Immigrants - buses that came West

Canberra - AEC Reliance
10 records
AEC RelianceComeng B__FR
PARTS Private Owner (Kalgan River)
ex-Wilson Wrecking (Torbay)
ex-VCY727 motorhome `Southern Cross`
ex-Canberra Bus Service
AEC Reliance
MH7351 Mandurah Bus Service (14)
ex-MH7351 Severin (A C & N D) (Mandurah) (14)
ex-Canberra Bus Service
AEC RelianceAtholHedges --/68B43D
MH7771 Mandurah Bus Charters
ex-MH7771 Mandurah Bus Service [Pryor]
ex-MH7771 Severin (A C & N D) (Mandurah)
ex-Canberra Bus Service
AEC RelianceAtholHedges --/68B43D
MH7772 Mandurah Bus Charters
ex-MH7772 Mandurah Bus Service [Pryor]
ex-MH7772 Severin (A C & N D) (Mandurah)
ex-Canberra Bus Service
AEC Reliance 6MU3RE6MU3RE____AtholHedges -/67B43D
1CFM687 motorhome;
ex-Canberra Bus Service UNCONFIRMED
51 AEC Reliance 2HMU3RA3644Comeng 06/61B43FR
Private Owner (Nullabor Station)
ex-S E Truck Sales (Mt Gambier)
ex-ZIB051 ⁄ C0051 Canberra Bus Service (51)
Withdrawn --.06.1976
72 AEC Reliance 2MU3RA5136Comeng RT543-306/64B43FR
TC038 ⁄ BSN1843 South West Coach Lines [D Adams] (4)
ex-ZIB072 Canberra Bus Service (72)
Withdrawn --.03.1977
076 AEC Reliance 2MU3RA5655PMC 24105/65B43FR
BSN1844 South West Coach Lines [D Adams] (5)
ex-ZIB076 Canberra Bus Service (076)
Withdrawn --.03.1977
77 AEC Reliance 2MU3RAE5657PMC 24606/65B43FR
MH7453 Mandurah Bus Charters
ex-MH7453 Severin (A E) (Mandurah)
ex-ZIB077 Canberra Bus Service (77)
Withdrawn --.03.1977
78 AEC Reliance 2MU3RA5656PMC 24606/65B43D
MH7452 Severin (A E) (Mandurah)
ex-ZIB078 Canberra Bus Service (78)
Withdrawn --.03.1977

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