Immigrants - buses that came West

Sydney - DGT AEC Regent
24 records
1928 AEC Regent III O961562Comeng 12/47H33/26R
unknown (Roeburne);
ex-Dravo (Cape Lambert);
ex-m/o1928 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (1928)
1935 AEC Regent III O961565Comeng 12/47H33/26R
Dravo (Cape Lambert)
ex-m/o1935 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (1935)
1994 AEC Regent III O961814Comeng 09/48H33/26R
ex-Hogs Breath Cafe (Clarendon NSW);
ex-SHUTTER1 unknown (Malaga) (mobile advertising hoarding for roller shutters);
ex-UHX947 Radio 6PM;
ex-Marshall Motors (Parramatta NSW);
ex-m/o1994 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (1994);
ex-m/o1994 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (1994)
2065 AEC Regent III O9612132Comeng 07/48H33/26R
Dravo (Cape Lambert);
ex-m/o2065 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (2065)
2072 AEC Regent III O9612099Comeng 08/48H33/26R
UNG063 motorhome;
ex-Top Deck Travel (Northbridge);
ex-m/o2072 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (2072);
ex-m/o2072 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (2072)
2073 AEC Regent III O9612142Comeng 08/48H33/26R
6EB496 motorhome
ex-m/o2073 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (2073)
ex-m/o2073 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (2073)
2092 AEC Regent III O9612138Comeng 09/48H33/26R
JUV758 / GOA123 motorhome
ex-MO4160 Toronto Bus Service (Toronto NSW)
ex-m/o2092 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (2092)
2107 AEC Regent III O9612182Comeng 09/48H33/26R
Dravo (Cape Lambert)
ex-m/o2107 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (2107)
ex-m/o2107 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (2107)
2120 AEC Regent III 9612E2215Comeng 09/48H33/26R
ABB992 motorhome `Year of the Child 1979`;
ex-Pincini (Airport West VIC);
ex-m/o6245 Keiraville Bus Service (Wollongong NSW);
ex-m/o2120 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (2120);
ex-m/o2120 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (2120)
2154 AEC Regent III 9612E2218Comeng 10/48H33/26R
ex-Dravo (Cape Lambert);
ex-m/o2154 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (2154)
2159 AEC Regent III 9612E2161Comeng 10/48H33/26R
unknown (Whim Creek) (airstrip control tower);
ex-unknown (Wyndham) (gliding tower);
ex-unknown (Weipa QLD);
ex-m/o2159 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (2159)
2171 AEC Regent III 9612E2235Comeng 10/48H33/26R
Bell Bros (Guildford);
ex-m/o2171 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (2171);
ex-m/o2171 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (2171)
2172 AEC Regent III 9612E2233Comeng 10/48H33/26R
CHASSIS WA Omnibus Group;
ex-PARTS Private Owner;
ex-XPF793 KIDS Open Learning School (Maylands);
ex-XPF793 / DB238P motorhome;
ex-Dravo (Cape Lambert);
ex-m/o2172 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (2172)
2204 AEC Regent III O961Comeng 04/49H33/26D
ISV394 unknown (Bridgetown) (sign-written for Toop Motors)
ex-ISV394 Savage (Frenchs Forest NSW)
ex-m/o2204 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (2204)
ex-m/o2204 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (2204)
2224 AEC Regent III 9612E2254Comeng 04/49H33/26R
G462 motorhome;
ex-unknown (promotional vehicle);
ex-Hill (Fairy Meadow NSW);
ex-m/o6265 Industrial Bus Service (Unanderra NSW);
ex-Hill (Fairy Meadow NSW);
ex-m/o2224 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (2224);
ex-m/o2224 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (2224)
2346 AEC Regent III 9612E2322Comeng 10/49H33/26R
Comalco-Dampier Salt;
ex-m/o2346 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (2346);
ex-m/o2346 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (2346)
2378 AEC Regent III 9612E2300Comeng 11/49H33/26R
PH2948 motorhome;
ex-ISN334 / ISA526 Top Deck Travel (Northbridge);
ex-m/o2378 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (2378)
2472 AEC Regent III O9612112Comeng 07/50H33/26R
AEC1948 / 9CR181 motorhome;
ex-411NDC unknown (Karuah NSW);
ex-Page (L) (Singleton NSW);
ex-m/o2472 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (2472);
ex-m/o2472 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (2472)
2474 AEC Regent III O9614233Comeng 11/50H33/26R
JSH000 Ja Joint (Brisbane) [C Day];
ex-JSH000 / motorhome;
ex-m/o2474 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (2474);
ex-m/o2474 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (2474)
2476 AEC Regent III 9612E4232Comeng 01/51H33/26R
ex-KXE734 unknown (Peak Hill NSW);
ex-Private Owner (Landsdale?);
ex-m/o2476 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (2476);
ex-m/o2476 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (2476)
2510 AEC Regent III 9612E5646Clyde 07/51H33/26FR
SW6793 Swanleigh Venturers;
ex-Hills Bus Sales (NSW) (dealer);
ex-m/o2510 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (2510);
ex-m/o2510 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (2510)
2554 AEC Regent III 9612E5649? 5682?Clyde 01/52H33/26FR
Private Owner (Bellendon QLD) (derelict)
ex-m/o2554 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (2554)
ex-m/o2554 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (2554)
2581 AEC Regent III 9612E5692Clyde 02/52H33/26FR
ex-Private Owner (WA);
ex-m/o2581 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (2581);
ex-m/o2581 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (2581)
2641 AEC Regent III 9612E5703Clyde 08/52H33/26FR
KIDS Opening Learning School (Maylands)
ex-KAW198 motorhome
ex-m/o2641 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (2641)
ex-m/o2641 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (2641)
AEC Regent III O961 H33/26R
Wickham Speedway (grandstand)
ex-Department of Government Transport (Sydney)
AEC Regent III O961 H33/26R
JCH800? motorhome
ex-Department of Government Transport (Sydney)
AEC Regent III O961 -/47?H33/26R
6KH072 motorhome;
ex-Department of Government Transport (Sydney)
AEC Regent III O961 H33/26R
XHI213 motorhome
ex-Department of Government Transport (Sydney)
AEC Regent III H33/26R
motorhome `Escape Pod`;
ex-Department of Government Transport (Sydney)
AEC Regent III O961 H33/26R
UOR150? United Church of Northern Australia (Tom Price) `St Nameless`
ex-Department of Government Transport (Sydney)
AEC Regent III O961 H33/26R
6CG097 motorhome;
ex-Department of Government Transport (Sydney)
AEC Regent III 9612E -/50H33/26R
1AFW039 Kalfuel;
ex-Department of Government Transport (Sydney)
AEC Regent III 9612E H33/26R
GWT835 motorhome;
ex-Department of Government Transport (Sydney)
AEC Regent III 9612EClyde -/47?H33/26FR
6KH333 motorhome;
ex-Department of Government Transport (Sydney)
AEC Regent III O961 -/47?
GN11983 motorhome
ex-Department of Government Transport (Sydney)

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