CAT12 MetroBus (12)
DAB Midcity Series 2 0860S-022 / DAB
East Perth Wellington nr Plain
Sunday 4 May 1997

DAB Midcity Series 2 0860S-022
Chassis No:  UH9LX2FT5TSDA3017   
Converted to:
Body:  DAB 06/96 B19Dw    09/96 B15Dw
Engine:  DAF NS 156M 6cyl 6.24ℓ diesel   
Gearbox:  Saurer Sunstrand stepless hydrostatic   
Last updated:  3 October 2014   

  DATE       REGO    No   FLEET       No
22 Sep 1996CAT12(12)Transperth12   
29 Sep 1996CAT12(12)MetroBus [Transperth]12   
5 Jul 1998CAT12(12)Southern Coast Transit [Transperth]12   
Private Owner   

Although officially numbered (1612), always carried fleet no (12)
Red Central Area Transit livery
22 Sep 1996   
Central Area Transit livery
circaOct 1998   
6 Apr 2006   
Advertised for sale by tender via Smith Broughton & Sons (Auctioneers)
13 May 2006   
Advertised for sale by auction by Arrow Auctioneers
3 Jun 2009   

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