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SBS01 Mercedes-Benz OH1830L9BM3821769B639401Volgren SC222VP082408/09B57F14.7
SBS01 Buswest [PTA SBS]
ex-SBS01 Loves Bus Service (Bunbury) [PTA SBS]
SBS02 Mercedes-Benz OH1830L9BM3821769B640033Volgren SC222VP082508/09B57F14.7
SBS02 Buswest [PTA SBS]
ex-SBS02 Loves Bus Service (Bunbury) [PTA SBS]
SBS03 Mercedes-Benz OH1830L9BM3821769B640317Volgren SC222VP082608/09B57F14.7
SBS03 Buswest [PTA SBS]
ex-SBS03 Loves Bus Service (Bunbury) [PTA SBS]
SBS04 Mercedes-Benz OH1830L9BM3821769B637220Volgren SC222VP082709/09B57F14.6
SBS04 Buswest [PTA SBS]
ex-SBS04 Loves Bus Service (Bunbury) [PTA SBS]
SBS05 Mercedes-Benz OH1830L9BM3821769B638490Volgren SC222VP083009/09B57F14.6
SBS05 Buswest [PTA SBS]
ex-SBS05 Loves Bus Service (Bunbury) [PTA SBS]
SBS06 Mercedes-Benz OH1830L9BM3821769B654449Volgren SC222VP083109/09B57F14.6
SBS06 Buswest [PTA SBS]
ex-SBS06 Loves Bus Service (Bunbury) [PTA SBS]
SBS07 Mercedes-Benz OH1830L9BM3821769B656787Volgren SC222VP083409/09B57F14.6
SBS07 Buswest [PTA SBS]
ex-SBS07 Loves Bus Service (Bunbury) [PTA SBS]
SBS08 Mercedes-Benz OH1830L9BM3821769B654840Volgren SC222VP083510/09B57F14.6
SBS08 Buswest [PTA SBS]
ex-SBS08 Loves Bus Service (Bunbury) [PTA SBS]
SBS09 Mercedes-Benz OH1830L9BM3821769B655299Volgren SC222VP083810/09B57F14.6
SBS09 Buswest [PTA SBS]
ex-SBS09 Loves Bus Service (Bunbury) [PTA SBS]
SBS10 Mercedes-Benz OH1830L9BM3821769B657578Volgren SC222VP083910/09B57F14.6
SBS10 Buswest [PTA SBS]
ex-SBS10 Loves Bus Service (Bunbury) [PTA SBS]
SBS11 Mercedes-Benz OH1830L9BM3821769B658750Volgren SC222VP084210/09B57F14.6
SBS11 Buswest [PTA SBS]
ex-SBS11 Loves Bus Service (Bunbury) [PTA SBS]
SBS12 Mercedes-Benz OH1830L9BM3821769B657073Volgren SC222VP084310/09B57F14.6
SBS12 Buswest [PTA SBS]
ex-SBS12 Loves Bus Service (Bunbury) [PTA SBS]
SBS13 Mercedes-Benz OH1830L9BM3821769B653831Volgren SC222VG284909/09B57F14.6
SBS13 Buswest [PTA SBS]
ex-SBS13 Loves Bus Service (Bunbury) [PTA SBS]
SBS14 Mercedes-Benz OH1830L9BM3821769B655600Volgren SC222VG285009/09B57F14.6
SBS14 Buswest [PTA SBS]
ex-SBS14 Loves Bus Service (Bunbury) [PTA SBS]
SBS15 Mercedes-Benz OH1830L9BM3821769B655613Volgren SC222VG285109/09B57F14.6
SBS15 Buswest [PTA SBS]
ex-SBS15 Loves Bus Service (Bunbury) [PTA SBS]
SBS16 Mercedes-Benz OH1830L9BM3821769B656837Volgren SC222VG285209/09B57F14.6
SBS16 Buswest [PTA SBS]
ex-SBS16 Loves Bus Service (Bunbury) [PTA SBS]
SBS17 Mercedes-Benz OH1830L9BM382176AB703681Volgren SC222VP091110/09B57F14.6
SBS17 Buswest [PTA SBS]
ex-SBS17 Loves Bus Service (Bunbury) [PTA SBS]
SBS18 Mercedes-Benz OH1830L9BM3821769B704353Volgren SC222VP091206/10B57F13.9
SBS18 Buswest [PTA SBS]
ex-SBS18 Loves Bus Service (Bunbury) [PTA SBS]
SBS19 Mercedes-Benz OH1830L9BM382177AB740823Volgren SC222VP1011-/11B57F13.3
SBS19 Buswest [PTA SBS]
ex-SBS19 Veolia Transport (Bunbury) [PTA SBS]
SBS20 Mercedes-Benz OH1830L9BM382177AB741610Volgren SC222VP1010-/11B57F13.3
SBS20 Buswest [PTA SBS]
ex-SBS20 Veolia Transport (Bunbury) [PTA SBS]
SBS21 Mercedes-Benz OH1830L9BM382177AB739474Volgren SC222VP1012-/11B57F13.3
SBS21 Buswest [PTA SBS]
ex-SBS21 Veolia Transport (Bunbury) [PTA SBS]
SBS22 Mercedes-Benz OH1830L9BM382177AB758718Volgren SC222VP1013-/11B57F13.3
SBS22 Buswest [PTA SBS]
ex-SBS22 Veolia Transport (Bunbury) [PTA SBS]
SBS23 Mercedes-Benz OH1830L9BM382177AB761705Volgren SC222VP1014-/11B57F13.3
SBS23 Buswest [PTA SBS]
ex-SBS23 Veolia Transport (Bunbury) [PTA SBS]
SBS24 Mercedes-Benz OH1830L9BM382177AB762542Volgren SC222VP1016-/11B57F13.3
SBS24 Buswest [PTA SBS]
ex-SBS24 Veolia Transport (Bunbury) [PTA SBS] (Bunbury)
SBS25 Mercedes-Benz OH1830L9BM382177AB762818Volgren SC222VP1018-/11B57F13.3
SBS25 Buswest [PTA SBS]
ex-SBS25 Veolia Transport (Bunbury) [PTA SBS]
SBS26 Mercedes-Benz OH1830L9BM382177AB741024Volgren SC222VP1017-/11B57F13.3
SBS26 Buswest [PTA SBS]
ex-SBS26 Veolia Transport (Bunbury) [PTA SBS]
SBS27 Mercedes-Benz OH1830L9BM382177AB757910Volgren SC222VP1019-/11B57F13.3
SBS27 Buswest
ex-SBS27 Veolia Transport (Bunbury) [PTA SBS] UNCONFIRMED
SBS31 Mercedes-Benz OH1830L9BM382177BB784744Volgren VG3287-/11B57F13.3
SBS31 Buswest [PTA SBS]
ex-SBS31 unknown (orange school bus) [PTA SBS]
SBS32 Mercedes-Benz OH1830L9BM382177BB785025Volgren SC222VG3288-/11B57F13.3
SBS32 Buswest [PTA SBS]
ex-SBS32 Veolia Transport (Bunbury) [PTA SBS]
SBS33 Mercedes-Benz OH1830L9BM382177BB785266Volgren SC222VG3289-/11B57F13.3
SBS33 Buswest [PTA SBS]
ex-SBS33 Veolia Transport (Bunbury) [PTA SBS]
SBS34 Mercedes-Benz OH1830L9BM382177BB782184Volgren SC222VG3290-/11B57F13.3
SBS34 Buswest [PTA SBS]
ex-SBS34 Veolia Transport (Bunbury) [PTA SBS]
SBS35 Mercedes-Benz OH1830L9BM382177BB784475Volgren SC222VG3291-/11B57F13.3
SBS35 Buswest [PTA SBS]
ex-SBS35 Veolia Transport (Bunbury) [PTA SBS]
SBS36 Mercedes-Benz OH1830L9BM382177BB784699Volgren SC222VG3292-/11B57F13.3
SBS36 Buswest [PTA SBS]
ex-SBS36 Veolia Transport (Bunbury) [PTA SBS]
SBS37 Mercedes-Benz OH1830L9BM382177BB785006Volgren SC222-/11B57F13.3
SBS37 Buswest [PTA SBS]
ex-SBS37 Veolia Transport (Bunbury) [PTA SBS]
SBS38 Mercedes-Benz OH1830L9BM382177BB790423Volgren SC222VG333412/11B57F12.4
SBS38 Buswest [PTA SBS]
ex-SBS38 Veolia Transport (Bunbury) [PTA SBS]
SBS39 Mercedes-Benz OH1830L9BM382177BB788971Volgren SC222VG3345-/12B57F12.3
SBS39 Buswest [PTA SBS]
ex-SBS39 Veolia Transport (Bunbury) [PTA SBS]
SBS40 Mercedes-Benz OH1830L9BM382177BB790888Volgren SC222VG3339-/12B57F12.3
SBS40 Buswest [PTA SBS]
ex-SBS40 Veolia Transport (Bunbury) [PTA SBS]
SBS41 Mercedes-Benz OH1830L9BM382177BB792312Volgren SC222VG3352-/12B57F12.3
SBS41 Buswest
ex-SBS41 Veolia Transport (Bunbury) [PTA SBS]

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