26 records
7MH988 Moore (J M & E D);
ex-ACTION (Canberra)
410 MAN SL200192.0252.0437CAC SL2-00107/75B42D
TC2685 ⁄  1AIG644 Horizons West (Welshpool) (31);
ex-1AIG644 Down Under Bus Charter [A Chalkley];
ex-BUS410 ⁄  ZIB410 ACTION (Canberra) (410);
ex-ZIB410 Canberra Bus Service (410)
Displayed at the Bus Proprietors` Association Bus Show --.--.1975; Formerly part of the ACTION preserved fleet; Withdrawn from Horizons West by --.03.2009
419 MAN SL200292.0011.0011CAC MAN01211/75B42D
1CSX238 ⁄  TC2023 ⁄  TC579 South West Coach Lines [D Adams];
ex-BUS419 ⁄  ZIB419 ACTION (Canberra) (419);
ex-ZIB419 Canberra Bus Service (419)
Withdrawn --.02.1992; Bunbury City Transit livery
434 MAN SL200292.0039.0039CAC MAN02703/76B42D
1CTX824 motorhome;
ex-1CTX824 Private Owner ;
ex-TC580 South West Coach Lines [D Adams];
ex-BUS434 ⁄  ZIB434 ACTION (Canberra) (434);
ex-ZIB434 Canberra Bus Service (434)
Withdrawn --.02.1992; Bunbury City Transit livery; Withdrawn by --.10.2009
445 MAN SL200292.0026.0026CAC MAN03504/76B49F
ex-1DHD111 ⁄  TC4285 ⁄  1AOS275 Horizons West (Welshpool) (28);
ex-506CGO National Bus Co (Brisbane) (506);
ex-162BOP Bayside Bus Lines (Manly QLD) (62);
ex-BUS445 ⁄  ZIB445 ACTION (Canberra) (445);
ex-ZIB445 Canberra Bus Service (445)
Withdrawn --.04.1992; Converted to B49F at Horizons West
465 MAN SL200292.0079.0079CAC MAN06107/76B42D
Soltoggio Bros (Jandakot) (dealers & wreckers);
ex-Fluor Daniel Nickel Mine (Leonora);
ex-MO2332 Busways Peninsula (Central Coast NSW) (370);
ex-MO2332 Peninsula Bus Lines (Central Coast NSW);
ex-BUS465 ⁄  ZIB465 ACTION (Canberra) (465);
ex-ZIB465 Canberra Bus Service (465)
Withdrawn --.09.1992
473 MAN SL200292.0087.0087CAC MAN07107/76B42D
1ABF768 Fluor Daniel Nickel Mine (Leonora);
ex-MO2331 Busways Peninsula (Central Coast NSW) (369);
ex-MO2331 Peninsula Bus Lines (Central Coast NSW);
ex-BUS473 ⁄  ZIB473 ACTION (Canberra) (473);
ex-ZIB473 Canberra Bus Service (473)
Withdrawn --.09.1992
475 MAN SL200292.0088.0088CAC 07207/76B42D
Nazzari Bus Sales (Welshpool) (dealer);
ex-MO2242 Busways (Glendenning NSW);
ex-MO2242 Peninsula Bus Lines (VIC);
ex-BUS475 ⁄  ZIB475 ACTION (Canberra) (475)
Noted in a scrapyard in Rockingham
476 MAN SL200292.0091.0091CAC MAN07608/76B42D
PARTS? ⁄  TC4784 Horizons West (Welshpool) (21);
ex-1ACI163 John Holland Contructions;
ex-MO2244 Busways Peninsula (Central Coast NSW) (364);
ex-MO2244 Peninsula Bus Lines (Central Coast NSW);
ex-BUS476 ⁄  ZIB476 ACTION (Canberra) (476);
ex-ZIB476 Canberra Bus Service (476)
Withdrawn --.09.1992; De-registered at Horizons West by --.04.2008
479 MAN SL200292.0093.0093CAC MAN07907/76B42D
TC4370 ⁄  1AJZ989 Horizons West (Welshpool) (33);
ex-1AJZ989 Down Under Bus Charter [A Chalkley] (D44);
ex-1AJZ989 Fluor Daniel Nickel Mine (Leonora);
ex-MO2329 Busways Peninsula (Central Coast NSW) (368);
ex-MO2329 Peninsula Bus Lines (Central Coast NSW);
ex-BUS479 ⁄  ZIB479 ACTION (Canberra) (479);
ex-ZIB479 Canberra Bus Service (479)
481 MAN SL200292.0098.0098CAC MAN08108/76B42D
1ABZ887 Fluor Daniel Nickel Mine (Leonora);
ex-m/o8589 Busways Peninsula (Central Coast NSW) (226);
ex-m/o8589 Peninsula Bus Lines (Central Coast NSW);
ex-BUS481 ⁄  ZIB481 ACTION (Canberra) (481);
ex-ZIB481 Canberra Bus Service (481)
Withdrawn --.12.1992
484 MAN SL200292.0095.0095CAC MAN07409/76B42D
1ABU861 Fluor Daniel Nickel Mine (Leonora);
ex-m/o8587 Busways Peninsula (Central Coast NSW) (223);
ex-m/o8587 Peninsula Bus Lines (Central Coast NSW);
ex-BUS484 ⁄  ZIB484 ACTION (Canberra) (484);
ex-ZIB484 Canberra Bus Service (484)
Withdrawn --.12.1992
485 MAN SL200292.0120.0120CAC MAN08409/76B42D
1ABF141 Fluor Daniel Nickel Mine (Leonora);
ex-MO2335 Busways Peninsula (Central Coast NSW) (220);
ex-MO2335 Peninsula Bus Lines (Central Coast NSW);
ex-BUS485 ⁄  ZIB485 ACTION (Canberra) (485);
ex-ZIB485 Canberra Bus Service (485)
Withdrawn --.12.1992
487 MAN SL200292.0097.0097CAC MAN08609/76B42D
PARTS ⁄  TC4546? Horizons West (Welshpool) (29);
ex-MO2337? Busways Peninsula (Central Coast NSW) (224);
ex-MO2337 Busways (Glendenning NSW) (224);
ex-BUS487 ⁄  ZIB487 ACTION (Canberra) (487);
ex-ZIB487 Canberra Bus Service (487)
Withdrawn --.12.1992
488 MAN SL200292.0092.0092CAC 08008/76B42D
TC4546 Horizons West (Welshpool) (29);
ex-1AAR949 Fluor Daniel Nickel Mine (Leonora);
ex-m/o8588 Busways (Glendenning NSW) (225);
ex-BUS488 ⁄  ZIB488 ACTION (Canberra) (488);
ex-ZIB488 Canberra Bus Service (488)
Withdrawn --.12.1992
491 MAN SL200292.0101.0101CAC MAN08710/76B42D
1ACN701 Fluor Daniel Nickel Mine (Leonora);
ex-m/o8591 Busways Peninsula (Central Coast NSW) (374);
ex-m/o8591 Peninsula Bus Lines (Central Coast NSW);
ex-BUS491 ⁄  ZIB491 ACTION (Canberra) (491);
ex-ZIB491 Canberra Bus Service (491)
Withdrawn --.12.1992
492 MAN SL200292.0103.0103CAC MAN09010/76B42D
Fluor Daniel Nickel Mine (Leonora);
ex-m/o8590 Busways Peninsula (Central Coast NSW) (373);
ex-m/o8590 Peninsula Bus Lines (Central Coast NSW);
ex-BUS492 ⁄  ZIB492 ACTION (Canberra) (492);
ex-ZIB492 Canberra Bus Service (492)
Withdrawn --.12.1992
499 MAN SL200292.0060.0060CAC MAN09511/76B42D
ex-1ACI044 Bus Australia Contractors (WA);
ex-Nazzari Bus Sales (Welshpool) (dealer);
ex-Busways (Gosford NSW) (230);
ex-BUS599 ⁄  ZIB599 ACTION (Canberra) (499)
Withdrawn --.02.1993
515 MAN SL200292.0053.0053CAC 09903/77B42D
TC2024 South West Coach Lines [D Adams];
ex-BUS515 ⁄  ZIB515 ACTION (Canberra) (515)
Withdrawn --.04.1994; Bunbury City Transit livery
553 MAN SL200287.0001.0001CAC MAN12612/78B42D
TC3100 South West Coach Lines [D Adams];
ex-BUS553 ⁄  ZIB553 ACTION (Canberra) (553)
Withdrawn --.11.1994; Bunbury City Transit livery; Withdrawn by --.10.2009
554 MAN SL200287.0002.0002CAC MAN12712/78B42D
TC3102 South West Coach Lines [D Adams];
ex-BUS554 ⁄  ZIB554 ACTION (Canberra) (554)
Withdrawn --.11.1994; Bunbury City Transit livery; Withdrawn by --.10.2009
555 MAN SL200287.0003.0003CAC MAN12812/78B42D
TC3113 Eastern Goldfields Transport Board (Kalgoorlie) (3113);
ex-TC3113 Eastern Goldfields Transport Board (Kalgoorlie);
ex-BUS555 ⁄  ZIB555 ACTION (Canberra) (555)
Withdrawn --.11.1994
556 MAN SL200287.0004.0004CAC MAN12912/78B42D
TC3101 South West Coach Lines [D Adams];
ex-BUS556 ⁄  ZIB556 ACTION (Canberra) (556)
Withdrawn --.11.1994; Bunbury City Transit livery; Withdrawn by --.10.2009
557 MAN SL200287.0005.0005CAC MAN13012/78B42D
TC3111 Eastern Goldfields Transport Board (Kalgoorlie) (3111);
ex-TC3111 Eastern Goldfields Transport Board (Kalgoorlie);
ex-BUS557 ⁄  ZIB557 ACTION (Canberra) (557)
Withdrawn --.11.1994; Withdrawn from EGTB by --.04.2008
559 MAN SL200287.0007.0007CAC MAN13212/78B42D
TC3112 Eastern Goldfields Transport Board (Kalgoorlie) (3112);
ex-TC3112 Eastern Goldfields Transport Board (Kalgoorlie);
ex-BUS559 ⁄  ZIB559 ACTION (Canberra) (559)
Withdrawn --.11.1994; Withdrawn from EGTB by --.10.2009
562 MAN SL200287.0010.0010CAC MAN14402/79B42D
TC3110 Eastern Goldfields Transport Board (Kalgoorlie) (3110);
ex-TC3110 Eastern Goldfields Transport Board (Kalgoorlie);
ex-BUS562 ⁄  ZIB562 ACTION (Canberra) (562)
Withdrawn --.11.1994

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