WAG8166 MTT (166)
Bedford SB / CAC
Redcliffe Depot

Bedford SB
Chassis No:  11231   
Body:  CAC M33-261 08/53 B33F   
Engine:  Bedford 300 6cyl 4.9ℓ 114hp petrol   
Gearbox:  4sp synchromesh   
Last updated:  2 May 2022   

  DATE       REGO    No   FLEET       No
22 Aug 195345766Australian Petroleum Refinery Ltd   
14 Jan 195545766(166)Metro Buses166   
31 Aug 195845766(166)MTT166   
20 Feb 1964WAG8166(166)MTT166   
23 Oct 1968UGO317Claremont Baptist Church   
byAug 1978UGO317Private Owner (Bentley)   
Private Owner (Stoneville)   
16 Apr 2013PARTS(166)Bus Preservation Society of WA (Whiteman Park)166   

Operated as Metro (166)
22 Aug 1953   
Ownership transferred to Metro
14 Jan 1955   
22 Jan 1968   

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