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Japan - Tsukuba Expo Volvo B10ML
8 records

6.09 Volvo B10ML8284Fuji 33410712/84AB66T
Private Owner
ex-CVL1380 / TC6808 Buswest
ex-VGP092 Buses R Us (Salisbury North SA) (36)
ex-VGP092 Transit Plus (Adelaide) (307)
ex-VGP092 Hills Transit (Adelaide) (307)
ex-VGP092 Mt Barker Passenger Service (SA) (307)
ex-MO7632 MetroLink (Green Valley NSW) [Oliveri] (11)
ex-Tsukuba Expo (Japan) (6.09)
6.10 Volvo B10ML8285Fuji 33410812/84ADP57Tv
UOA914 Transit Plus (Adelaide) (3303)
ex-UOA914 Transit Plus (Adelaide) (303)
ex-UOA914 Hills Transit (Adelaide) (303)
ex-UOA914 Mt Barker Passenger Service (SA) (303)
ex-UOA914 Briscoes (Broken Hill NSW) (303)
ex-UOA914 Tsukuba Expo (Japan) (6.10)
6.38 Volvo B10ML8446Fuji 33413612/84AB66T
4721AO / CPV777 Grendas Bus Service (Dandenong VIC) (121);
ex-Tsukuba Expo (Japan) (6.38)
6.41 Volvo B10MLYV3B10M5500008449Fuji 33413912/84AB66T
TC6363 Westwide Charter (VL1)
ex-2706AO Sita Coaches (West Footscray VIC) (206)
ex-2706AO Sita Coaches (West Footscray VIC) (106)
ex-3329AO Sunbury Bus Lines (Sunbury VIC) (29)
ex-NBN077 / CRX450 Sunbury Bus Lines (Sunbury VIC) (26)
ex-Tsukuba Expo (Japan) (6.41)
6.61 Volvo B10ML8725Fuji 33415712/84AB66T
CVL2443 Chart-A-Bus [Matheson] (20)
ex-CVL2443 Horizons West (Welshpool) (220)
ex-CVL2443 / TC6335 Westwide Charter (VL2)
ex-2737AO Sita Coaches (West Footscray VIC) (209)
ex-2737AO Sita Coaches (West Footscray VIC) (109)
ex-3327AO Bacchus Marsh Coaches (Bacchus Marsh VIC)
ex-3327AO / NBN076 / CRX451 Sunbury Bus Service (Sunbury VIC) (27)
ex-Tsukuba Expo (Japan) (6.61)
6.06 Volvo B10MLYV3B10M5500008036Fuji 33410412/84AB70T
1GPN522 Bingo Party Bus Hire (Malaga)
ex-BUS310 / 1GDR010 West Coast Bus Charters [Mead] (310)
ex-CJ32VU / TV5050 Cumberland Coachlines (St Marys NSW) (22)
ex-344RDR / KBL09 Kangaroo Bus Lines (Burpengary QLD) (9)
ex-Tsukuba Expo (Japan) (6.06)
6.08 Volvo B10ML8283Fuji 33410612/84AB66T
ex-CVL3215 / 1GCV127 Chart-A-Bus [Matheson] (V1)
ex-VGS403 (not operated) Redlion Bus & Coach (V99)
ex-VGS403 Transit Plus (Adelaide) (3308)
ex-VGS403 Hills Transit (Adelaide) (308)
ex-VGS403 Mt Barker Passenger Service (SA) (308)
ex-m/o7632 MetroLink (Green Valley NSW) [Oliveri] (12)
ex-Tsukuba Expo (Japan) (6.08)
6.55 Volvo B10ML8506Fuji 33415112/84AB66T
TC7021 unknown
ex-UVX817 LinkSA (360)
ex-UVX817 Barrosa Valley Coaches (Angaston SA)
ex-UVX817 Premier Roadlines (SA) (212)
ex-22655 Tsukuba Expo (Japan) (6.55)

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