Immigrants - buses that came West

Brisbane - Brisbane City Council Volvo B10M
27 records

181 Volvo B10M Mk IIYV31MGC15JD018124Comeng 1/89B45D
CVL1800 Southern Bus Charters (Albany) [Edwards];
ex-CVL1800 / TCXXXX Busy Blue Bus [McCabe];
ex-TCXXXX Redlion Bus & Coach;
ex-181ECH / 181AIC Brisbane Transport (181);
ex-181AIC Brisbane City Council (181)
182 Volvo B10M Mk IIYV31MGC17JD018125Comeng 02/89B__F
TC6509 Buswest
ex-182ECH / 182AIC Brisbane Transport (182)
ex-182AIC Brisbane City Council (182)
183 Volvo B10M Mk IIYV31MGC19JD018126Comeng 2/89B45D
CVL1795 Southern Bus Charters (Albany) [Edwards];
ex-CVL1795 / TCXXXX Busy Blue Bus [McCabe];
ex-TCXXXX Redlion Bus & Coach;
ex-183ECH / 183AIC Brisbane Transport (183);
ex-183AIC Brisbane City Council (183)
184 Volvo B10M Mk IIYV31MGC10JD018127Comeng 03/89B49F
1GGW764 Shooting Stars Party Buses [Mandari]
ex-CVL1273 / TC6511 Buswest
ex-184ECH / 184AIC Brisbane Transport (184)
ex-184AIC Brisbane City Council (184)
185 Volvo B10M Mk IIYV31MGC12JD018128QBB 05/89C41D
TC6574 General Busfleet Management / Purple Coaches (Bayswater);
ex-Redlion Bus & Coach;
ex-Brisbane Transport (185);
ex-185ERS Brisbane City Council (185)
224 Volvo B10M Mk IIIYV31MGC18MD027064Austral B0200611/91B47D
294SQW Stacey Agnew
ex-224MYA / 224JFJ / 224BIQ Brisbane Transport (224)
ex-224BIQ Brisbane City Council (224)
238 Volvo B10M Mk IIIYV31MGC16MD027774Austral MetrolinerB0202001/92B45D
BUS305 West Coast Bus Charters [Mead] (305);
ex-593SUH Phil Dunns Tours (Belmont QLD) (409);
ex-593SUH Phil Dunns Tours (Belmont QLD) (9);
ex-238MUO / 238BIQ Brisbane Transport (238);
ex-238BIQ Brisbane City Council (238)
269 Volvo B10M Mk IIIYV31MGC14ND028780Austral B0205106/92C40F
LIMOCOACH / TC7547 Diamond Lounge Limocoach [GoPartyBus]
ex-269SGG / 269ECH / 269BLE Brisbane Transport (269)
ex-269BLE Brisbane City Council (269)
303 Volvo B10M Mk IIIYV31MGC19ND030721Austral B0208502/93B47D
1GAI814 Balcatta Bus
ex-303ISL Brisbane Transport (303)
ex-303ISL Brisbane City Council (303)
309 Volvo B10M Mk IIIYV31MGC1XND030727Austral B0209104/93B45F
CVL1586 / TC5641 Belridge Bus Charters (Heathridge) [P & K Stansfield];
ex-TC5641 Midland Bus Co (Bellevue);
ex-309BRU Brisbane Transport (309);
ex-309BRU Brisbane City Council (309)
317 Volvo B10M Mk IIIYV31MGC11ND031121Austral B0209908/93B47D
1GWQ692 Bingo Party Bus Hire (Malaga)
ex-TV8268 Inspire Transport (Marrickville NSW)
ex-317BRU Brisbane Transport (317)
ex-317BRU Brisbane City Council (317)
320 Volvo B10M Mk IIIYV31MGC14PD031620Austral B0210208/93C53F
1HWN765 Private owner
ex-1HWN765 / CVL1214 Buswest
ex-320BVK Brisbane Transport (320)
ex-320BVK Brisbane City Council (320)
322 Volvo B10M Mk IIIYV31MGC18PD031622Austral B0210408/93B53F
CVL1324 / TC7819 Buswest
ex-322BVK Brisbane Transport (322)
ex-322BVK Brisbane City Council (322)
324 Volvo B10M Mk IIIYV31MGC11PD031624Austral B0210610/93C47F
CVL1263 / TC7782 Buswest
ex-324JZW Brisbane Transport (324)
ex-324BVK / 324BVK Brisbane City Council (324)
325 Volvo B10M Mk IIIYV31MGC13PD031625Austral B0210710/93C47F
CVL1259 / TC7668 Buswest
ex-325BVK Brisbane Transport (325)
ex-325BVK Brisbane City Council (325)
326 Volvo B10M Mk IIIYV31MGC15PD031626AustralDenning B0210811/93B47D
CVL1348 / TC7713 Buswest
ex-326BVK Brisbane Transport (326)
ex-326BVK Brisbane City Council (326)
327 Volvo B10M Mk IIIYV31MGC17PD031627AustralDenning B0210911/93B47D
PARTS West Coast Bus Charters [GoPartyBus]
ex-Private Owner
ex-CVL1630 / TC7709 Buswest
ex-327BVK Brisbane Transport (327)
ex-327BVK Brisbane City Council (327)
420 Volvo B10M Mk IIYV31MGC11JD016578Comeng 06/88B45D
1FBQ968 / 1GGW763 Shooting Stars Party Buses [Mandari]
ex-CVL1283 / TC6513 Buswest
ex-420FZC / 420AEC Brisbane Transport (420)
ex-420AEC Brisbane City Council (420)
424 Volvo B10M Mk IIYV31MGC13JD016582Comeng 7/88B45D
TC6512 Buswest
ex-424CXF Brisbane Transport (424)
ex-424CXF / 424AEC Brisbane City Council (424)
425 Volvo B10M Mk IIYV31MGC13JD016893Comeng 09/88B45D
1GGW762 Shooting Stars Party Buses [Mandari]
ex-CVL1282 / TC6510 Buswest
ex-425ECH / 425AEC Brisbane Transport (425)
ex-425AEC Brisbane City Council (425)
427 Volvo B10M Mk IIYV31MGC12JD016895Comeng 09/88B45D
ex-427EFP / 427AEY Brisbane Transport (427)
ex-427AEY Brisbane City Council (427)
435 Volvo B10M Mk IIYV31MGC10JD017656Comeng 11/88B45D
(not operated) Classic Travel Australia [Matheson]
ex-CVL1246 Purple Coaches [Comfort Delgro Swan] (P5)
ex-General Busfleet Mangement / Purple Coaches (Bayswater) [MacNish]
ex-Redlion Bus & Coach
ex-435ECH / 435AEY Brisbane Transport (435)
ex-435AEY Brisbane City Council (435)
502 Volvo B10M Mk IIIYV31MGC1XPD032240Austral B0213503/94C47F
CVL1322 / TC7657 Buswest
ex-502CIO Brisbane Transport (502)
ex-502CIO Brisbane City Council (502)
514 Volvo B10M Mk IVYV31M3F13RD041708AustralDenning B02147004/95B51F
CVL1262 / TC7768 Buswest
ex-514CQD Brisbane Transport (514)
ex-514CQD Brisbane City Council (514)
520 Volvo B10M Mk IVYV31M3F10RD041567AustralDenning B02153006/95B47F
CVL1260 / TC7678 Buswest
ex-520ECH / 520CQD Brisbane Transport (520)
ex-520CQD Brisbane City Council (520)
529 Volvo B10M Mk IVYV31M3F1XSD041999
1HYK333 West Coast Bus Charters [GoPartyBus] (W40)
ex-CVL1311 / TC7694 Buswest
ex-529CQD Brisbane Transport (529)
ex-529CQD Brisbane City Council (529)
531 Volvo B10M Mk IVYV31M3F12SD042001AustralDenning B02164003/95B53F
CVL1313 / TC7827 Buswest
ex-531CQD Hornibrook Bus Lines (Clontarf QLD) (531)
ex-531CQD Brisbane Transport (531)
ex-531CQD Brisbane City Council (531)

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