Immigrants - buses that came West

Canberra - ACTION MAN SG192
4 records
538 MAN SG192157.1199.1206CAC 13903/79AB71FR
DW304 Dart Racing;
ex-TC040 South West Coach Lines [D Adams];
ex-BUS538 ⁄  ZIB538 ACTION (Canberra) (538)
Bunbury City Transit livery; Withdrawn from BCT/SWCL (blown engine) by 04.08.2004
541 MAN SG192187.1209.1209Comair 14205/79AB71FR
Bellevue Bus Lines [H Carrington] (3);
ex-TC041 ⁄  TC574 South West Coach Lines [D Adams];
ex-BUS541 ⁄  ZIB541 ACTION (Canberra) (541)
Withdrawn --.07.1991; Bunbury City Transit livery
671 MAN SG192187.0884.0842MAN-Goppel -/76AB71FR
TC5619 ⁄ TC4750 National Bus Lines (Jandakot)
ex-TC4214 International Stagelines (Burswood)
ex-MO9083 Premier Motor Service (Nowra NSW)
ex-BUS671 ⁄ ZIB671 ACTION (Canberra) (671)
ex-SCP257 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (1391)
ex-SCP257 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (290)
ex-SCP257 MAN Australia (stock)
672 MAN SG192187.1245.1266CustomCoaches 81-26809/82ADP63FR
TC5619 Transwest Coach Services (Willetton);
ex-TC5898 Hoyes Bus Charter (Byford);
ex-TC4749 National Bus Lines (Jandakot);
ex-TC4214? International Stagelines (Burswood);
ex-MO9509 Premier Motor Service (Nowra NSW);
ex-BUS672 ⁄  ZIB672 ACTION (Canberra) (672);
ex-935OQV Brisbane City Council (999);
ex-MAN Australia (stock)

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