31219 Scarborough Bus Service (19) + 0558 `Monarch`
Semi-trailer / MBB
circa 1944

Body:  MBB 12/43 AB58D
Last updated:  3 October 2014
DATE       REGO    No   FLEET
Dec 19430558Scarborough Bus Service `Monarch`
circa 19570558(19)Scarborough Bus Service `Monarch`
29 Apr 19620558(472)MTT
Jul 1965Doyle (J B)

Underframe built by Saunders & Stuart
Recorded in one source as having a Bolton body on an SBS-Bolton chassis
Mock-up of body constructed to demonstrate to licensing authority suitability to Perth roads
Originally hauled by White WA20 prime mover (19)
Initially operated in grey undercoat until delivery of second semi-trailer allowed withdrawal for painting into SBS livery
White prime mover replaced with new Foden DG (19)
25 Apr 1948   
Together with Foden DG prime mover, recorded in MTT records as a single unit with fleet no (472) though it is doubtful the fleet nos were ever applied to the semi-trailer
2 May 1963   
Presumably sold together with Foden prime mover as one unit

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