Immigrants - buses that came West

Sydney - STA Mercedes Benz O305
22 records

1776 Mercedes-Benz O305307-001-21-004773PMC Mk I01108/77B42D
TC4843 Bellevue Bus Lines [H Carrington]
ex-Fluor-Nickel (WA)
ex-m/o8261 Southtrans (Taren Point NSW) (58)
ex-(not operated) Bathurst Coaches
ex-m/o1776 State Transit Authority (Sydney) (1776)
ex-m/o1776 Urban Transit Authority (Sydney) (1776)
ex-m/o1776 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (1776)
m/o1819 Mercedes-Benz O30530700121005350Coachworks Orana054-/99B49F
CVL3102 Perth Bus [A Chalkley]
ex-CVL3102 Pats Bus Charters (Malaga)
ex-CVL2387 / TC6571 Day & Night Charters
ex-TC6571 CityBus [A J Chalkley]
ex-2038MO / MO1220 Busways North Coast (NSW) (688)
ex-MO1220 King Bros (Kempsey NSW) (25)
ex-m/o8078 Forest Coach Lines (Terry Hills NSW)
ex-m/o1819 State Transit Authority (Sydney) (1819)
ex-m/o1819 Urban Transit Authority (Sydney) (1819)
ex-m/o1819 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (1819)
1848 Mercedes-Benz O30530700121005551PMC 08311/77B42D
Private Owner (Wannamal)
ex-Eurest Catering
ex-Fluor Daniel Nickel Mine (Leonora)
ex-m/o7075 Southtrans (Taren Point NSW) (51)
ex-m/o1848 State Transit Authority (Sydney) (1848)
ex-m/o1848 Urban Transit Authority (Sydney) (1848)
ex-m/o1848 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (1848)
1862 Mercedes-Benz O305307-001-21-005664Coachworks Orana-/99B45F
CVL3208 GoPartyBus Rainbow
ex-1047MO Skennars Bus & Coach Line (Kirrawee NSW) [Kurnell]
ex-1047MO / MO5085 Busways North Coast (Laurieton NSW) (525)
ex-MO5085 King Bros (Kempsey NSW) (5)
ex-MO4078 King Bros Bus Service (Kempsey NSW) (5)
ex-m/o8080 Forest Coach Lines (Terry Hills NSW)
ex-m/o1862 State Transit Authority (Sydney) (1862)
ex-m/o1862 Urban Transit Authority (Sydney) (1862)
1865 Mercedes-Benz O305307-001-21-005675PMC 10012/77B42D
Fluor Daniel Nickel Mine (Leonora)
ex-m/o7052 Southtrans (Taren Point NSW) (48)
ex-m/o1865 State Transit Authority (Sydney) (1865)
ex-m/o1865 Urban Transit Authority (Sydney) (1865)
ex-m/o1865 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (1865)
m/o1866 Mercedes-Benz O30530700121005682Coachworks Orana-/99B45F
CVL4206 / CVL2308 GoPartyBus Garfield
ex-5657MO Skennars Bus & Coach Line (Kurnell NSW)
ex-5657MO / MO5278 Busways North Coast (Macksville NSW) (631)
ex-(not operated) King Bros (Kempsey NSW)
ex-m/o8516 Forest Coach Lines (Terry Hills NSW)
ex-m/o1866 State Transit Authority (Sydney) (1866)
ex-m/o1866 Urban Transit Authority (Sydney) (1866)
ex-m/o1866 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (1866)
1870 Mercedes-Benz O305307-001-21-005701PMC Mk I10512/77B42D
BM22253 motorhome
ex-TC2319 Pearl Town Bus Service (Broome)
ex-375BXY Stonestreets Coaches (Toowoomba QLD) (2)
ex-(not operated) Simes Bros (Lismore NSW)
ex-m/o1870 State Transit Authority (Sydney) (1870)
ex-m/o1870 Urban Transit Authority (Sydney) (1870)
ex-m/o1870 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (1870)
1898 Mercedes-Benz O305307-001-21-005819PMC 13302/78B42D
Fluor Daniel Nickel Mine (Leonora)
ex-m/o7053 Southtrans (Menai NSW) [Deanes Coaches (South)] (47)
ex-m/o1898 State Transit Authority (Sydney) (1898)
ex-m/o1898 Urban Transit Authority (Sydney) (1898)
ex-m/o1898 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (1898)
m/o1904 Mercedes-Benz O30530700121005843Coachworks Orana-/99B49F
CVL3003 All Ways Perth Bus (Bellevue)
ex-5656MO Skennars Bus & Coach Line (Kirrawee NSW) [Kurnell Bus Lines]
ex-5656MO / MO2170 Busways North Coast (Macksville NSW) (660)
ex-MO2170 King Bros (Kempsey NSW) (23)
ex-MO2170 King Bros (Kempsey NSW) (27)
ex-MO2170 Johnson (Kempsey NSW) (26)
ex-MO2170 King Bus Service (Kempsey NSW) (26)
ex-(not operated) Simes Bros Bus Service (Lismore NSW)
ex-m/o1904 State Transit Authority (Sydney) (1904)
ex-m/o1904 Urban Transit Authority (Sydney) (1904)
ex-m/o1904 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (1904)
1913 Mercedes-Benz O30530700121005888PMCA 160214807/92C57F
1HZK622 unknown
ex-CVL2504 West Coast Bus Charters [GoPartyBus] (WCBC13)
ex-CVL2504 / TC4327 / 1EET436 Midland Bus Co (Bellevue) (68)
ex-1EET436 Westwide Charter (M5)
ex-3040AO / EUV456 Panorama Coaches (Diamond Creek VIC) (40)
ex-m/o1913 State Transit Authority (Sydney) (1913)
ex-m/o1913 Urban Transit Authority (Sydney) (1913)
ex-m/o1913 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (1913)
1938 Mercedes-Benz O30530700121006031PMCA 160229505/93C57F
CVL2505 West Coast Bus Charters [GoPartyBus]
ex-CVL2505 Midland Bus Co (Bellevue) (69)
ex-TC4782 / 1EET437 Midland Bus Co (Bellevue)
ex-1EET437 Westwide Charter (M6)
ex-3048AO / PCV996 / FFM729 Panorama Coaches (Diamond Creek VIC) (48)
ex-m/o1938 State Transit Authority (Sydney) (1938)
ex-m/o1938 Urban Transit Authority (Sydney) (1938)
ex-m/o1938 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (1938)
1948 Mercedes-Benz O30530700121006068Coachworks Orana183-/99B45F
CVL3081 / CVL1451 / TC6560 GoPartyBus (11) Grey
ex-TC6560 Scarborough Bus [A Chalkley]
ex-5072MO / MO4186 Busways (NSW) (523)
ex-MO4186 King Bros (Kempsey NSW) (26)
ex-m/o7845 Forest Coach Lines (Terry Hills NSW)
ex-m/o1948 State Transit Authority (Sydney) (1948)
ex-m/o1948 Urban Transit Authority (Sydney) (1948)
ex-m/o1948 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (1948)
1949 Mercedes-Benz O305307-001-21-006075PMC Mk I18405/78B42D
TC3698 Midland Bus Co (Bellevue)
ex-1BSK008 Bellevue Bus Lines [H Carrington]
ex-unknown (mine transport)
ex-m/o8474 Shorelink (Mt Kuring-gai NSW) [J A Gilbert] (52)
ex-m/o8474 Kuring-gai Bus Co (Gordon NSW)
ex-m/o8474 Shorelink (Mt Kuring-gai NSW) [Hornsby Bus Group] (1)
ex-(not operated) East West Bus Lines (Gordon NSW)
ex-m/o1949 State Transit Authority (Sydney) (1949)
ex-m/o1949 Urban Transit Authority (Sydney) (1949)
ex-m/o1949 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (1949)
m/o1953 Mercedes-Benz O30530700121006168Coachworks Orana-/99B45F
CVL3242 GoPartyBus Black
ex-2035MO Skennars Bus & Coach Line (Kirrawee NSW)
ex-2035MO / MO2164 Busways (Glendenning NSW) (689)
ex-MO2164 King Bros (Kempsey NSW) (24)
ex-MO2164 Johnson (Pt Hedland)
ex-MO2164 King Bros (Kempsey NSW) (25)
ex-m/o1953 State Transit Authority (Sydney) (1953)
ex-m/o1953 Urban Transit Authority (Sydney) (1953)
ex-m/o1953 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (1953)
1978 Mercedes-Benz O305307-001-21-006822PMC 501309/78B42D
1AKA913 Lake Argyle Cruises [S Sharpe] `Big Bertha`
ex-m/o1978 State Transit Authority (Sydney) (1978)
ex-m/o1978 Urban Transit Authority (Sydney) (1978)
ex-m/o1978 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (1978)
m/o2034 Mercedes-Benz O305307-001-21-007077PMC Mk II506912/78B43C
1AJP950 Collins (D) (Dianella)
ex-m/o2034 State Transit Authority (Sydney)
ex-m/o2034 Urban Transit Authority (Sydney)
ex-m/o2034 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (2034)
2038 Mercedes-Benz O30530700121007093PMC Mk II507312/78B42D
ex-TC3986 Pearl Town Bus Service (Broome)
ex-State Transit Authority (Sydney) (2038)
ex-m/o2038 Urban Transit Authority (Sydney) (2038)
ex-m/o2038 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (2038)
2072 Mercedes-Benz O30530700121007296PMC Mk II510702/79B42D
ELFORD / OEV002 / KBC4924 motorhome
ex-TV7961 / m/o5479 Bennetts Bus & Coach (Leppington NSW)
ex-m/o5479 / MO3171 Skennars Bus & Coach Line (Kurnell NSW)
ex-MO3171 Wards Yamba-Maclean Buses (Maclean NSW)
ex-MO3171 Sawtell Bus Service (NSW) `Agro`
ex-m/o2072 State Transit Authority (Sydney) (2072)
ex-m/o2072 Urban Transit Authority (Sydney) (2072)
ex-m/o2072 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (2072)
2219 Mercedes-Benz O305PMC B42D
Pearl Town Bus Service (Broome)
ex-m/o2219 State Transit Authority (Sydney) (2219)
ex-m/o2219 Urban Transit Authority (Sydney) (2219)
ex-m/o2219 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (2219)
2330 Mercedes-Benz O305307-001-21-020233PMC 536502/80B47F
TC5767 Buswest
ex-TC5767 Transwest Coach Services (Willetton)
ex-TC5767 Coastal Bus Charters (North Fremantle) [R Perozzi]
ex-MO0830 Sawtell Coaches (Sawtell NSW) Noddy
ex-m/o2330 State Transport Authority (Adelaide) (2330)
ex-m/o2330 Urban Transit Authority (Sydney) (2330)
ex-m/o2330 Public Transport Commission (Sydney) (2330)
2406 Mercedes-Benz O30530700161021390PMC 544105/80B43D
TC3810 South West Coach Lines [Veolia]
ex-TC3810 South West Coach Lines [D Adams]
ex-m/o2406 State Transit Authority (Sydney) (2406)
ex-m/o2406 Urban Transit Authority (Sydney) (2406)
m/o2461 Mercedes-Benz O305307 001 61 022508PMC 549608/80B19F
BPSWA / 1HYL825 Bus Preservation Society of WA (Whiteman Park) (2461)
ex-1DUE816 Veolia Transport
ex-TC3811 South West Coach Lines [D Adams]
ex-m/o2461 State Transit Authority (Sydney) (2461)
ex-m/o2461 Urban Transit Authority (Sydney) (2461)

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