CAT4 Southern Coast Transit (4)
DAB Midcity Series 2 0860S-022 / DAB
Perth Mounts Bay & Mill
June 2001

DAB Midcity Series 2 0860S-022
Chassis No:  UH9LX2FT5TSDA3014   
Converted to:
Body:  DAB 08/96 B19Dw    B15Dw
Engine:  DAF NS 156M 6cyl 6.24ℓ diesel   
Gearbox:  Saurer Sunstrand stepless hydrostatic   
Last updated:  3 October 2014   

  DATE       REGO    No   FLEET       No
10 Aug 1996CAT4(4)Transperth4   
29 Sep 1996CAT4(4)MetroBus [Transperth]4   
5 Jul 1998CAT4(4)Southern Coast Transit [Transperth]4   
HSE Rental (Welshpool)   

Although officially numbered (1604), always carried fleet no (4)
Blue Central Area Transit livery
10 Aug 1996   
Central Area Transit livery
circaOct 1998   
17 Feb 2006   
Advertised for sale by tender via Smith Broughton & Sons (Auctioneers)
13 May 2006   

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