Emigrants - buses that went East

Katoomba-Leura Bus Service (Katoomba NSW)
9 records

446 MO706 Leyland Worldmaster ERT1/1612625MartinNixon 05/62B49F
MO706 Katoomba-Leura Bus Service (Katoomba NSW)
ex-Allspares (Belmont) (dealer)
ex-UQB446 / WAG8446 / UAN418 MTT (446)
451 MO3540 Leyland Worldmaster ERT1/1612684Campbell&Mannix 07/62B49F
MO3540 Katoomba-Leura Bus Service (Katoomba NSW)
ex-Allspares (Belmont) (dealer)
ex-UQB451 / WAG8451 / UAN425 MTT (451)
MO3543 Leyland Worldmaster ERT1/1611260Bolton 09/61B49F
MO3543 Katoomba-Leura Bus Service (Katoomba NSW)
ex-Allspares (Belmont) (dealer)
ex-UQB499 MTT (499)
ex-UQB433 / WAG8433 / UAN390 MTT (433)
449 MO4008 Leyland Worldmaster ERT1/1612355Campbell&Mannix 02/62B49F
MO4008 Katoomba-Leura Bus Service (Katoomba NSW)
ex-Allspares (Belmont) (dealer)
ex-UQB449 / WAG8449 / UAN405 MTT (449)
442 MO4008 Leyland Worldmaster ERT1/1612352CustomCoaches 89-8308/89RB53F
BV55JA Paradise Tours (St Peters NSW)
ex-1677MO / MO4008 Blue Mountains Bus Co / Mountainlink / Pearce Omnibus (Katoomba NSW)
ex-MO4008 / MO705 / TV1250 Katoomba-Leura Bus Service (Katoomba NSW)
ex-Allspares (Belmont) (dealer)
ex-UQB442 / WAG8442 / UAN415 MTT (442)
MO4435 IBC Mk III-Cat 1160 RESuperior B29111/76C45F
KW5234 Non-PSV (Bunbury)
ex-TC336 Aussie Perth Tours
ex-TC336 Varcoe (Busselton)
ex-TC336 Halls Head Charter (Barragup) [M J Gauci]
ex-TC336 Broome Coach Lines
ex-MO4435 / TV658 / TV315 Katoomba-Leura Bus Service (Katoomba NSW)
ex-TV315 Jannali-Como (Janali NSW) [Coleman]
? MO5725 Leyland Worldmaster ERT1/1 B49F
MO5725 Katoomba-Leura Bus Service (Katoomba NSW)
? MO9475 Leyland Worldmaster ERT1/1575598PMC 142104/84B57F
3759MO / MO9475 Blue Mountains Bus Co / Mountainlink / Pearce Omnibus (Katoomba NSW)
ex-MO9475 Katoomba-Leura Bus Service (Katoomba NSW)
500 MO9476 AEC Regal VI U2RA001Bolton 10/62B49F
unknown (NSW)
ex-MO9476 Katoomba-Leura Bus Service (Katoomba NSW)
ex-KOV997 Fairfield-Cabramatta Police Boys Club (NSW)
ex-(not operated) Bosnjak Bus Service (Edensor Park NSW)
ex-Smithfield Coach Imports (NSW)
ex-UQB500 / WAG8500 / UAN443 MTT (500)

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