Emigrants - buses that went East

Nuline Charter (Moorabbin East VIC)
7 records

H58 Denning Landseer6F9LSBF30LA001074Denning Landseer138710/90RC48Ft
8844H7 / BS00GV Nuline Charter (Moorabbin East VIC) (H58)
ex-BS00GV Nuline Charter (Moorabbin East VIC) (58)
ex-2749AO Nuline Charter (Moorabbin East VIC) (5)
ex-EFT234 Mees Bus Lines (Heidelberg Heights VIC) (5)
43 Volvo B11RYV3T2S924FA172687CoachConcepts 28607/16C50Dt
BS02JA Nuline Charter (Moorabbin East VIC) (43)
ex-BS02JA Nuline Charter (Moorabbin East VIC) (43B)
1702 78 Mercedes-Benz O405NHWEB61241821091752Volgren CR225LVP000101/99B41Dw
BS05IS Nuline Charter (Moorabbin East VIC) (78)
ex-7923MO Simes Bros (Lismore NSW) (32)
ex-TP1702 PATH Transit [Transperth] (1702)
1145 83 Mercedes-Benz O405NHWEB61241821091410Volgren CR225LVG114808/99B41Dw
BS04NU Nuline Charter (Moorabbin East VIC) (83)
ex-TP1145 Transdev [Transperth] (1145)
1141 107 Mercedes-Benz O405NHWEB61241821091369Volgren CR225LVG110302/99B41Dw
BS05IU / 7924MO Nuline Charter (Moorabbin East VIC) (107)
ex-7924MO Simes Bros (Lismore NSW) (33)
ex-TP1141 Transdev [Transperth] (1141)
1823 211 Mercedes-Benz O405NHWEB61241821098688Volgren CR225LVP015805/01B33Dw
BS08AP Nuline Charter (Moorabbin East VIC) (211)
ex-TP1823 Swan Transit [Transperth] (1823)
ex-TP1823 Transdev [Transperth] (1823)
ex-TP1823 PATH Transit [Transperth] (1823)
1842 212 Mercedes-Benz O405NHWEB61241821098692Volgren CR225LVP018010/01B33Dw
BS10PS Nuline Charter (Moorabbin East VIC) (212)
ex-(not operated) Donric (Sunbury VIC)
ex-TP1842 Swan Transit [Transperth] (1842)
ex-TP1842 PATH Transit [Transperth] (1842)


32 Volvo B7RYV3R6H1143A006136Autobus C57F
1GUM621 Bunbury Bus Charters [B Pilatti] (60)
ex-7543AO Panorama Coaches (Diamond Creek VIC) [Dineen] (12)
ex-7543AO Martyrs Bus Lines (Warburton VIC) [Dineen] (43)
ex-5432AO Martyrs Bus Lines (Warburton VIC) [Mountjoy] (43)
ex-5432AO Nuline Charter (Moorabbin East VIC) (32)
34 Volvo B9RYV3S5P722DA161686CoachConcepts C48Dt
0217AO Simcocks (Pakenham VIC)
ex-5434AO Nuline Charter (Moorabbin East VIC) (34)
45 Volvo B10MYV31MFC1XFD010905VolgrenQ B55F
7845AO Nuline Charter (Moorabbin East VIC) (45)
ex-1CTW821 / TC3214 Loves Bus Service (Bunbury)
ex-TC2491 Van Kuyls Bus & Coach Charters (Kelmscott) [B L & K L Van Kuyl]
ex-7DE941 Loves Bus Service (Bunbury)
ex-7DE941 BHP Joint Venture (Port Hedland)
60 IVECO Turbo Daily 50C15ZCFC50A000D214349IVECO C13C
9674AO Nuline Charter (Moorabbin East VIC) (60)
ex-9674AO Nuline Charter (Moorabbin East VIC) (74)
ex-TC4955 Adams Coachlines (CV3)
ex-TC4955 Australian Pinnacle Tours (55)
66 Mitsubishi Rosa BE600JLFBE649J0BD01356MMC C24C
XW36FF unknown (VIC)
ex-7163AO Nuline Charter (Moorabbin East VIC) (66)
ex-7163AO Victorian Touring Coaches (Moorabbin VIC) (63)
ex-3039AO Victorian Touring Coaches (Moorabbin VIC) (39)
ex-3039AO Panorama Coaches (Diamond Creek VIC) (39)
ex-unknown (orange school bus)
66 Denning DenAirDA714-383-79Denning DenAirRC49F
1IK7NZ motorhome
ex-0611AC Sandringham & Brighton Coaches (Sandringham VIC) (11)
ex-NLO938 / AOT259 Nuline Charter (Bentleigh VIC) (66)
ex-AOT259 Dysons Bus Service (Bundoora VIC)
67 Higer Ryder H8200LKLR1ESE0AA535583Higer C20F
XQ82PD motorhome;
ex-9950AO / 1615AC Nuline Charter (Moorabbin East VIC) (67);
ex-1615AC Young at Heart Holidays (Forest Hill VIC)
1142 82 Mercedes-Benz O405NHWEB61241821091739Volgren CR225LB41Dw
BS04EZ Mees Bus Lines (Heidelberg Heights VIC) (46)
ex-BS04EZ Nuline Charter (Moorabbin East VIC) (82)
ex-TP1142 Transdev [Transperth] (1142)
1511 84 Mercedes-Benz O405NHWEB61241821092350Volgren CR225LB41Dw
BS04MS Nuline Charter (Moorabbin East VIC) (84);
ex-TP1511 Swan Transit [Transperth] (1511)
91 Toyota Coaster HB300006373Toyota B22C
SVP348 motorhome
ex-SUK268 / 0691AO / EDG130 Nuline Charter (Moorabbin East VIC) (91)
ex-EDG130 Nuline Bus Service (VIC) [Coop] (91)
ex-EDG130 Bayswide Coaches (Moorabbin East VIC) (91)
ex-EDG130 Casey Coaches (East Bentleigh VIC)
ex-TC2058 Safari Treks Australia (Maylands) [N Crane]
1144 108 Mercedes-Benz O405NHWEB61241821091396Volgren CR225LB39Dw
BS05JW Nuline Charter (Moorabbin East VIC) (108)
ex-7218MO Simes Bros (Lismore NSW) (31)
ex-TP1144 Transdev [Transperth] (1144)

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