Esperance Bus Service
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1440 Mercedes-Benz OC500LEWEB63442021000335Volgren CR228LVP093912/10B43Dw13.4
TP1440 Esperance Bus Service [TransEsperance] (1440)
ex-TP1440 Busy Blue Bus [TransEsperance] (1440)
ex-TP1440 Swan Transit [TransBunbury] (1440)
ex-TP1440 Transdev [TransBunbury] (1440)
ex-TP1440 Swan Transit [Transperth] (1440)
1452 Mercedes-Benz OC500LEWEB63442021000414Volgren CR228LVP097606/11B43Dw13.0
TP1452 Esperance Bus Service [TransEsperance] (1452)
ex-TP1452 Busy Blue Bus [TransEsperance] (1452)
ex-TP1452 PATH Transit [TransGoldfields] (1452)
ex-TP1452 PATH Transit [Transperth] (1452)
ex-TP1452 Swan Transit [Transperth] (1452)
1453 Mercedes-Benz OC500LEWEB63442021000415Volgren CR228LVP097704/11B43Dw13.1
TP1453 Esperance Bus Service [TransEsperance] (1453)
ex-TP1453 Busy Blue Bus [TransEsperance] (1453)
ex-TP1453 PATH Transit [TransGoldfields] (1453)
ex-TP1453 Swan Transit [Transperth] (1453)
1454 Mercedes-Benz OC500LEWEB63442021000416Volgren CR228LVP097804/11B43Dw13.1
TP1454 Esperance Bus Service [TransEsperance] (1454)
ex-TP1454 Busy Blue Bus [TransEsperance] (1454)
ex-TP1454 PATH Transit [TransGoldfields] (1454)
ex-TP1454 PATH Transit [Transperth] (1454)
ex-TP1454 Swan Transit [Transperth] (1454)
1455 Mercedes-Benz OC500LEWEB63442021000418Volgren CR228LVP098105/11B43Dw13.0
TP1455 Esperance Bus Service [TransEsperance] (1455)
ex-TP1455 Busy Blue Bus [TransEsperance] (1455)
ex-TP1455 Redlion Bus & Coach [TransEsperance] (1455)
ex-TP1455 Swan Transit [Transperth] (1455)
1456 Mercedes-Benz OC500LEWEB63442021000408Volgren CR228LVP098305/11B43Dw13.0
TP1456 Esperance Bus Service [TransEsperance] (1456)
ex-TP1456 Busy Blue Bus [TransEsperance] (1456)
ex-TP1456 PATH Transit [TransGoldfields] (1456)
ex-TP1456 PATH Transit [Transperth] (1456)
ex-TP1456 Swan Transit [Transperth] (1456)
1457 Mercedes-Benz OC500LEWEB63442021000426Volgren CR228LVP098405/11B43Dw13.0
TP1457 Esperance Bus Service [TransEsperance] (1457)
ex-TP1457 Busy Blue Bus [TransEsperance] (1457)
ex-TP1457 Redlion Bus & Coach [TransEsperance] (1457)
ex-TP1457 Swan Transit [Transperth] (1457)
2107 Mercedes-Benz OC500LEWEB63442021000390Volgren CR228LVP096803/11B43Dw13.1
TP2107 Esperance Bus Service [TransEsperance] (2107)
ex-TP2107 Busy Blue Bus [TransEsperance] (2107)
ex-TP2107 PATH Transit [TransGoldfields] (2107)
ex-TP2107 Transdev [Transperth] (2107)
ex-TP2107 PATH Transit [Transperth] (2107)

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