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T499 AEC Regal O662 10T10-typeO6622646LPTB-Chiswick 05/38C30F
ELP223 Ensignbus Transport Museum (Purfleet UK) (T499)
ex-Collins (E) (Kendenup-Mt Barker school bus)
ex-Tony Creasey (Kendenup-Mt Barker school bus)
ex-ELP223 Norths (Leeds)
ex-ELP223 London Transport Executive (T499)
Converted for use as an amubulance & transferred to Emergency Medical Services (Hendon) 01.09.1939; At Windsor Garage (WR) operated on route 458 --.06.1951; Exported to Western Australia --.--.1954; Converted to AEC A173 c.--.--.1962; Re-discovered --.06.1997; Secured for preservation --.11.1997; Repatriated to UK --.12.2004
RML2353 AEC Routemaster 2R2RH2R2RH/1/2367ParkRoyal L563112/65H40/32R
CUV353 ⁄ TV5454 Red London Bus (Smithfield NSW) (RML2353)
ex-TV5454 London Bus (Billinudgel NSW) (RML2353)
ex-Aston Solutions (Gibraltar)
ex-Nash (M) (Weybridge UK)
ex-CUV353C London United (UK) (RML2353)
ex-CUV353C London Transport Executive (RML2353)
RML2370 AEC Routemaster R2RHR2RH/1/2384ParkRoyal L564802/66H40/32R
ex-JJD370D Arriva (UK) (RML2370)
ex-JJD370D London Transport Executive (RML2370)
RT1024 AEC Regent III O961Weymann 3RT3/1230311/48H30/26R
JXN52 preserved (RT1024)
ex-TC314 ⁄ 6EO747 London Transport Double Deck Excursions (Beehcboro) [Churn] (RT1024)
ex-JXN52 London Transport Executive (RT1024)
Body no & date reflects information for the original RT1024; In service on routes 339 & 396 at Epping Garage (EP) (green livery) --.11.1948; Transferred to Garston Garage (GR) c.--.--.1957; Overhauled at Aldenham then transferred to Windsor Garage (WR) --.11.1960; Transferred to Crawley Garage (CY) --.01.1964; Overhauled at Aldenham & transferred to Sidcup Garage (SP) (red livery) --.04.1965; Withdrawn & stored --.03.67; moved to Popular Garage (PR) --.04.1967; Transferred to Battersea Garage (B) --.05.1967; Overhauled at Aldenham --.05.1969; Transferred to Sutton Garage (A) --.07.1969; Loaned to Merton Garage (AL) during --.05.1973; Withdrawn & stored --.05.1974; Returned to service at Kingston Garage (K) --.09.1974; Withdrawn & stored --.01.1975
RTL547 Leyland Titan PD2/1 "7RT"500419Weymann 5948-/50H30/26R
CI77XB motorhome
ex-TV5020 ⁄ TV3147 Britstop (Cronulla NSW) [Reynolds] (RTL547)
ex-Bus Preservation Society of WA (Whiteman Park) (RTL547)
ex-UBH698 ⁄ 7MZ134 ⁄ TC429 ⁄ Y1650 Bus Museum of WA (Bellevue) (RTL547)
ex-Y1650 ⁄ WA Transport Museum (Castledare) (RTL547)
ex-WA Electric Traction Assoc (Castledare) (RTL547)
ex-WA Museum
ex-Percy Markham (Wembley) (motor museum)
ex-KYY640 London Transport Executive (RTL547)
The original `RTL547` carrying Park Royal body 3786 entered service at Edgware Garage --.05.1950; Fourth & last overhaul by LT - assigned body ex-RT3067 --.11.1965; Arrived at Fremantle onboard `Australia Star` 06.06.1969
RM1708 AEC Routemaster 2R2RH1704ParkRoyal B114110/63H36/28R
32269H Historic Commercial Vehicle Association (NSW) (RM1708)
ex-27295H Historic Commercial Vehicle Association (Sydney) (RM1708)
ex-TC2323 ⁄ 7NO115 ⁄ U/R Collins (Dianella) / Balcatta Primary School
ex-708DYE London Transport Executive (RM1708)
London Transport 7/5RM5/7-type, originally fitted with Leyland EO600 engine; Reported in one source as originally having body no B1708; Allocated to Holloway Garage --.10.1963; Transferred to Victoria Garage --.05.1967; Repainted at Aldenham Works & transferred to Dalston Garage --.06.1967; De-registered & transferred to Aldenham Works float --.05.1969; Overhauled & allocated body no B554; re-licenced & allocated to New Cross Garage --.01.1972; Transferred to Cricklewood Garage --.02.1972; Repainted at Aldenham Works --.03.1975; Overhauled & allocated body no B1141 & transferred to Finchley Garage --.10.1978; De-registered --.07.1979; Re-registered --.08.1979; Transferred to Middle Row Garage --.12.1980; Transferred to Holloway Garage --.02.1981; Overhauled but retained boy no B1141 & transferred to Stockwell Garage --.01.1984; Transferred to Streatham Garage --.02.1987; De-registered & transferred to AEC Southall Works --.07.1987; Re-licenced & transferred to Peckham Garage --.07.1987; De-registered & stored at AEC Southall Works --.02.1988; Stored at Fulwell Garage --.04.1988; Transferred to former Turnham Green Garage for pre-sale inspection --.08.1988; Passed through Quarantine at Fremantle 22.10.1988; Shipped to Sydney c.--.10.1998
MB324 AEC Merlin 4P2R382MCW 10/68B50F
DS349 motorhome
ex-MO4697 Edwards Bus Service (Armidale NSW)
ex-999CAP Unknown (Caboolture QLD)
ex-VLW324G London Transport Executive (MB324)
MB347 AEC Merlin 4P2R404MCW 5567405/69B50F
KD696 ⁄ 7NZ418 motorhome
ex-Rowes (Plumpton NSW)
ex-Higletts Motor Coach Service (Camden NSW)
ex-MO5480 Deanes Coaches (North Ryde NSW)
ex-VLW347G London Transport Executive (MB347)
T51 Leyland Titan TNLXB2RRSpT75ParkRoyal 07/79H44/30?F
AVIARY The Aviary (NSW) (mobile cafe)
ex-Unknown (NSW)
ex-TC5541 London Transport Co (Port Kennedy) [David Karcheski] (T51)
ex-WYV51T Mike Nash (Weybridge UK)
ex-WYV51T West Kent Buses (UK)
ex-WYV51T Kinch (Barrow-on-Soar UK) (670)
ex-WYV51T Ensign Bus & Coach Sales (Rainham UK)
ex-WYV51T London General
ex-WYV51T London Transport Executive (T51)
Withdrawn & stored --.09.1994; Converted to H44/30?F c.--.--.1994; Advertised for sale on eBay --.12.2011

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