Immigrants - buses that came West

Melbourne - MET MAN SL200
9 records
MAN SL200Ansair Mk I-/79B__D
1CTR869 motorhome;
ex-Metropolitan Transit Authority (Melbourne);
ex-Melbourne & Metropolitan Tramways Board
137 MAN SL200588.0036Ansair Mk1MAN123805/80B40D
1AOD437 motorhome
ex-Metropolitan Transit Authority (Melbourne) (137)
ex-MYD137 Melbourne & Metropolitan Tramways Board (137)
142 MAN SL200588.0041Ansair MAN124306/80B49F
1BRE013 Transwest Coach Services (Willetton)
ex-0838AO ⁄ FKX142 National Bus Co (VIC) (142)
ex-MYD142 Metropolitan Transit Authority (Melbourne) (142)
ex-MYD142 Melbourne & Metropolitan Tramways Board (142)
Withdrawn 01.01.2003; Converted to B49F; De-registered by --.05.2010
143 MAN SL200588.0042Ansair MAN124406/80B49F
1BRE012 Transwest Coach Services (Willetton)
ex-0839AO ⁄ FKX143 National Bus Co (VIC) (143)
ex-MYD143 Metropolitan Transit Authority (Melbourne) (143)
ex-MYD143 Melbourne & Metropolitan Tramways Board (143)
Withdrawn 01.01.2003; Converted to B49F; De-registered by --.05.2010
179 MAN SL200588.0078.0078Ansair Mk1MAN128009/80B40D
KR1706 motorhome
ex-MYD179 MET (Melbourne) (179)
ex-MYD179 Melbourne & Metropolitan Tramways Board (179)
313 MAN SL2006AB8890054MX00109Ansair Mk2MAN198907/89B49F
AU30105 Observatory Gallery (Margaret River)
ex-TC6051 ⁄ 0313AO Buswest
ex-0313AO ⁄ OVO350 Melbourne Bus Link (313)
ex-MWE313 Metropolitan Transit Authority (Melbourne) (313)
In service with Buswest & converted to B49F 26.09.2008
318 MAN SL2006AB8890059MX00114Ansair Mk2MAN199408/89B40D
PARTS Torrens Transit (Adelaide)
ex-0318AO Buswest
ex-0318AO ⁄ OVO355 Melbourne Bus Link (318)
ex-MWE318 Metropolitan Transit Authority (Melbourne) (318)
322 MAN SL2006AB8890063MX00118Ansair Mk2MAN199810/89B49F
TC6061 ⁄ 0322AO Buswest
ex-0322AO ⁄ OVO359 Melbourne Bus Link (322)
ex-MWE322 MET (Melbourne) (322)
Converted to B49F by Buswest
357 MAN SL2006AB8890061MX00116Ansair Mk2MAN199603/90B40D
CGG949C motorhome
ex-General Busfleet Mangement / Purple Coaches (Bayswater)
ex-SB36DR Torrens Transit (Adelaide) (1360)
ex-0320AO ⁄ OVO357 Melbourne Bus Link (320)
ex-OVO357 Metropolitan Transit Authority (Melbourne) (357)

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