13 records
1442 Mercedes-Benz OC500LEWEB63442021000358Volgren CR228LVP094312/10B43Dw12.1
TP1442 Go West [TransKarratha] (1442);
ex-TP1442 Fortescue Bus Service [TransHedland] (1442);
ex-TP1442 Swan Transit [TransAlbany] (1442);
ex-TP1442 Loves Bus Service [TransAlbany] (1442);
ex-TP1442 PATH Transit [Transperth] (1442);
ex-TP1442 Swan Transit [Transperth] (1442)
1443 Mercedes-Benz OC500LEWEB63442021000359Volgren CR228LVP094501/11B43Dw12.1
TP1443 Go West [TransKarratha] (1443);
ex-TP1443 Fortescue Bus Service [TransHedland] (1443);
ex-TP1443 Swan Transit [TransAlbany] (1443);
ex-TP1443 Loves Bus Service [TransAlbany] (1443);
ex-TP1443 Swan Transit [Transperth] (1443)
1444 Mercedes-Benz OC500LEWEB63442021000361Volgren CR228LVP094801/11B43Dw12.0
TP1444 Go West [TransKarratha] (1444);
ex-TP1444 Fortescue Bus Service [TransHedland] (1444);
ex-TP1444 Swan Transit [TransAlbany] (1444);
ex-TP1444 Loves Bus Service [TransAlbany] (1444);
ex-TP1444 PATH Transit [Transperth] (1444);
ex-TP1444 Swan Transit [Transperth] (1444)
1445 Mercedes-Benz OC500LEWEB63442021000362Volgren CR228LVP094902/11B43Dw12.0
TP1445 Go West [TransKarratha] (1445);
ex-TP1445 Fortescue Bus Service [TransHedland] (1445);
ex-TP1445 Swan Transit [TransAlbany] (1445);
ex-TP1445 Loves Bus Service [TransAlbany] (1445);
ex-TP1445 Swan Transit [Transperth] (1445)
1458 Mercedes-Benz OC500LEWEB63442021000437Volgren CR228LVP098905/11B43Dw11.7
TP1458 Go West [TransKarratha] (1458);
ex-TP1458 Swan Transit [TransBunbury] (1458);
ex-TP1458 Swan Transit [TransBusselton] (1458);
ex-TP1458 PATH Transit [Transperth] (1458);
ex-TP1458 Swan Transit [Transperth] (1458)
2108 Mercedes-Benz OC500LEWEB63442021000389Volgren CR228LVP096904/11B43Dw11.8
TP2108 Go West [TransKarratha] (2108);
ex-TP2108 Swan Transit [TransBusselton] (2108);
ex-TP2108 Transdev [Transperth] (2108);
ex-TP2108 PATH Transit [Transperth] (2108)
2204 Mercedes-Benz OC500LEWEB63442021000377Volgren CR228LVP095502/11B43Dw11.9
TP2204 Go West [TransKarratha] (2204);
ex-TP2204 Fortescue Bus Service [TransHedland] (2204);
ex-TP2204 Transdev [Transperth] (2204)
2210 Mercedes-Benz OC500LEWEB63442021000409Volgren CR228LVP098605/11B43Dw11.7
TP2210 Go West [TransKarratha] (2210);
ex-TP2210 Transdev [Transperth] (2210)
2211 Mercedes-Benz OC500LEWEB63442021000435Volgren CR228LVP098705/11B43Dw11.7
TP2211 Go West [TransKarratha] (2211);
ex-TP2211 Transdev [Transperth] (2211)
2212 Mercedes-Benz OC500LEWEB63442021000436Volgren CR228LVP098805/11B43Dw11.7
TP2212 Go West [TransKarratha] (2212);
ex-TP2212 Transdev [Transperth] (2212)
2213 Mercedes-Benz OC500LEWEB63442021000410Volgren CR228LVP099206/11B43Dw11.7
TP2213 Go West [TransKarratha] (2213);
ex-TP2213 Transdev [Transperth] (2213)
2214 Mercedes-Benz OC500LEWEB63442021000449Volgren CR228LVP100808/11B43Dw11.4
TP2215 Go West [TransKarratha] (2214);
ex-TP2214 Transdev [Transperth] (2214)
2215 Mercedes-Benz OC500LEWEB63442021000450Volgren CR228LVP100909/11B41Dw11.4
TP2215 Go West [TransKarratha] (2215);
ex-TP2215 Transdev [Transperth] (2215)

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