7 records
148 AEC Swift MP3R279AtholHedges 477506/69B43D
TC121 ⁄ MH7856 Mandurah Bus Charter
ex-ZIB148 Canberra Bus Service (148)
Withdrawn from ACTION --.01.1978
184 AEC Swift 3MP2R822CVI CV35203/71B43D
TC039 ⁄  BSN4242 South West Coach Lines [D Adams] (15);
ex-ZIB184 ACTION (Canberra) (184);
ex-ZIB184 Canberra Bus Service (184)
Withdrawn 26.11.1980
191 AEC Swift 3MP2R983Freighter 4966A10/71B43D
1CMH762 motorhome;
ex-618NVL Pioneer Bus Service (Ipswich QLD) (8);
ex-Bethel Fellowship (Booval QLD);
ex-BUS191 ⁄  ZIB191 ACTION (Canberra) (191);
ex-ZIB191 Canberra Bus Service (191)
Withdrawn --.--.1980
203 AEC Swift 3MP2R1015Freighter 4979A12/71B43D
TC2303 Transcontinental (Midvale) (40);
ex-m/o096 Pleasure Tours (Fairy Meadow NSW);
ex-m/o096 Highway Tours (NSW);
ex-ZIB203 ACTION (Canberra) (203);
ex-ZIB203 Canberra Bus Service (203)
Withdrawn --.--.1981
204 AEC Swift 3MP2R1016Freighter 4980A12/71B43D
7NL795 motorhome;
ex-TC040 South West Coach Lines [D Adams] (40);
ex-TC040 ⁄  BSN3024 South West Coach Lines [D Adams] (6);
ex-ZIB204 ACTION (Canberra) (204);
ex-ZIB204 Canberra Bus Service (204)
217 AEC Swift 3MP2R1337Freighter A419402/73B43D
1GMU188 ⁄  1BIT997 Private Owner (Byford) (motorhome);
ex-Private Owner (Regans Ford) (motorhome);
ex-ZIB217 ACTION (Canberra) (217);
ex-ZIB217 Canberra Bus Service (217)
Withdrawn --.--.1980
233 AEC Swift 3MP2R101138Smithfield SB36006/74B41D
9JN167 Unknown (Australind);
ex-m/o8127 Arrow Coaches (NSW);
ex-m/o7083 Merrylands Bus Co (NSW);
ex-ZIB233 ACTION (Canberra) (233);
ex-ZIB233 Canberra Bus Service (233)
Withdrawn --.--.1982

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