80DND motorhome `Dun `n` Dusted`
Leyland B21/1R/DDA SPEC / JWBolton
circa 2018

Leyland B21/1R/DDA SPEC
Chassis No:  Q1NVAAA807010   
Body:  JWBolton -/85 B43D   
Engine:  GM 6-71 6cyl 6.99ℓ 2-stroke diesel   
Gearbox:  Allison 4sp automatic   
Last updated:  21 January 2023   

  DATE       REGO    No   FLEET       No
372KDVmotorhome `Dun n Dusted`   
bySep 201480DNDmotorhome `Dun n Dusted`   


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