Immigrants - buses that came West

Sydney - DGT Leyland Titan
22 records
1467 Leyland Titan TD5Waddingtons --/38H31/26R
ex-m/o1467 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (1467)
1567 Leyland Titan TD5Waddington --/37
ex-m/o4358 Hadfields (Engadine NSW);
ex-m/o4358 Wilcox (NSW);
ex-m/o1567 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (1567)
1802 Leyland Titan OPD1Comeng
Dardanup Heritage Park
ex-Unknown (Bunbury)
ex-POG978 McCaffertys Coaches (Toowoomba QLD)
ex-m/o1802 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (1802)
1827 Leyland Titan OPD1A460914Clyde -/47H33/26D
6HZ640 motorhome
ex-m/o1827 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (1827)
ex-m/o1827 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (827)
2042 Leyland Titan OPD2/1470787Comeng 06/48H33/26D
Manchester Doors (WA);
ex-m/o6216 Keiraville Bus Service (Wollongong NSW);
ex-Hill (Fairy Meadow NSW);
ex-m/o2042 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (2042)
2130 Leyland Titan OPD2/1481173Clyde 09/48H33/26D
9EE369 motorhome
ex-m/o2130 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (2130)
2133 Leyland Titan OPD2/1481175Clyde H33/28R
XHF537 Rockingham Hotel / Neptunes Night Club;
ex-XHF537 Double Decker Tours;
ex-XHF537 Sangster (H) (Leederville);
ex-Private Owner (Parramatta NSW);
ex-m/o2133 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (2133)
2220 Leyland Titan OPD2/1482798Clyde 03/49H33/26D
XIA301 Fremantle Community School
ex-Hill (Fairy Meadow NSW)
ex-m/o2220 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (2220)
ex-m/o2220 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (2220)
2235 Leyland Titan OPD2/1482797Clyde -/49H33/26D
NGN221 motorhome;
ex-Native Mission Farm (Roelands);
ex-m/o2235 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (2235)
2248 Leyland Titan OPD2/1482990Clyde 05/49H33/28R
ex-Safeway Auto Mart (Hamilton QLD);
ex-B&B Motors (Wollongong NSW);
ex-m/o2248 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (2248)
2255 Leyland Titan OPD2/1482799Clyde --/49H33/26D
Mongomery (Chidlow);
ex-XHE276 ⁄  MH3814 Bennett (A) MP (Perth) (mobile consulting rooms);
ex-m/o2255 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (2255);
ex-m/o2255 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (2255)
2286 Leyland Titan OPD2/1480789Comeng --/49H33/26D
ex-Hill (Fairy Meadow NSW)
ex-m/o2286 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (2286)
2325 Leyland Titan OPD2/1481500Comeng --/49H33/26D
Ken Shafer Smash Repairs (Campbelltown NSW);
ex-COS387 Amaroo Raceway (VIC);
ex-KWU138 ⁄  UNI888 Unipart (Cessnock NSW);
ex-XDT391 Leyland Australia (WA);
ex-m/o2325 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (2325);
ex-m/o2325 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (2325)
2326 Leyland Titan OPD2/1480660Comeng -/49H33/26D
XJS727 motorhome
ex-m/o2326 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (2326)
ex-m/o2326 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (2326)
2490 Leyland Titan OPD2/1Clyde -/50H33/26D
Glenorie Coaches (Dural NSW);
ex-FO1166 ⁄  CE2914 Captain Fells Hobart Tour Bus (Hobart TAS);
ex-motorhome (Southport);
ex-SC328 Unknown (church) (Mt Druitt NSW);
ex-m/o5533 Campbelltown Transit (Campbelltown NSW);
ex-m/o2490 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (2490);
ex-m/o2490 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (2490)
2494 Leyland Titan OPD2/1481898Clyde -/48H33/26D
Q89 Quairading Rural Youth;
ex-Shepherds (Shackelton);
ex-Curtin University (Bentley);
ex-Hill (Fairy Meadow NSW);
ex-m/o2494 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (2494);
ex-m/o2494 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (2494)
2650 Leyland Titan OPD2/1511948Clyde 09/52H33/26D
6LJ687 Private Owner (QLD)
ex-m/o2650 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (2650)
2672 Leyland Titan OPD2/1511305Clyde -/52H33/26D
8AX164 motorhome
ex-Private Owner (Fyshwick ACT)
ex-JXL360 Comalco Aluminium
ex-Hill (Fairy Meadow NSW)
ex-m/o2672 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (2672)
ex-m/o2672 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (2672)
2675 Leyland Titan OPD2/1512326Clyde -/52H33/26D
6AG391 motorhome
ex-Hill (Fairy Meadow NSW)
ex-m/o2675 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (2675)
ex-m/o2675 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (2675)
2724 Leyland Titan OPD2/1512626Clyde -/53H33/26D
MH1306 Mandurah Fabrics;
ex-Private Owner (Lesmurdie);
ex-m/o2724 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (2724);
ex-m/o2724 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (2724)
2725 Leyland Titan OPD2/1512741Clyde -/53H33/26D
ex-Private Owner
ex-m/o2725 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (2725)
2859 Leyland Titan OPD2/1512328Comeng --/54FB31FR
ex-m/o2859 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (2859)
ex-m/o2859 Department of Government Transport (Sydney) (2859)

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