswest
ex-TC5241 Mandurah Bus Charter
ex-VTI926 Hills Transit (Adelaide) (1482)
ex-VTI926 Transit Plus (Adelaide) (1482)
ex-VTI926 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (1482)
ex-TA1482 TransAdelaide (1482)
ex-STA482 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1482)
1483 Volvo B58H-05 560014777PMCSA 563309/80B49F
CVL3194 Albany Limousines & Charters [S Winchester]
ex-RO25280 Chart-A-Bus (Safety Bay) [L & R Pember]
ex-TC5244 Buswest
ex-TC5244 Kalamunda Bus Service [ATG]
ex-VTI927 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (1483)
ex-VTI927 Transit Plus (Adelaide) (1483)
ex-TA1483 TransAdelaide (1483)
ex-STA483 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1483)
1484 Volvo B58H-05 560014778PMCSA 563409/80B49F
TC5271 Buswest
ex-TC5271 Kalamunda Bus Service [ATG]
ex-WJP430 SouthLink (Adelaide) (2441)
ex-TA1484 TransAdelaide (1484)
ex-STA484 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1484)
1485 Volvo B58H-05 560014779PMCSA 563509/80B45D
PARTS Mandurah Bus Charters [Buswest]
ex-WJP431 Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (1485)
ex-WJP431 SouthLink (Adelaide) (2442)
ex-TA1485 TransAdelaide (1485)
ex-STA485 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1485)
1486 Volvo B58H-05 560014780PMCSA 563609/80B49F
1DIK840 motorhome
ex-TC4948 Mt Claremont Buslines [Purple]
ex-VTI928 Transit Plus (Adelaide) (1486)
ex-VTI928 Hills Transit (Adelaide) (1486)
ex-TA1486 TransAdelaide (1486)
ex-STA486 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1486)
1489 Volvo B58H-05 560014783PMCSA 563909/80B45D
PARTS? General Busfleet Management / Purple Coaches (Bayswater)
ex-1BNJ315 Perth College (Mt Lawley) (V1)
ex-WJP434 Serco (Adelaide) (742)
ex-TA1489 TransAdelaide (1489)
ex-STA489 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1489)
1490 Volvo B58H-05 560014784PMCSA 5640-/80B45D
Ladbrook Racing
ex-TC5219 Horizons West (39)
ex-TC5219? Nicholls Bus & Coach Service (Narrogin) [R W Nicholls]
ex-XAJ868 Cuttlefish Capital Tours (Whyalla SA) (4)
ex-WJP435 Serco (Adelaide) (745)
ex-TA1490 TransAdelaide (1490)
ex-STA490 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1490)
1491 Volvo B58H-05 560014785PMCSA 564109/80B49F
TC5269 Buswest
ex-TC5269 Kalamunda Bus Service [ATG]
ex-WJP436 Serco (Adelaide) (216)
ex-WJP436 Serco (Adelaide) (744)
ex-TA1491 TransAdelaide (1491)
ex-STA491 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1491)
1494 Volvo B58H-05 560014788PMCSA 564410/80B49F
1CWL449 / TC4249 Mt Claremont Buslines [Purple]
ex-WJP438 Serco (Adelaide) (746)
ex-TA1494 TransAdelaide (1494)
ex-STA494 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1494)
Volvo B58H-05 5600PMCSA
ex-State Transport Authority (Adelaide)
Volvo B58H-05 5600PMCSA B45D
TC4694 Dix Bus & Coach Hire (Shoalwater)
ex-State Transport Authority (Adelaide)
Volvo B58H-5300PMCSA AB71D
TC5577 General Busfleet Management / Purple Coaches (Bayswater)
ex-State Transport Authority (Adelaide)

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