Immigrants - buses that came West

Canberra - ACTION Renault PR100.2
12 records

784 Renault PR100.2VF6PS08A200000181Ansair Mk IR191611/88B42D
CVL2455 Horizons West (201)
ex-CVL2455 / TC6842 Westwide Charter (B51)
ex-TC6842 Adams Coachlines (B51)
ex-BUS784 ACTION (Canberra) (784)
787 Renault PR100.2VF6PS08A200000184Ansair Mk IR191912/88B42D
CVL2452 Horizons West (Welshpool) (202)
ex-CVL2452 / TC6794 Westwide Charter
ex-TC6794 Adams Coachlines (Malaga) (B52)
ex-BUS787 ACTION (Canberra) (787)
788 Renault PR100.2VF6PS08A200000185Ansair Mk IR192012/88B42D
PARTS / TC6826 Westwide Charter;
ex-TC6826 Adams Coachlines (B54);
ex-BUS788 ACTION (Canberra) (788)
789 Renault PR100.2VF6PS08A200000186Ansair Mk 1R192102/89B42D
CVL2459 Horizons West (204)
ex-CVL2459 / TC6968 Westwide Charter (B55)
ex-TC6968 Adams Coachlines (B55)
ex-BUS789 ACTION (Canberra) (789)
790 Renault PR100.2VF6PS08A200000187Ansair Mk IR192202/89B42D
1HLN105 / CVL2460 Horizons West (205);
ex-CVL2460 / TC6969 Westwide Charter (B56);
ex-TC6969 Adams Coachlines (B56);
ex-BUS790 ACTION (Canberra) (790)
791 Renault PR100.2VF6PS08A200000188Ansair Mk IR192302/89B42D
PARTS Horizons West
ex-CVL2458 / TC6939 Westwide Charter (B57)
ex-TC6939 Adams Coachlines (B57)
ex-BUS791 ACTION (Canberra) (791)
802 Renault PR100.2VF6PS08A200000199Ansair Mk IR193405/89B42D
CVL2454 Horizons West (200);
ex-CVL2454 / TC6843 Westwide Charter (B50);
ex-TC6843 Adams Coachlines (B50);
ex-BUS802 ACTION (Canberra) (802)
812 Renault PR100.2VF6PS08A200000251Ansair Mk IR204407/89B42D
1HMA556 / CVL2464 Horizons West (206)
ex-CVL2464 / TC7061 Westwide Charter (B70)
ex-TC7061 Adams Coachlines (B70)
ex-BUS812 ACTION (Canberra) (812)
817 Renault PR100.2VF6PS08A200000256Ansair Mk IR204908/89B42D
1HMA552 Horizons West (207);
ex-CVL2461 Horizons West (207);
ex-CVL2461 / TC7000 Westwide Charter (B71);
ex-TC7000 Adams Coachlines (B71);
ex-BUS817 ACTION (Canberra) (817)
821 Renault PR100.2VF6PS08A200000260Ansair Mk IR205309/89B42D
PARTS Adams Coachlines;
ex-BUS821 ACTION (Canberra) (821)
822 Renault PR100.2VF6PS08A200000261Ansair Mk IR205409/89B42D
CVL2463 / TC7055 Westwide Charter (B73);
ex-TC7055 Adams Coachlines (B73);
ex-BUS822 ACTION (Canberra) (822)
824 Renault PR100.2VF6PS08A200000263Ansair Mk IR205610/89B42D
1HMA555 / CVL2453 Horizons West (203);
ex-CVL2453 / TC6795 Westwide Charter (B53);
ex-TC6795 Adams Coachlines (B53);
ex-BUS824 ACTION (Canberra) (824)

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